PT and mental

How many PT offer mental training? Bet you think that many are able to do this. But mental training comes not only with tricks and gadgets but from actual experiences and years of training. Being a mental trainer implies you have and the life experience of a full grown adult and the knowledge of a scholar. Gueimagesss how many under 30 PT trainers do have such abilities?

Be honest to yourself. Most PT do not have the right and appropriate tools to give mental training. Offering something you are not capable of is dangerous for your reputation building, it can have long lasting effects. When you read back my former articles I focus on being a good PT, a specialist in your field.

Offering mental training is also a specialism. If you are a good teamplayer yourself it will be hard to understand and coach an individualist and the other way around. When you grow up in sport you lack the experience of the commercial world and cannot make the switch needed to coach someone from that industry. If you want to be an overall coach you should also work in environments that you are not use to and learn to adapt. Working under different stress related situations gives you inside how others may feel. Being a psychologist does not make you a good mental coach either.

When you want to offer mental coaching stick close to your own experience and be able to say know and “I do not know”. Being proud of showing of a none venerability is not clever. Learning to be venerable during the giving of mental training is an important issue which will bother most macho trainers. Mental training is not like weightlifting. You cannot continue to add on weight until the muscles give up. During mental training the overload is reached on a much different scale of measurement.