Force One philosophy

520Force one philosophy

The philosophy behind the trademark Force One is based on the principles of mental development and of a united physique and mind.

One Force is pointing to the individuality of each person in this world. Every men or women is born alone and will die alone. They process only One Force. The target of Force One is to lead each individual to a less singular world. We try to integrate each individual into a total Force of minds and bodies.

Force One is not bounded on money, commerce or trade. The reason why we have set up the trademark is to spread our knowledge and bring a message to the world. Sport does unite and the sports we present are strongly individual oriented. We try to create a strong mind in a strong body. A real One Force that is happy and not alone as part of Force One.

Training, assisting each other, exchange of information, physical contact by sport and communication will make life worth living.


To develop a strong mind it often helps to work with the body. When good professional guidelines are applied, as in the Force One systems, your body will get stronger and your mind will ask for assistance.

Force One has build systems to accomplice a perfect mind & body development combining physical exercises and mental training. You do not need to become a champion at all ! To concur your own emotions, fear and physical abilities is something extra ordinary ! To harmonize body and soul is not easy at all.

In most cases you learn to meditate. But according to all teachings of the famous guides the phases of enlightment are ; concentration, meditation and contemplation. When starting we teach you first how to concentrate. When going right you will feel life already becomes easier.


It has proven that meeting people who are equal minded and heading in the same direction will enhance your own abilities and performance. We meet in a non-competitive surrounding and promote cooperation. Training is always in groups and only in special cases we will guide you individually.

In a group you can feel the One Force when concentration in practice. Your Force of One will be united with the one of the others and when combined it feels like the power streams back to your own Force to become One with your self. Meetings are important for your own development !


The headquarters of Force One are in the Netherlands. With over 40 years of constant development in Mind & Body regulation systems and methods we have guided over 20.000 persons and still continue doing so. The interaction of the truth, physical and mental attentions we give to all has been a great achievement that still continue everyday till our last breath of air.