The BBC formula, the easy selling method!

The BBC formula, the easy selling method !

Your first impression while reading is that this article is all about media. The well-known BBC is an UK broadcaster and it will be the first thought of any sensible person to think off when reading it.

But this article in not about media but surely about communication. Your communication to be precise. Most internet shops target the consumers with all kind of media like actions to get their attention. Some are successful, most are not.

I would like to introduce the new BBC formula to you to boost your business. B – B –C = Business to Business to Consumers. Most companies forget that all businesses are built by people who are also consumers. When you target the people inside a company and the company at the same time you probably will get the support of that company to promote you again.

How does this system works ?

First of all you have to realize what your core business is. If you are selling everything, you will sell nothing within this formula. You need a clear core business and also target groups. When you have established a clear range of products you select other companies which would likely be interested in your products. Your company (A) offer the company (B) and all employee a special discount to buy your products. This is step one .


The next step is to start an alliance with the company B to promote the company on your website and they will directly offer your products on their website and in the company to others. Company B does not need to buy anything from your company but will get a certain percent’s of what is being sold thru their connections. This will bring easy money to company B as the only activity they need to take is to refer to you.

The art of referral business is to have a clear way of communication to every channel within the chain. That is why we call it BBC formula, all depends on how you communicate your message to the other parts of the channel.

When you want to apply the BBC method it is important you keep certain rules in mind ;

  • Connect with companies who are not in your market
  • Do not go too far from your core business while approaching other companies
  • Be open in your referral communication and leave a track and trace of forwarding behind on the website of the referral company
  • Make clear small but reasonable interesting offers to each referring company, it is money they earn without a need to do anything for it, be logical in offering
  • Do not accept every company as a referral company
  • Refresh your adds every month but stay within commission range

These are some of the guidelines to follow when using the BBC method.

Within the BBC method we also have the business refer to other business so the target of your company continues to grow like the circles in the water, each company will “work” for you to target the consumers who are your final buyer group.

Are you interested to know more of the BBC method ?