PT and alternative exercise

Hype after hypthumb-nationaal-convenante sweeping through the fitness and reviewed on TV and other media. As PT you want to follow the fashion but you lack the investment power and knowledge of these new hypes. But did you analyze these hypes? Do you really need to buy all these equipment?

When we analyze most of the new hypes we can see that they are copies of other used performances sometimes from way back. Let’s look at the kettlebell hype. This useful instrument came from Russia and India and by promotion of some individuals made their way to here. Are these exercises new to us? The answer is no. In Rotterdam I saw the same exercises done by ship loaders and freight forwarders in the ‘70’s  with bags of beans, rice or other products. They used different tolls but with the same effect. Can we replace the expensive kettlebell for something cheaper in the gym? Yes, we just can use weight plates with handles and the problem is solved. No need for investments.

Some products are handy and have a long term use. TRX or related products give a huge variety of exercise opportunities and cost relatively not much. The practical part is that we can use it in- and outhouse. It is possible to make exercises as heavy as we like by using elastic belt resistant. This again saves us weigh to carry around. I saw one trainer who made it more fun by using a plastic 55 cm ball as a kind of spring board so the kids could jump and pull up. They seem to have great fun.

Alternative training must be studied well and understood before using it. In one particular case I saw a trainer using a trampoline and a weight plate as resistant. He forgot that balance is the main purpose of using the trampoline and as expected the jumper got the weight plate full on his head and was out for the time being. Irresponsible and stupid.

When you want to use alternatives, record them first. Sit down in front of the screen and analyze the movement, research for alternative (cheaper) equipment, train yourself first before implementation and most of all; Keep it simple. Never ever start complicated moves when basics is not mastered.


Arnaud van der Veere