The strength of a woman

Woman are great servants, in their life they love to help others, to serve. The nature of a woman is not to be a servant but to serve for a reason, a purpose. In the nature a woman gives birth to babies who need the care of the mother until they are able to be independed. Most mothers know by instinct that the reason for serving their love once is to take care of their health and assure them a good future. This is the purpose of serving.

 But our society has changed. No longer is the man a hunter or farmer but most of the time an office clerk or production person. The males are no longer responsible for the meat of the hunt or the crop of the land. All products come by shopping and deliveries. The richer persons will even have staff to take care of them. All changes should have a direct effect on the position of the woman in society. It would be logical if they have a more equal position to men now right ?

 But when we research the position of most Asian woman we find that their role is still to serve the men, even the men is not an active person. It is strange to see males commanding females from any position. The first question is where do they get the superiority to command another person ? Are they higher in ranking, are they in a stronger position or are they just thinking to be superior and the women is just accepting the superiority ? The fact is that society gave men a position to suppress women in often cruel ways. If a men has less to offer he will show more superiority. This seems rather unfair.

 Woman are the source of life. Men are not able to bare children without the women. It is a fact that all male came out of woman and have been cared for during life. When looking around we find that to men the most important person in their life is the mother, yes a woman, not a man.

 A question arises when we look at men who bully their women. Are these men just cruel by nature or is there another reason. The research showed that most of these men did do so because their woman was not fully accepted by their mother or worse was denounced by their mother. It showed that the disagreement of the mother gave the man permission to bully his wife or girlfriend, this is something we often discover in the Asian society.

 Women who are bullied often suffer of a number of mental problems. One of the main problem is that these woman never know what is the reason for their “torture”. They have been thought to look for their own mistakes in the first place. Our society is looking for self-inflicted punishment by the hand of the “lover” , so they think it is all due to what they do. To my surprise I found also a number of women who gladly did undergo the torture of daily life instead of being alone or abandoned. The deeper attitude of the woman who could handle the torture was the past family situation with an often even more aggressive father or other member of the family.

 But do woman need to agree with the victim place in society. The answer as a clear NO. Many women in the world are proving that a woman can be strong and some even have proven that they are stronger than most men. When you search the internet you can find many powerful women in top positions which were completely unlikely a thirty or even twenty years ago. In fact my own country has been ruled for almost 100 years by a queen. In the USA Hilary Clinton took a top position for many years and in Germany the prime minister is considered the most powerful woman of the world.

 Women are no longer the servant of the world, they have reached and proven to be able to lead the world, to think commercially and be a real boss. When I travel the world and visit Universities I found that many foreign students are female. They travel all over the world alone with the risk of abandonment of the local society when they come from  abroad. But they are daring to take these risks and often are very successful. I admire these daring women for the courage they show. To travel to an unknown place, alone and in fear of what can happen to them is something many men will think twice about. But these women follow their heart and soul. To me they are heroes of the future.

 I see a better world when women are able to develop in freedom with the knowledge that they are respected from who they are and not on basis of what they can be (wife and mother). We need that respect and honor as we have reached a time that males and females are equal in opportunities and the hunters and farmers have tools that women also can use. No longer there is a need for the idea of superiority of the male.

Arnaud van der Veere

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