Experience Coaching and Management from a Warriors point of view, fight to survive and beat the odds !


What is Coaching ?
A Coach concentrates on the mental aspects of life. The Coach is a guide in helping you find the way to reach your goals in training, education, relationships or life in general. A Coach is your adviser in life. Arnaud van der Veere is the founder of Mentalic that is used by many performance artist for mind and body control.

Our coaching is based on fighting a “war”. Like the ancient Chinese used the ” art of war ” as part of the management strategy we use the “art of the Ring ” as part of that strategy with respect to all the works of the ancient Chinese warriors ! Use all , use more, be complete !

What can a Coach do for you?
You and the Coach clearly set your targets within the shortest possible time-frame. Once the targets are clear, a plan is drawn up to obtain the objective. In order to do this, your Coach will provide you with the necessary tools. Your Coach will aim to be a point of serenity and reflection within your life.

Who needs Coaching?
Everybody, from time to time, needs a guiding hand or a person with whom they can reflect upon the matters of the day. Our Coaches are involved in mental training and guidance of (top-level) sport, education and businesses. A Coach is beneficial to everyone. All our coaches take training sessions once in a while to update, develop and learn . It is our consideration that only stupid people think to know all and do not need to be updated.

How long do you need Coaching?
Time has no function in Coaching, only targets do. You do not need to meet with the Coach on a regular basis; you can also communicate by e-mail or phone and sometimes in person. Coaching is a matter of reaching targets, solving problems and most of all realizing your goal. For some this is accomplished within a matter of weeks, others take years.

How will the Coach guide me?
You have contact with your Coach by any means of communication. A personal meeting can take place anywhere you wish, a Coach is not bound to any particular place.

What is the area of expertise of a Coach?
Force One has several Coaches with different areas of expertise. Some work with groups and sport-teams and others on an individual basis. However, all are focused specifically on the complex working of your mind in relation to the environment. We combine body and soul activities in a broad setting.

What is the price for Coaching?
A personal talk with your Coach is € 65 per prime – session. A session varies from 20 minutes (prime session)  to an hour or more. This depends on your needs and the targets that have been set. Contact with a Coach through phone or e-mail is calculated per 10 minutes consultation-time and invoiced to you.

If you wish to make an appointment with your own Coach you can contact us directly by phone (+ 31 70 3625800).


A Force One Manager is a senior consultant, we do not have managers below 40 years of age,  with a thorough background in sports facilities, group- and individual guidance, administration and training. Our Managers can be placed as Interim Managers at any sports facility, if required.

What can a Manager do for you?
A Force One Manager can be used to solve management problems within companies and crisis- and employee management in order to create harmony within the company. The main goal of our Managers is the calm continuation of company activities, an improvement in turnover and an increase in profit levels.

Who needs a Manager?
Our Managers can be placed in existing sport facilities such as Gyms, Sport-schools, in-house Company facilities and other Fitness companies (such as Hotels).

How long do you need a Manager?
A Manager will stay as long as the Board of Directors or CEO desires.

Where do we work ?

We are working all over the world in a confidential way. It is our policy to provide the best person for the job with affection to the culture of the country and understanding of the working place. Our group does have some extreme high qualified Asian specialist on hire.

If you wish to make an appointment with our main office you can contact us directly by phone (+ 31 7 03625800).


Force One has extensive experience in sport-school (gym) interior design and decoration. Since 1983, our team of specialists has renovated, built and re-built many different locations.

Our specialty is Martial Arts 7 Fitness but also Boxing- and Ring-sport gyms and clubs. In the last ten years we have broadened our program to include Fitness, Health and Wellness. We offer any concept you may have in mind and are able to develop further concepts upon demand from personal training studio’s to complete “factory” projects with multiple gym facilities.

Force One will assist in the following ways;
1 / from design conception to the opening of the facility
2 / planning and rebuilding existing facilities
3 / minor interior modifications

A sport-school / gym-interior must be planned for the long term. Clients and employees alike wish to work out in a relaxing and stimulating atmosphere. These days, a sport-school / gym is also a place for socializing,  efficiency, hygiene and comfort for the benefit of better serving the customers.

In the last twenty five years, Force One has created an expansive network of (top-level) specialists. The majority of them own small or medium sized companies and they have made a profession of their hobby. These professionals do not have the usual nine-to-five mentality but are dedicated, hard working enthusiasts. They will give you  the best,and  add that personal touch of perfection.

When you choose Force One Interior Design you have a trustworthy independent partner who knows the market inside out.

We will deliver you quality within your budget !



A Personal Trainer (also known as ‘PT’) is your personal guide during training sessions.

What can a Personal Trainer do for you?
Your Personal Trainer will develop a fitness plan tailored to your wishes, goals and capabilities. A PT will help you to set realistic targets based on your exercise history, nutrition and your own availability.

The Personal Trainer
Each PT has their own area of expertise. A Force One PT is, in general, a person with a proven track record in (top-level) sport and has built up a great deal of experience in the field of exercise, injuries, treatments, training-intensity and recuperation. A Force One PT additionally has a strong educational background to better serve the client.

Who needs a Personal Trainer?
A PT primarily assesses the fitness needs and targets of the client. Anyone can be the client, no matter what your wishes or needs are. Beginning with the first training-session, you will realize that this is the best method of training as it is entirely tailored to your needs.

How long do I need a Personal Trainer?
In your first session with a PT, your goals and objectives are discussed. After evaluation you can decide whether to continue and for how long. Our experience is that a client’s requirement for a PT can vary from weeks to years.

Where do we train?
A PT owns a professional PT -Gym in the center of The Hague but we also promote home training and public schools events.

A Personal Trainer’s field of expertise
Each PT has their own field of expertise. This includes weight training, martial arts, cycling, running, fitness, walking and all other forms of individual sports. Some PTs also master different kinds of massage and/or physiotherapy. One trainer is specialized in female martial arts training (this is absolutely different of male training!)

What does a Personal Trainer cost you?
Depending on your wishes, needs and the type of program, the base rate is € 55 per hour for a one on one session. But we also offer alternative ratings if the amount of participants is higher.

If you wish to make an appointment with your own Personal Trainer you can contact us directly by phone (+31 70 3625800). It is possible to rent an International PT also, most of our PT can speak fluently English, some even other languages such as French, German, Papiamento, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish , Portuguese, Hindi etc.

Force One

Who is Force One?

Force One is a new name for an old company. For more than 25 years we have been the supplier of Martial Arts and Fitness equipment. Our former names were Bangkok (All Style Sports) and Eurasia.

Our company is and has been the promoter and initiator of several well-known trademarks such as All Style, Fairtex, Healthy ‘n Fit, Sandee and, above all, Force One. Our policy has always been to be the best quality and value for money.

We began at the central location on Spui 213 and moved from there to 202 and once more to 217 – 219 and recently opened a new facility in the Kranestraat 46, centre The Hague. In fact, we have never left the center of The Hague. The location of the shop is only a hundred meters away from the Town Hall and less than one kilometer from the Parliament buildings and both railway stations.

From the beginning, being a top specialist has been our goal. We want to be the best supplier of all Ring sport gear and other Martial Arts. Our motto is; If we do not have it, you do not want it!

Over the years, we have published books, articles, CD-ROMs and DVDs. Innovation in the exchange of knowledge and equipment remains our main cause and we are confident that future generations will remember the trademark and come to the shop!

The best way to learn more about us is to visit our websites and come to the shop. If you come from far away, please inform us and we will be sure to help you in arranging all possible facilities for every budget. We have inherited one virtue form our Asian partner; hospitality in every way, regardless of where you are coming from.

We welcome you !!