Experience Coaching and Management from a Warriors point of view, fight to survive and beat the odds !


What is Coaching ?
A Coach concentrates on the mental aspects of life. The Coach is a guide in helping you find the way to reach your goals in training, education, relationships or life in general. A Coach is your adviser in life. Arnaud van der Veere is the founder of Mentalic that is used by many performance artist for mind and body control.

Our coaching is based on fighting a “war”. Like the ancient Chinese used the ” art of war ” as part of the management strategy we use the “art of the Ring ” as part of that strategy with respect to all the works of the ancient Chinese warriors ! Use all , use more, be complete !

What can a Coach do for you?
You and the Coach clearly set your targets within the shortest possible time-frame. Once the targets are clear, a plan is drawn up to obtain the objective. In order to do this, your Coach will provide you with the necessary tools. Your Coach will aim to be a point of serenity and reflection within your life.

Who needs Coaching?
Everybody, from time to time, needs a guiding hand or a person with whom they can reflect upon the matters of the day. Our Coaches are involved in mental training and guidance of (top-level) sport, education and businesses. A Coach is beneficial to everyone. All our coaches take training sessions once in a while to update, develop and learn . It is our consideration that only stupid people think to know all and do not need to be updated.

How long do you need Coaching?
Time has no function in Coaching, only targets do. You do not need to meet with the Coach on a regular basis; you can also communicate by e-mail or phone and sometimes in person. Coaching is a matter of reaching targets, solving problems and most of all realizing your goal. For some this is accomplished within a matter of weeks, others take years.

How will the Coach guide me?
You have contact with your Coach by any means of communication. A personal meeting can take place anywhere you wish, a Coach is not bound to any particular place.

What is the area of expertise of a Coach?
Force One has several Coaches with different areas of expertise. Some work with groups and sport-teams and others on an individual basis. However, all are focused specifically on the complex working of your mind in relation to the environment. We combine body and soul activities in a broad setting.

What is the price for Coaching?
A personal talk with your Coach is € 65 per prime – session. A session varies from 20 minutes (prime session)  to an hour or more. This depends on your needs and the targets that have been set. Contact with a Coach through phone or e-mail is calculated per 10 minutes consultation-time and invoiced to you.

If you wish to make an appointment with your own Coach you can contact us directly by phone (+ 31 70 3625800).


A Force One Manager is a senior consultant, we do not have managers below 40 years of age,  with a thorough background in sports facilities, group- and individual guidance, administration and training. Our Managers can be placed as Interim Managers at any sports facility, if required.

What can a Manager do for you?
A Force One Manager can be used to solve management problems within companies and crisis- and employee management in order to create harmony within the company. The main goal of our Managers is the calm continuation of company activities, an improvement in turnover and an increase in profit levels.

Who needs a Manager?
Our Managers can be placed in existing sport facilities such as Gyms, Sport-schools, in-house Company facilities and other Fitness companies (such as Hotels).

How long do you need a Manager?
A Manager will stay as long as the Board of Directors or CEO desires.

Where do we work ?

We are working all over the world in a confidential way. It is our policy to provide the best person for the job with affection to the culture of the country and understanding of the working place. Our group does have some extreme high qualified Asian specialist on hire.

If you wish to make an appointment with our main office you can contact us directly by phone (+ 31 7 03625800).


Force One has extensive experience in sport-school (gym) interior design and decoration. Since 1983, our team of specialists has renovated, built and re-built many different locations.

Our specialty is Martial Arts 7 Fitness but also Boxing- and Ring-sport gyms and clubs. In the last ten years we have broadened our program to include Fitness, Health and Wellness. We offer any concept you may have in mind and are able to develop further concepts upon demand from personal training studio’s to complete “factory” projects with multiple gym facilities.

Force One will assist in the following ways;
1 / from design conception to the opening of the facility
2 / planning and rebuilding existing facilities
3 / minor interior modifications

A sport-school / gym-interior must be planned for the long term. Clients and employees alike wish to work out in a relaxing and stimulating atmosphere. These days, a sport-school / gym is also a place for socializing,  efficiency, hygiene and comfort for the benefit of better serving the customers.

In the last twenty five years, Force One has created an expansive network of (top-level) specialists. The majority of them own small or medium sized companies and they have made a profession of their hobby. These professionals do not have the usual nine-to-five mentality but are dedicated, hard working enthusiasts. They will give you  the best,and  add that personal touch of perfection.

When you choose Force One Interior Design you have a trustworthy independent partner who knows the market inside out.

We will deliver you quality within your budget !



A Personal Trainer (also known as ‘PT’) is your personal guide during training sessions.

What can a Personal Trainer do for you?
Your Personal Trainer will develop a fitness plan tailored to your wishes, goals and capabilities. A PT will help you to set realistic targets based on your exercise history, nutrition and your own availability.

The Personal Trainer
Each PT has their own area of expertise. A Force One PT is, in general, a person with a proven track record in (top-level) sport and has built up a great deal of experience in the field of exercise, injuries, treatments, training-intensity and recuperation. A Force One PT additionally has a strong educational background to better serve the client.

Who needs a Personal Trainer?
A PT primarily assesses the fitness needs and targets of the client. Anyone can be the client, no matter what your wishes or needs are. Beginning with the first training-session, you will realize that this is the best method of training as it is entirely tailored to your needs.

How long do I need a Personal Trainer?
In your first session with a PT, your goals and objectives are discussed. After evaluation you can decide whether to continue and for how long. Our experience is that a client’s requirement for a PT can vary from weeks to years.

Where do we train?
A PT owns a professional PT -Gym in the center of The Hague but we also promote home training and public schools events.

A Personal Trainer’s field of expertise
Each PT has their own field of expertise. This includes weight training, martial arts, cycling, running, fitness, walking and all other forms of individual sports. Some PTs also master different kinds of massage and/or physiotherapy. One trainer is specialized in female martial arts training (this is absolutely different of male training!)

What does a Personal Trainer cost you?
Depending on your wishes, needs and the type of program, the base rate is € 55 per hour for a one on one session. But we also offer alternative ratings if the amount of participants is higher.

If you wish to make an appointment with your own Personal Trainer you can contact us directly by phone (+31 70 3625800). It is possible to rent an International PT also, most of our PT can speak fluently English, some even other languages such as French, German, Papiamento, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish , Portuguese, Hindi etc.

Force One

Who is Force One?

Force One is a new name for an old company. For more than 25 years we have been the supplier of Martial Arts and Fitness equipment. Our former names were Bangkok (All Style Sports) and Eurasia.

Our company is and has been the promoter and initiator of several well-known trademarks such as All Style, Fairtex, Healthy ‘n Fit, Sandee and, above all, Force One. Our policy has always been to be the best quality and value for money.

We began at the central location on Spui 213 and moved from there to 202 and once more to 217 – 219 and recently opened a new facility in the Kranestraat 46, centre The Hague. In fact, we have never left the center of The Hague. The location of the shop is only a hundred meters away from the Town Hall and less than one kilometer from the Parliament buildings and both railway stations.

From the beginning, being a top specialist has been our goal. We want to be the best supplier of all Ring sport gear and other Martial Arts. Our motto is; If we do not have it, you do not want it!

Over the years, we have published books, articles, CD-ROMs and DVDs. Innovation in the exchange of knowledge and equipment remains our main cause and we are confident that future generations will remember the trademark and come to the shop!

The best way to learn more about us is to visit our websites and come to the shop. If you come from far away, please inform us and we will be sure to help you in arranging all possible facilities for every budget. We have inherited one virtue form our Asian partner; hospitality in every way, regardless of where you are coming from.

We welcome you !!


(by Arnaud van der Veere, Netherlands)

Do you remember the animal legends in which the fox, the rabbit and the turtle ? For the men a women is an all in one story. But is she realy like that, is it possible to combine the benefits of those animals into one person ?

The fox is a very smart animal, it adaps to all circumstances, twists its movements and react fast. Women do have all these vitues, try to trick them to do something they do not want and observe how many turns they can make and speed to which they adpt on your requests. In general a rabbit is know for its condition, speed and breeding. Women do often have a great endurance, often they continue even under the most unpleasant circumstances with a life that does not offer them much future knowing it is for the benefit of her family. A turtle is known for its long livety Women do live longer than man, cause even under most difficult circumstances stress does not take the toll it takes from men.

In training we can see al those habbits and vitues as opportunities. The womans body goes from of young age thru many phases. Not only the biological changes has a heavy impact, the mental aspects of growing up also chnages vision and look at life. In the past therapeuts and doctors did advise never to let children train with weights or place them under heavy duty exercises. But today it is proven that also children may train with weights. Specially the fragile girls who have a poor health condition are advised to start a form of weight training to increase physical health, better posture and above all a better psychological strenght.

Weighttraining is like pulling carrots for the rabbit. The carrots are strongly rooted in the earth and it takes strenght to get them out. The mother teaches the child step by step how to get the right technique and slowly enhanches the power. Children must learn a playing way of training. Fun is important. But also the lesson of the turtle, slow but steady, is very important in training of children.

As this serie of articles is only focussing on women I want to put all attention to the female children. The first thing they have to learn is picking up weights the right way. Picking up a weight needs a good posture of the whole body with a higher attention to the back and bending the legs. The back must be “hollow” under all circumstances to avoid putting overstress on the backbone. Always bend the legs and never overstrech the arms. By teaching the right position a child will understand the importance of balance. When the girl grows up she will discover that her balance points do change and she must adapt to the new situation. Gladly we can adjust time by time so during puberty the emotional physical stress can find an outlet in the excersises.

A mother can teach her child the best position in teachin g them weight training via the “stairs method”. The child sits at the bottom of the stairs and picks up a weight of 500 grams / 1 kiligram and puts it on the highest possible staircase. Then pick up a new one and so on. When that staircase is full she moves down till practically on the ground. All the time attention is focused on the right posture of legs and back. Hollow back, knees in max 90 degree and head looking up.

You also can make use of elastic bands. The child pulls down the elastic that hangs high to pull it down to the ground and brings it back into position without jumping of the ground. When doing so she must face the top of the elastic all the time. In my programs I tell the kids to watch the top as the elastic may get lose and she must escape and react fast when it happens. Children are our future, start early in training to get healthy and strong children.


(by Arnaud van der Veere, Netherlands)

Boxing for females is so much different from the competition fights you have seen on TV. The boxing training is one that promotes condition, physical and mental stability, stamina and above all a good health.

Training boxing or Muay Thai has nothing to do with fighting. A female training starts with a warming up and moves over to technical aspects. In each training we work on the whole body. The training is available in many different levels and approaches. For beginners purpose we start with “air fighting”. All techniques are placed in the air according to the instructions, start slow and when the movement is understand speed goes higher. From “air fighting” we can move to a standing boxing bag. A bag is the best partner to react on. No return punches, completely silent and most of all it will never run away or turns you down. After this we have many other levels.

Let us concentrate on the first two phases of this form of training. When using boxing techniques not ony the upperbody is moving. In fact each boxing movement starts in the feet. You have to step forward and backwards all the time. Some movement also will go to the left or right. For punching you do need space around you. This space is your own personal space. In Boxing you learn to know what is your own persnal space in this world, this is your place and people who enter your space must be friendly. While concentrating during the boxing your mindset will become attitude. Your convidence increases. The “stronger” you get the more personal space you will take.

The personal space of a boxer is a bit smaller than of the Muay Thai boxer. Due to the kicks the personal space is enlarged but the total distance between you and the “opponent” is not much different. Distance in Martial Arts is one of the most important things. Counting the right distance request serious training and concentration. This kind of concentration is also called focusing. When a person is able to focus well it is for sure this will reflect in better study or work results.

The development of a personal space is for most woman a new expirience. Fact is that often women feel that they get a piece of space as a part of someone else. Most never had the feeling of having a space of there own. Creating this person world is a strong emtional thing that directly gives results. A trainer must observe the development of a personal space and keep it in relation with the topic and the group so the woman will not get herself into problems. In many cultures woman are not allowed to have there own space, they have given a role in society and must obey to the rules. Personaly I only observe this and always will warn the person before leaving the school.

In the first sentence I mentioned that boxing is so much different fom competition fighting, but in fact it is not totally true. Life itself is a heavy competition, a daily survival for many women. The weaker gender is always under attack and she has to defend herself day after day. When knowing how to handle the own private space, a woman will grow stronger and her direct surrounding surely notice that.

Boxing and Muay Thai gives inner strenght to everyone who practise it, it develops not only Martial skills but let the mind and body comes to a unity.

De Professional Physical Trainer

De Professional Physical Trainer

Hij (of zij) word nog zelden in Nederland gesignaleerd , de Professional Physical Trainer! Wanneer je de naam hoort ontstaat direct het gevoel dat je de naam wel eerder gehoord hebt maar absoluut niet kan thuisbrengen.

In voorgaande artikelen beschreef ik de Personal Trainer en zijn functies. Voor de PPT’er zijn dit onderdelen van het totale werkterrein. Feitelijk is de positie van de PPT’er tussen arts en fysiotherapeut in. De arts diagnosticeert en verwijst voor training naar een PPT’er en voor specifieke behandeling naar de fysiotherapeut. De ideale situatie is de combinatie van PPT / Fysiotherapie.

Definitie van PPT ; een persoon die op professionele wijze zich bezighoud met de bestudering, effectuering en het organiseren van dagelijkse bewegingspatronen onder gebruikmaking van weerstand verhogende materialen (zie instrumenten) met als doel de verbetering van zowel geestelijke als lichamelijke gezondheid. De PPT’er is de brug tussen de medische en sport wereld.
Doelstelling van de PPT’er maximalisatie van bewegingspatronen, kracht en algemene gezondheid, verbetering van de conditie.
Instrumenten van de PPT’er zijn alles wat met kracht en flexibiliteit te maken heeft. Voorbeelden hiervan zijn gewichten, elastieken en andere weerstand systemen.

Het verschil tussen de PPT’er en de fysiotherapeut is de op praktijk kennis gebaseerde aanpak van de PPT’er ten opzichte van de theoretisch praktische benadering van de fysiotherapeut. De PPT’er heeft zelf een grote onderbouwde ervaring in praktische krachttraining, functionele training en revalidatie praktijk. Feitelijk is de PPT’er een praktijk persoon met een beperkte theoretische achtergrond vergeleken met de fysiotherapeut.

Een PPT’er is zelf actief sporter geweest. De PPT’er is iemand die zelf veel praktijk ervaring heeft opgebouwd en een theoretische basis heeft verworven.
Ik sta een ervarings gerelateerde kennis sterk voor. Bij de PT (Personal Trainer) is het geen uitzondering dat er door mensen van 18 – 25 jaar instructies worden gegeven die alleen gebaseerd zijn op een korte opleiding. Bij deze mensen is er zelden voldoende praktijk ervaring aanwezig. In mijn opinie is het ontbreken van de eigen ervaring een handicap bij de juiste instructie van de cliënt. Vooral het gebrek aan blessure ervaring is een niet te onderschatten probleem.

Een der belangrijkste functies van de PPT is om een brug te slaan tussen sportieve en medische zaken. Dit zeggende komt direct het punt van de Preventieve Gezondheidszorg naar voren. Op dit moment is er nog een duidelijke scheiding tussen de sportscholen met een Preventieve gezondheidsaanpak en de medisch georiënteerde visie. Aan beide zijden worden pogingen ondernomen om het gat te dichten.

Vanuit de organisatie genaamd het “NIPED” worden Personal Trainers opgeleid tot Preventie Consulent (PC). Deze consulent kan helaas niets met zijn sportkennis doen omdat er tijdens de gesprekken met cliënten op de medische en lifestyle aspecten wordt ingegaan. Het spanningsveld blijft hierdoor bestaan.

In de sportscholen worden samenwerkingsverbanden met fysiotherapeuten en soms zelfs met sportartsen gelegd. Maar ook hier blijft het bij halve oplossingen. Op een sportschool mogen geen medische handelingen worden verricht. Voor diverse controles die door het NIPED worden verricht zijn speciale vergunningen nodig die niet beschikbaar zijn voor de sportscholen.

Door de samenwerking van Clup PT, Vitalavie en NIPED is het initiatief gelanceerd de Personal Trainer een plaats te geven om weer een brug te slaan. Binnen dit programma kan de PT’er nog niet zijn talenten verzilveren maar er is tenminste weer een stap gezet.

Conclusie , de PPT’er combineert de functies van PT en PC en kan deze direct praktisch implementeren wanneer de doorverwijzing van en naar de medische disciplines gerealiseerd is. Kortom de PPT’er is de toekomstige “missing link”.

Wordt vervolgd
(zie voor beeldmateriaal www.forceone.nl)
Arnaud van der Veere

Burn Out


Burn Out is a serious problem for many people. First of all I wish to explain what it exactly is.

The name Burn Out suggest a total finish of fuel, a moment that the fire stops.

When a person suffers from a Burn Out he , or she, can do nothing anymore.

The body cannot be moved much, there is no energy for anything, a sufferer wants to sleep the whole day but when waking up feels even more tired. Every day is a struggle for survival. Each new day feels as a burden to the soul, a torch of dark fire in the mind and a mind that cannot think of anything anymore.

Burn Out is the total collapse of a person’s mental and physical energy.

Having a Burn Out can take weeks, months but more often years and for many it ends in a suicide.

We consider Burn Out a managers disease and it is hard to cure when treated with the traditional medical ways. To treat a burn out is to learn a complete new lifestyle, a change that takes time and must be guided by specialist in that field. In the world there are currently only very few specialist, Arnaud van der Veere is one of them.

A Burn Out (BO) is a mental problem that slowly starts and over time will control the body completely.

It start with little signs of the body. At first the body gives different signs that a persons need to slow down, the body sends information that it needs time to rest and be taken care of.

At the beginning of the Burn Out process we see a slow building up of the problem in following pace ;

–          Skin rashes or other irritations with an unknown source

–          Pain in muscles and joints without any relation to exercises

–          Problems to focus and concentrate

–          Feeling tired

–          Sleeping and sexual activity problems

–          Eating disorders

When these problems start to show in combination with each other we can consider it as a build up to the more or less permanent Burn Out. The person who suffers from a Burn Out can consider her life ended and her professional career finished.  This is a terrible but al to realistic thought. When this occurs to the person it can lead to a chronic state of depression and more serious events like suicide. You understand that we need to treat Burn Out as a very serious problem and not taken lightly.

Can we treat a Burn Out ?

During my thirty years of working with addiction and other mental problems we discovered a number of ways to treat the persons who suffers of a BO. It is important for every person who wants to have a professional career to know the signs of a beginning burn out.  People who know they have the first signs of BO start to look for treatments as her medical doctor is not able to find the source and starts giving drugs. When the drugs do not work the sufferer start to look for her own ways. These ways are often in the direction of special medicines, alcohol or drugs. Woman will go to meditation and yoga classes to learn to relax. “Self help” is considered a real managers need to survive. But this kind of “self help” ends often in a worsening of the disease.

Healing a Burn out is a combination of treatment and education. At first we explain the manager a new lifestyle and help to strengthen the positive personal powers which are already available. The medical world treat them as patient, more often medical problems, but they are not ! A manager suffering from a Burn Out does not have a medical problem. They have a lifestyle problem.

Our treatment focus on the strength and weakness of the person. We use methods from Asia and the West combined to create a balance. The treatment is to enhance a person’s qualities and improve performance. When a manager finish our treatment she is a stronger and more balanced person, a better manager than ever before. Most off all he will feel a new life power that will last the rest of his life.

The steps of treatment  are simple and effective ;

–          Communication via the CMF modeling. It is very important the person explains its daily life and routine behaviors. Every step of the day can lead to important facts which can tricker the start of a Burn Out. The home situation with family and friends, with lovers or external relationships, intimacy, work and career and all that matters to life will pass the communication lines. A picture of lifestyle occurs and we get to know each other better.

–          The treatment starts in a total strange place. This place is never a medical place as we consider the person as not sick but temporary out of order. We use the power of nature, the possibility to breath well and use space as a way to enlarge the human mind. In a narrow place with artificial light it is very hard to recover.

–          With this map in hands the treatment get a number of focus points in specific order such as

o   Environment analyses. We map the environment where the customer works and lives. During this process we make suggestions of change and improvements.

o   A health = wealth plan. We map the persons health by interview, tests and performance. From this we draw a new lifestyle plan that can be implemented in steps such as a

§  Physical activity plan

§  Food and drink planning

§  Relax and entertainment planning

o   A new approach to management. We introduce a new vision on how to manage a company in relation to a personal life and that of investors or superiors. The vision of training is based on the fast changing methods of international business management and adjust to the personality of the manager.

o   A personal plan to happiness. This plan is designed with the manger to set up a series of goals in the future and a route toward them.

–          After we finish the initial treatment procedure we focus on the re-emerging of the manager in society. As a team we work toward a re-energizing of the managers capacities and life fulfillment. The ways we use are completely new and every manager has shown to be extremely happy with this re-energizing period.

–             Test period. For most managers this period is about one week to a maximum of a month. After this the manager and  our expertise center comes together for evaluation of the period and analyses the planning to reality of the person , adjust where and if necessary and get the manager back to the working place again.

Our treatment is personal intensive and active. Even the treatment is very personal it always takes place with more than one person each time. We have chosen for group procedures as we have learnt from many past experiences that people need to have others around who carry the same faith. In a personal dialogue we  explain the reasons of other method.

Burn Out is already a hard to combat problem and if we let it continue it will destroy at least between 15 – 25% of the current managers and decrease the power of organizations as the managers suffering from this fatal Burn out are highly qualified, extremely engaged and hardworking personalities needed by every company.

In our latest study of the Asian market we found that more female than male managers suffering from decreasing energy and Burn Out. Woman in China work under greater stress than men. Most women have to compete on the working floor with men and their large network. Most women has only a social oriented network while men focus on a functional practical one. Men focus on the use of a person and a woman on the personality. Women are also living under the constant pressure of society to get married and bare children to show they are real woman. Most woman who are married and have a career are expected to fulfill all home duties as other woman. Being a Chinese woman with a career is living under high pressure and if this gets to you the possibility of collapse , burn out or depression are very likely.

My DIY tips to prevent yourself from going down the ladder and suffer from above mentioned problems ;

–          Take one day a week off for personal affairs, it does not matter which day and also not really needed to be a specific day but you need to plan this day at least one week in advance

–          Be a woman ! Career woman have the tendency to copy men behavior , that is ridiculous and dangerous.  Being a woman does not mean you need to be in front of the mirror all day or go for shopping. A real woman loves to care of her body, find the moments of peace in music of words, take time to love and be loved, get a massage or beauty care.

–          Take time for a relationship. Most woman cannot find a man / woman relationship that fits all their demands. Most likely the woman is able to find a person that comes at least close enough to be trusted and to share intimate time with (not meaning sex !)

–          Plan but do not over plan. An agenda is a tool and you can lose it. Do not plan your life on the minute. Stress often occurs when you start counting and expecting. Expectation on events , payments, contracts and more are the source of suffering. Sometimes you have to accept things go another way than you have planned, relax and let it go. Search new goals.

A woman is a wonderful creature, a magnificent piece of art . You have to see the value of being a woman to understand the reasons of life are to be yourself in all honor and being. Look in the mirror and breath deep, let it out and say clearly I am a woman and I am proud of that !

Arnaud van der Veere

Wang Zheng


The dangerous patient How to get injured on the job (Healthcare is no longer safe)

The dangerous patient

How to get injured on the job

(Healthcare is no longer safe)


Reading the newspapers and magazines we find an increase is serious maltreatment, bullying and even physical violence against healthcare workers. The increase is dramatically.

The first question is simple ; why is this happening ?

The answer may sound more complex than it actually is. People are losing respect for the medical world. Respect and even a kind of silent fear for their own health is fading away. Doctors and other healthcare workers are responsible for this. In the last twenty plus years many people went into healthcare to make money, not because of the conviction to serve others. A new group of calculating workers occurred in the market.


Another reason is the increase of misbehaving medical workers and most of all doctors who felt and acted like God’s toward their patients. To most people the constant lack of interest, the clearly visible arrogance of some created the roots of irritation which grew overtime. People took the misbehavior because of trust and believe in the doctors knowledge but the many uncovered mistakes did decrease the trust and respect dramatically.

In the beginning oral insults, threats were used between healthcare workers and patients. An atmosphere of distance was create. No longer a patient felt cared for. Many times they felt ignored, not listen too or even avoided. Questions were not answered and medical records disappeared. The anger became overwhelming and patients became a danger to the workers.

Currently the healthcare workers need to defend themselves. The clinic or hospital is no longer a safe surrounding. It happens rather often that healthcare workers get injured from attacks of patients but more often from family or friends. Most patients are not able to attack well but family and friends are.

Lethal cases are known now. To many home care workers it is common to suffer danger and injuries. Some suffer from rape or more. They all need protection. With years of experience in the most dangerous healthcare levels (addiction care) we have created a special code of self-protection. It is important to think in space, time, availability, circumstances and how to use them in your advance. Protection is not only physical. We created an 80% environmental and 20% physical application to protect yourself, your love-once and the working floor.

Keep in mind protection of life starts with self-protection.

Respect to others will bring back respect to you.

But do not let anyone “mess” with you, YOU are too valuable to society to be lost in violence.