Age Control, the science of healthy aging

Time has past. We become at age. Slowly but steady we move on. My career did show a steady growth in different ways. From active sportsman to trainer and adviser and back to researcher and scientist. In 2017 appointed as visiting Professor at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (Hangzhou / China) in Biochemistry with my project Age Control.

Age Control is the combination of experience, emperial data, experimental science, excersice therapy and well chosen theory of the mind. A real life combination of body and soul. Practical to apply in daily life with a vision on the future.

Last 13 December 2017 Arnaud was appointed Professor at the ZUST (Zhejiang University of Science and Technology) in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China. His topic is Anti-aging. Focus on food and health products. How does food relate to herbal / natural supplements / medicines. Can we discover a relationship between these two? Is there a possibility that people with a different food pattern may react differently or not at all on health supplements / medicines? If so what are the reasons?

Aging is an individual process. Your process. Would you like to take part in the research studies? There are many way to contribute. Your knowledge of life and living can be of value. Contibute and feel free to contact. Welcome.