Kick Boxing1984ElmerNL
Ninja, de kracht van het ninjutsu 1987ElmerNL
Budo kracht 1993ElmerNL
Reishandboek Vietnam 1994ElmarNL
Age Control 1997Eurasia PressNL
Resocialize & reprogram our youth 1999Eurasia PressNL
Fight therapyEurasia PressNL
Kick2beFitEurasia PressNL
Home FitnessEurasia PressNL
Bag WorkoutEurasia PressNL
Poetry e-motionEurasia PressNL
FIMTT training manualEurasia PressNL
DWC Dynamic Weight ControlEurasia PressNL
Functional FitnessEurasia PressNL
Nationaal Convenant Preventieve Gezondheid2009Eurasia PressNL
Good Night Sleep2010PMPHChina
Addiction 2011PMPHChina
Relationship for woman of 30+ 2012PMPHChina
Girl Power 2012China
Chinese Body Language 2013PMPHChina
Relationships for woman 30+ 2013GramataIndonesia
Muay Thai 2011Meyer & MeyerUK / USA
Muay Thai 2012Meyer & MeyerGermany
Practical Buddhism China
Boy Power 2013China

Kick Boxing (1984) – The first book on this topic in Europe, publication early 1984. The book explains the techniques in a clear and easy way. Most of the current trainers and top-fighters started with this book as it has been also used for over five years as the leading guide by the National Kick Boxing organizations for education purpose. It was a top-seller of publisher Elmar and no longer available.

Ninja, de kracht van het ninjutsu (1987) – the first book of its kind in Europe on the secret art of fighting of the Ninja, or Yamabushi, a secret society in the time of the Samurai in Japan. The books explains clearly many self-defense and attack techniques and the unique fighting style of the Ninja. This book is basis of the development of many other fighting arts which are currently popular. The book is still available in Dutch only.

Budo kracht (1993) – the first book dealing about power and speed & agility training specific for fighting arts. The writer did research the development, progress and integration from knowledge of Body Building and Fitness into the active power use in Martial Arts. The book is no longer available.

Reishandboek Vietnam (1994) – Elmar was the first publisher to take Vietnam into the travel guide series. As Arnaud van der Veere was involved in the promotion and development of the country as consultant and local expert. Arnaud wrote a guide that included poetry to reflect the feelings he had while traveling in the country. It was the first book with a full train schedule, this was copied worldwide after the edition.

Age Control (1997) – The aging process is unstoppable, in contradiction with Anti-Aging Arnaud van der Veere wrote the book to explain how a person is able to control the aging with simple but yet effective methods. It explains the way to eat, drink, use of products like smoking, drinking , medicines and supplements . One important part is about physical activities.

Resocialize & reprogram our youth (1999) – This contains special programs for complex youth issues such as addiction, obesities, ADHD and other problems with youth. The booklet is written to promote and inform officials of Gorvernments and large scale organizations of the possibilities of BOT projects in their country.

Fight therapy – A booklet based on the combination of cognitive development of using martial arts as part of a treatment program for depression, addiction or autism. The program is also used with problem groups which are often considered untreatable . The booklet explains the terms how to use the therapy and.

Kick2beFit – A fitness related program developed for a non-aggressive use of martial arts techniques against a standing or hanging boxing bag. The booklet is developed for professionals to teach them how to use the program in a fitness related way to improve skills of students.

Home Fitness – A DVD developed with a number of large scale fitness organizations to promote the use of fitness at home with practical home use fitness products. The DVD is a combination of technical information , food schedules and information and how to build your own training schedule it is a highly comprehensive movie based trainings tool

Bag Workout – The first of its kind in the world training DVD with instructions of how to train on a boxing bag. The DVD is filled with short movies of how to train on a boxing bag in a multi-disciplinary way. We show the training of children and adults. Instructions are given in boxing, kicking and all other forms of enjoying work-outs on a hanging or standing boxing bag.

Poetry e-motion –Arnaud van der Veere is a gifted poet. This is his first album with around 60 poems in the English language. It was distributed amongst a large group of artist around the world in 1995 and since than many of his poems are sited around the internet.

FIMTT training manual – The official training instruction manual for the Federation of Independed Muay Thai Trainers. This book is written to promote the Muay Thai sport and is used by international recognized organizations to teach future instructors for many years.

DWC Dynamic weight control – Dynamic Weight Control was developed as an alternative way of training with free weights. The book is an instruction manual with attached movies and describes over 40 different moves with muscular explanations and information on related sport applications.

Functional Fitness – This small booklet explains the use of fitness in its most useful forms. Functional fitness is related to the practical daily situations in work and life. The program is so called adaption related which refers to the use of training methods of own body weight and overload principles. At functional fitness we use not only standard fitness gear but also daily instruments as boxes, chairs, cupboards, poles and all available at a specific working area.

Nationaal Convenant Preventieve Gezondheid – (2009), this book is written in relation with the Dutch Government changes toward Preventive healthcare. It shows the current situation in 2009 and what has been done by officials and the sport world to improve health awareness with the public. In the book Arnaud van der Veere gave advise of weak and strong development processes and how to change the healthcare into a prevention care system.

Good Night Sleep (China) (2010)/ PMPH  – This book is specially written for the Chinese market to advise and assist persons with sleep disorders. The  book targets the reader to use simple methods without the use of pharmaceutical and is handing special methods to improve the quality of sleep.

Addiction (China) (2011)  / PMPH– This book is written for the Chinese market and explains the most common legal addictions. The books explains how people get addicted and how to recognize addiction before they occur. It describes smoking, alcohol mis-use, gambling, internet addiction , dating dependency and other forms of computer addiction. The book also gives samples of how to solve these cases. It is a practical book.

Relationship for woman of 30+ (China) (2012) / PMPH – The first book in China written by a foreigner about the problems of the Chinese woman in a changing society. The book shows the position of the woman in relation with her environment, education and men in general. An important topic of the book is how to find a man and how to separate. Both topics are highly controversial and the approach is completely different from the Chinese vision.

Girl Power (China) (2012) – The one child policy made it complicated for young girls to grow up and be advised. Most parents are not able to inform their children well about the changes of life during puberty and the risk they encounter on internet, during love affairs, whit having sex or even dating in general. The book explains clearly the way how to control and understand life in a modern society.

Chinese Body Language (China) (2013) / PMPH – Asian body language has been a secret until this book. In this book Arnaud van der Veere describes the way Chinese use body language in their own specific way. The book is written to teach and make Chinese aware of their own body language is every situation. With this book Arnaud van der Veere proves to have a profound comprehensive knowledge of the Chinese society and the cultural aspects of the daily and business life.

Relationships for woman 30+ (Indonesia) (2013)  – This book is the Bahasa version  with additional information and edited texts. The content suits better with an Indonesian Culture with  Muslim as the biggest population.

Muay Thai (English)(2011) – In cooperation with the famous Meyer & Meyer publisher / Germany the book is a complete re-write of Arnaud van der Veere first book in 1984. This book targets the Muay Thai enthusiast from begin till advanced. The book explains the competitive orientation of the sport and the cognitive issues in relation to training and participation in standard and special classes.

Muay Thai (German)(2012) – The in German translated version of the English book. This book targets the Muay Thai enthusiast from begin till advanced. The book explains the competitive orientation of the sport and the cognitive issues in relation to training and participation in standard and special classes

Practical Buddhism (China) – Buddhism has many followers. Most hardly know the original scriptures but follow some rites that they have been thought by others. This book is written to promote the use of Buddhism in daily life from the experience of the writer. It is a very practical and useful book.

Boy Power (China)(2013) – Written for the boys growing up in a one-child policy oriented China of today. For a boy it is a complicated matter to grow up without the assistance of brothers and an over active mother. This book is written to assist the boys to pass puberty as safe as possible and advise them how to build an independed lifestyle in an ever increasing complexity of the Chinese society.