(by Arnaud van der Veere, Netherlands)

Boxing for females is so much different from the competition fights you have seen on TV. The boxing training is one that promotes condition, physical and mental stability, stamina and above all a good health.

Training boxing or Muay Thai has nothing to do with fighting. A female training starts with a warming up and moves over to technical aspects. In each training we work on the whole body. The training is available in many different levels and approaches. For beginners purpose we start with “air fighting”. All techniques are placed in the air according to the instructions, start slow and when the movement is understand speed goes higher. From “air fighting” we can move to a standing boxing bag. A bag is the best partner to react on. No return punches, completely silent and most of all it will never run away or turns you down. After this we have many other levels.

Let us concentrate on the first two phases of this form of training. When using boxing techniques not ony the upperbody is moving. In fact each boxing movement starts in the feet. You have to step forward and backwards all the time. Some movement also will go to the left or right. For punching you do need space around you. This space is your own personal space. In Boxing you learn to know what is your own persnal space in this world, this is your place and people who enter your space must be friendly. While concentrating during the boxing your mindset will become attitude. Your convidence increases. The “stronger” you get the more personal space you will take.

The personal space of a boxer is a bit smaller than of the Muay Thai boxer. Due to the kicks the personal space is enlarged but the total distance between you and the “opponent” is not much different. Distance in Martial Arts is one of the most important things. Counting the right distance request serious training and concentration. This kind of concentration is also called focusing. When a person is able to focus well it is for sure this will reflect in better study or work results.

The development of a personal space is for most woman a new expirience. Fact is that often women feel that they get a piece of space as a part of someone else. Most never had the feeling of having a space of there own. Creating this person world is a strong emtional thing that directly gives results. A trainer must observe the development of a personal space and keep it in relation with the topic and the group so the woman will not get herself into problems. In many cultures woman are not allowed to have there own space, they have given a role in society and must obey to the rules. Personaly I only observe this and always will warn the person before leaving the school.

In the first sentence I mentioned that boxing is so much different fom competition fighting, but in fact it is not totally true. Life itself is a heavy competition, a daily survival for many women. The weaker gender is always under attack and she has to defend herself day after day. When knowing how to handle the own private space, a woman will grow stronger and her direct surrounding surely notice that.

Boxing and Muay Thai gives inner strenght to everyone who practise it, it develops not only Martial skills but let the mind and body comes to a unity.