What can I do for you?

History has given you a proven record but what can it do for you?

History has given you a proven record but what can it do for you?

Digging in your history brings out the dirt of the past. The ground you have been growing on did collect a lot of different things to make you grow. Parts you use as fuel for the future, most to keep you stable and straight like a tree. Your soil prevent from being blown away in a storm, it made you stronger.

Martial Arts is my source, my soil, I grew on it and every fiber in my body, every part of my brain is filled with it, day by day, night by night. Being a fighter is a lifestyle, not a show. Daily training prepares the body for what will come. With every training the mind becomes more clear of your strengths and weaknesses and if you dare to accept, you grow.

Force One is created with you in mind. We are the Force of One. Like boxing gloves we need to work together in the right combinations to be effective. In Muay Thai we combine 8 body parts of strength. These parts are transferred to the mind. Combinations make the mind flexible, creative, inventive and powerful. We all can learn it.

With my work, products, lifestyle and teachings I assist you to be better than ever, challenge yourself and let me guide you. Get your guts together, train with me, walk along, challenge me as I challenge you, meditate and innovate, create and progress, together we make it happen. Male or female, know that you are special and have a destiny in this life. Be there to catch the chance.

Contact me for products, training, teaching, lecture or writing at any time. Dare to care, beware to share.