PT and equipment 2

Most PT start with lots of enthusiasm and energy. First you will take on any customer but soon you discover that having people around that are “energy draining” you need to change approach. Being a PT is also to become a specialist. Most PT work as entrepreneur. It is impossible to be a “know it all”, specialism is a need.

To become a specialist you should focus on your core energy products. A core product is that what energizes you and makes you happy doing it. PT is personal, not only to the customer but also toward yourself. PT is also being honest to yourself and the customer. Do not take part in exercises you have no knkick2befit-thumbowledge about.

In 2015 I started the course “paddy man”. This course is specially for PT who want to learn how to use the different pads in a safe and secure way. Most PT come to the course to learn tricks but forget that their body is not always strong enough to hold every customer. Being a paddy man has two sides. One side is to assist your customer to work out safely, entertaining and result oriented. But the other side is more important to the PT itself.

Most PT
forget that they have a limited body. When their body is sick or injured they cannot perform and make no money. Using the pads in the wrong way can damage the body severely and permanently. In my direct surrounding I have examples enough from operations to the wrist, shoulder, back and neck. These operations are directly linked to the wrong way of using the pads.

With using the pads you receive impact. Your body is like a boxing bag. Being on the receiving end demands a good way of neutralizing this impact and preventing it to hurt your body. Just holding up a few pads and let people hit like in the movies or Youtube is asking for trouble. But most PT do not care that much for their capital body.
Being a PT implies that your most important capital investment and equipment is your own body. The first and foremost important thing a PT should need to learn and understand is how to protect that investments. Do you know how to do this?