(by Arnaud van der Veere, Netherlands)

Do you remember the animal legends in which the fox, the rabbit and the turtle ? For the men a women is an all in one story. But is she realy like that, is it possible to combine the benefits of those animals into one person ?

The fox is a very smart animal, it adaps to all circumstances, twists its movements and react fast. Women do have all these vitues, try to trick them to do something they do not want and observe how many turns they can make and speed to which they adpt on your requests. In general a rabbit is know for its condition, speed and breeding. Women do often have a great endurance, often they continue even under the most unpleasant circumstances with a life that does not offer them much future knowing it is for the benefit of her family. A turtle is known for its long livety Women do live longer than man, cause even under most difficult circumstances stress does not take the toll it takes from men.

In training we can see al those habbits and vitues as opportunities. The womans body goes from of young age thru many phases. Not only the biological changes has a heavy impact, the mental aspects of growing up also chnages vision and look at life. In the past therapeuts and doctors did advise never to let children train with weights or place them under heavy duty exercises. But today it is proven that also children may train with weights. Specially the fragile girls who have a poor health condition are advised to start a form of weight training to increase physical health, better posture and above all a better psychological strenght.

Weighttraining is like pulling carrots for the rabbit. The carrots are strongly rooted in the earth and it takes strenght to get them out. The mother teaches the child step by step how to get the right technique and slowly enhanches the power. Children must learn a playing way of training. Fun is important. But also the lesson of the turtle, slow but steady, is very important in training of children.

As this serie of articles is only focussing on women I want to put all attention to the female children. The first thing they have to learn is picking up weights the right way. Picking up a weight needs a good posture of the whole body with a higher attention to the back and bending the legs. The back must be “hollow” under all circumstances to avoid putting overstress on the backbone. Always bend the legs and never overstrech the arms. By teaching the right position a child will understand the importance of balance. When the girl grows up she will discover that her balance points do change and she must adapt to the new situation. Gladly we can adjust time by time so during puberty the emotional physical stress can find an outlet in the excersises.

A mother can teach her child the best position in teachin g them weight training via the “stairs method”. The child sits at the bottom of the stairs and picks up a weight of 500 grams / 1 kiligram and puts it on the highest possible staircase. Then pick up a new one and so on. When that staircase is full she moves down till practically on the ground. All the time attention is focused on the right posture of legs and back. Hollow back, knees in max 90 degree and head looking up.

You also can make use of elastic bands. The child pulls down the elastic that hangs high to pull it down to the ground and brings it back into position without jumping of the ground. When doing so she must face the top of the elastic all the time. In my programs I tell the kids to watch the top as the elastic may get lose and she must escape and react fast when it happens. Children are our future, start early in training to get healthy and strong children.

Self-Development an egocentric approach !

010Personal development must be a egocentric act and only is focused on your own wellbeing and will leave out all others in the beginning. To most it will come as a shock to know that all religion leaders have been (and some still are) egocentric personalities. To be devoted to a God or “superior being” you need to direct all attention first inward to develop oneself .

Self-development  is a need for every person alive. If you do not develop yourself you would be a baby forever and a career never surpassing the level of a primary school pupil.

One of the major problems in current society is the mixed signals everybody gets. We have to develop ourselves in a network of social contacts and connected to the environment.  At school we are thought to work together and while doing so we also learn to irritate the partners in the group as much as possible. Most people are not able to work together for assignments and hate to do this job. The reason is very simple ; their personal development is yet on the way, they sincerely do not know to cope with themselves so how can teachers , lecturers, bosses, managers and governments expect people are able to act in a group ?

The reality of life is that most do not have a structure in personal development and the main reason is the environment or group they are living in. People block other people to develop themselves. That is why you need to become a pure egocentric person before you are able to share and care. You have to realize your own needs and wishes.

To develop yourself you need to ask yourself some questions first ;

1 – Why do I want to develop myself, do I have reasons and targets ? Am I satisfied with my current life or not ?

2 – In what direction do I want to develop myself ? You need to search yourself first for instance by making a list of your strong and weak points, in management it is called a SWOT analysis = Strength , Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.

3 – How do I develop myself ? Some people will choose for education others for motivation.

Again I would like to stress that the whole process must be done without the consideration of any other person around you neither husband, wife or children, it must be a purely egocentric decision. This is the only way to discover the roots of your being.

It is easy to run into a religion or follow a leader to find your way but in your head there is always the question ; is this the right way that I really want to follow ? You need to answer that question before it is too late.

In recent events I saw trainers pulling people toward them with the message to become millionaire or rich and wealthy. People want to live in a dream that is called money. But let us all be fair and we know that over 90% of all living human beings will never be rich in money. But you can be rich in life and mind. Rich is not a dirty word but a word with so many interpretations.

To be rich you need to be aware of what you consider valuable. The things that are most valuable in your life will make you happy and rich. To some it is the family and others a hobby or profession. Many consider processions as part of being rich.

My question to you is ; what do you consider rich ?