Age Control UK

Aging is a passing of time. We cannot control time in anyway. It has its own target and purpose. For many, time is similar to suffering and pain. Loss, to forget and struggle on. But is it all that negative ?

NO time can be a great tool to learn new things, experience, adventure, new love and so on. In time we must learn to balance and realize that we are growing. The positive energy has to flow more and energize us in every way.

Age can be Controlled. The question is HOW ?

To answer that question we will have to stand still and look at the process. It is good to realize that you can separate some periods of time during the process. First we all want to grow older fast. You going trough a series of experiences that make you uncomfortable and you want it to pass as fast as possible.

At a certain age you are happy and time does not matter any more. No caring but enjoying. Than a period that time seems to be your greatest enemy. After that again a time of realization to be followed with expectation and a wish to conquers time by ending it.

These are, in short, the life expectations of the phenomena time.

In this brochure I want to give you the information and tools to fight time by Age Control. You will learn with us how the system can be changed into your benefit and become a positive partner in life. Aging is like going into an unknown adventure unique for all of us.

Aging is a process of looking for keys to open the gates of time. When born we are all equipped with a chain of keys but do not know which one fits which lock.   Growing up will teach us and slowly we develop the sense of time and keys. But we are always running behind the facts. The process is very complicated and no matter science will develop a method to control the process our mind will still continue the aging process. Aging is enriching the mind, even your body will sometimes make you feel horrible!


In the AgeControlResearchCenter we have developed a series of techniques to help you conquer the negative effects of the aging process. As mentioned before aging is not only a physical process in many ways the mind / body connection is even more important.

You have learnt over the years that people who are feeling well, happy and confident are always looking younger, brighter and more secure. It is like a radiation hangs around them. They easily attract the attention of the other sex and are successful in life. In our research center we have studied the process over the years and created a multi layer assistant project to help you getting better “in your skin” as we say in the West.

The multi layer program contains the following aspects ;

•          energy balancing

•          exercises

•          stress release

•          emotion control

•          muscle tension & massage


Before I continue the explanation of the program I would like to point to the differences between the Eastern and Western culture. In the Western world the aging proces is one of a slow isolation of the elderly. Family ties as traditional part of the Eastern society rarely exist. As you know an Asian family consist of a close relation between the parents and children and, to some extent, other members of the family. In a Western oriented society the family is the place were a person is brought up till a certain age and then follows his or hers own path in life.

Visiting the elderly is normal but taking care of them and there needs is something that is considered a specialist job. The elderly are “banned” to pensioners homes and left in the care of nurses. Society has no use nor space for them, in fact they become second class citizens. This humiliating process is now slowly coming to a halt cause the elderly are taking there life back into there own hands. Nowadays they wish to stay on there own, wishing to control there own daily sorrows and try to stay in depended as long as possible. But all to a great scarify of loneliness.

In Asia the family seems to be a logical social net to protect a person against loneliness and health loss. But you are seeing it al around you. The elderly became a burden to many family. Times has changed and now the elderly does not get the same respect and care as in the past. Alternatives are being searched. Molest, abusement and sometimes even slavery of the elderly is seen more often than ever before.

Realizing NOW that you will become an aged person demands action now. We will have to protect our self against the negative aspects of the aging process in every way. Most of all we will have to consider our health as the most important part. Not only our physical health but also our mental health is of considerable importance. We will have to work on that very hard and the more we will invest in our self’s the better we will life in the future.

Age Control is based on self-care and community services. With sessions we promote community awareness and contact between the people. To reach a better life we will have to make our self a better world. The only way for us to do so is by creating a community around us that will assist us whenever we need so.


Using the differences between East and West we have learnt that when combining age old and newly developed treatments for physical and mental health will bring us only benefit. We have brought together the best of both and combined into a special program. This program is open for everybody regardless race, gender or religion.

In our sessions we always take local customs in consideration so not stress effects will occur on that point. We always are searching for persons willing to assist us and inform us of the local customs and integrate them in the local application of the Age Control Program. So were ever you go a local session of Age Control is different.


An Age Control session is create to increase personal awareness of the process and deepens the inner knowledge of oneself. Our Research center have studied human patterns and found that trough direct contact between persons via energy systems a maximum understanding could be developed.

Energy is the most important part of life. In fact it can be said that without energy life will stop at once !

Our Research has concentrated in all aspects of energy conservation, promoting and so called revitalization. The difference between this three factors is clear. Energy conservation for the persons who are still in good shape and energy level need to keep there level the way it is and do not wish to lose the state they are in. For some energy need new promotion, make the person aware of its declining level and inform them through al possible channels that conservation has to take place to stop a degeneration proces. But in most cases we will have to revitalize.

Energy levels has gone down. Unaware of the process continue effect in life, people are adapting to the negative side effects. Vitality lost is show in figure and mind. Many times the clearest physical show is an increasing body size and a changing habit. People will become more ignorant, lazy and stressed. When drawn into the traps of degeneration poor health will come over you. After poor health disease surely will follow. Disease will limit your possibilities of aging and slowly will drive you in isolation even in a situation of a good functioning family surrounding.


Age Control offers ways to prevent from the negative aspects by giving you the so called “hard- and software”. The software consist of our program and sessions and the hardware of health supporting nutrients. This forms a synergetic combination to boost your health and so enables you to life longer and happier.

Our sessions come in different forms. Al depends on the time of the year and the group attitude or targets. In general we set up sessions according to the following program.

– Energy balancing and breathing exercises. The session opens with a short energy talk and explains the use and effects of the exercises of that session. After the breathing exercises one person lay down while the other (same gender) with try to streamline the outer energy balance trough given samples. The leader of the session will target first general and than specific energy structures in the body so immediately effect is felt.

– Tension and stress reducing exercises. After the rebalancing the group will be instructed exercises for personal use. These exercises are always employed on individual level so within the group the same exercise will be carried out differently. It is understandable that people with different physic and possibilities will act different.

– In more advanced groups we will employ emotion control by different form of exercises and release plays. In these sessions – groups will have to pass a certain level and trust amongst members will have to be established – we will go deeper into the emotional harmony within each person. We will try to minimize negative feelings and aspects that will have a negative effect on someone’s changes to grown happily older.

– The last stage of sessions will be the actual massage and muscle treatment sessions. Hereby a mutual trust and relaxation has to be reached to a high level. The session leader will give instructions of massage and self-massage to diminish pain, discomfort and injury. In more advanced sessions other relaxations and treatments for a enriched life will be thought.


The formula of Age Control will enrich your physical and spiritual life. It will stimulate your efforts to reduce the negative effect of aging and will also bring you the new targets, friends and pleasure you are looking for in life. Age Control sessions are fun to go, you learn to know other people and so be aware that you are never alone when time pass by. You will get new friends and maybe more.

We are happy to share our knowledge and feeling with you, so please do join the sessions and feel happy and free and fight aging like never before. Now you are not alone anymore in your fight against time !!