PT and sex

Being a PT is dealing with sexual issues. Every PT gets close to customers, often in a direct physical contact. Close physical contact stimulates emotionsnon verbal and sometimes impropriate touches or idea’s. In many cases PT will go over the border. Read magazines, book, movies and so on and you be confronted with the fact that PT is a sensitive job with a strong sexual content.

Being PT gives you the responsibility over a person’s sexual responses and at the same time their private relationships. Always keep in mind that when you cross the border you damage the customers personal life at once. You are in a very responsible position. In many cases you can make and break a personal private life by just a few touches to much.

One of the first rules of engagements a PT should observe is distance. Having a proper distance is important to make sure the customer is safe and will not be bothered by thoughts of intimacy. Having the right professional distance is using the circle of intimacy;

While working out with a person you should stay in the social space for most of the time. Entering the personal space is done with a minim touching and the smallest possible surface. The larger the connection area the more intimacy occurs.

When you get intimate with a customer, something that is always possible, you should stop the professional connection at once. Having a professional connection and intimate contact does damage your reputation and always lead to the end of your career. Stop the professional connection and let another trainer take over. Be brave to acknowledge your weakness at this point and act upon it.