This plan is designed to combat China’s increasing problems on fake food, increasing cities, poverty in country side and the continued lack of fresh food in growing cities. Currently you are reading the abstract, to receive the full plan please mail us and we will send you all details.

Food is important to everybody. The increasing demand for food gives rising prices. Rising prices create opportunities for criminals to counterfeit products for benefit. The current consumer is less aware of the real sources of food as they have been detached from the original farmland. Most people do not know anything of what they eat. All this creates danger for our health and future. Not knowing and rely on others for our food is dangerous and gives a strong feeling of uncertainty.

The Chinese Government is doing what they can but our land is big, very big. Compared to all countries in the world the population is the biggest and most consuming and we are only at the beginning as everyday more people can afford more food. China has a big difference between rich and poor. We need the cities and we need the farmland. How can we combine both to ensure us good health, protection against counterfeiting criminals and a strongly supportive Government ?

First of all is to look in the demands from the city. Everybody wish to eat daily 3 or more meals. If possible as fresh as possible. We wish to eat healthy, enough and regular good food. The only way we are able to control this and keep within our financial possibilities is to ensure ourselves good supply. We are not able to do so on our own.

In our plan we explain how we unite people in the city to finance multi-purpose farms in country side. These special community farms produce fresh and healthy food for a very limited group of  customers called the farm finance group. That can be you ! Each farm grows food and meat to supply you and your family every day. Farming becomes again an important profession. Each farmer will become a trained professional who is proud to be a farmer. City and countryside will be united again, they support each other in every way.

Farmers wish to go back to country side and to help cities to free itself from the poor population. A new generation of multi-disciplined farmers will supply city people with daily fresh food of all choices. Prices of food will go down. Fake food will disappear as there is no profit to make. Country side will repopulate and get more money to develop itself. A richer countryside will boost the total economy of which every city will benefit. Transportation in countryside will increase, schools and special Universities on farming and other topics will develop and grow, elderly will again be safe and well cared for in villages and small cities and overall China’s internal Economics will get a strong boost. China will be no longer depended on exports alone.

The plan is unique, self-sustaining and promotes self-developing of all parts of China. Join the plan and distribute it to all . Let us share the benefits of a new and stronger China.  Contact me at and I will return you the plan. Make sure to tell you wish English or Chinese version.