Agreement For Exporting Essential Oils Crossword

Some of them are particularly crystalline, so let`s start with 48A, simplicity itself. You get “agreement for the export of essential oils?”; The notion of TREATY immediately comes to the idea of an export agreement. If you are ever on your essential oils, then TEA TREE will come to mind as a common one; If you could TEA TREE next to Treaty, there`s your game. Say it out loud if necessary. They flip the two syllables of half, then take a homophone for the second half. Take 63A, “Exercise Program Made in Formal Clothes?” I quickly scraped “Tuxedo” or “Tux” or “Dress” pretty quickly, and with a few crosses, I discovered that part of this equation was BOW TIE — so the other side had to be TAE BO, a classic of crossword puzzles. Note that the entries in these two examples are in the opposite order of the parts of the indications; this is consistent throughout the grid. SUNDAY PUZZLE — It`s Emily Carroll`s start on Sunday, although she`s done six daytime grids for us. She is a medical graduate who is finishing her stay in New York, and according to the print intro to this puzzle, she finds the construction “a nice stress network”. Your puzzle is beautiful, carefree and intelligent — dare, I say, a relaxing weekend. 43D: I would never really have thought about the parts of a map, even if the transistors and diodes come to mind. A RESISTOR controls the electrical flow during operation.

79A: ENNIO Morricone at 2D recalled this piece; OCARINA comes after the recorder and speaks to the whistler. For such a small and simple instrument, it creates a wild atmosphere. I think the other three entries were disturbing, and the lowest ones particularly elegant. You only need to know who your “friend” is (and it`s fun, his first name and name somehow matches the subject) and how to deduce an entry from a very concise note above (for “low,” think about the desired progress of corn this week). There are six entries of themes, at 23, 48, 63, 77, 93 and 118 across. Each is divided by a pun, and each has two parts that are homophonic reflections, or inversions or flips of each other. The trick is really cute and unique; Once you see it, you`ll be able to deduct the rest of the entries and hopefully rejoice. But as Surety has three syllables (even though I was trying to convince myself that I could tell two), I was sent back to the drawing board and encouraged to extend it to a 21×21. Glad it worked at the end and very excited to make my Sunday debut! My idea for this puzzle started as 15×15 with all the exchanges of homophones on the theme of clothes – Fly Tae Bo, Loafer Furlough and Surety T-shirt – and the refashioned revealer. 1A: Apparently, one-foot gastropods crawl – a SEASLUG, for example, or its terrestrial counterpart.

76D: Given the vocation of our designer, a medical term has been defined here. This term, SACCADE, refers to both voluntary and reflexive eye movements. It`s not a start, but in the 1960s cluing cluing talked about a “quick train on the reins” – anyway, I had never heard the word before. This solution seemed rather smooth, interrupted by some really attractive cluings — I loved the notes for ILIAD and INHERITS, and GAG ME and AS IF ended up directly in the Sweet Spot generation.