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Where is the reader? Publishers are seeking for a new readers profile. Traditional reading is no longer of this time. A new breed of readers and writers has come to the market.



Publishers: currently publishers lost track of the consumers spending and readers movements. Readers are moving away from printed books to e-books and already on to phone or tablet readings while book prices will soar to heights we have never seen before due to the new printed book reader is status aware and wants to show off he/she is able to buy a real book. The changes in the market are fast and it is hard for a publisher to reacts with the needed speed. For every publisher it is a question what to do to generate money from all developments. A series of questions occur:

  • How to promote your products under the present circumstance?
  • What will happen with the printed book?
  • How to sell books via internet and make money?
  • How to earn money from internet such as of E-Books?
  • How to deal with copyrights and copy infringement?
  • How will our organization develop with all these developments?



²  当前情况下,怎样有效地推销自己的产品?

²  纸质书该何去何从?

²  怎样借助网络平台销售产品,创收盈利?

²  怎样从电子书领域里创收盈利?

²  怎样解决电子图书的版权及侵权问题?

²  伴随着新形势,企业自身该如何发展、壮大?


Most organizations have a traditional structure and changes need to take place. Employees are used to the old systems and have often signed employee contracts that are in direct conflict with the new flexible work system. Most publishers will need smaller offices, lesser employee and many employee will have to work at home via cloud assignments. Publishers will work without borders and must form alliances with other publishers, internet forums, sales platforms, print on demand companies and so many more. Publishers will change into organization offices as they will have to develop more promotional activities and become important to writers. No longer they can sit back and wait for sales.



Writers are able to get print on demand and E-book publishing by direct contact and also will be active on internet sales platforms to generate direct income. Publishers have to realize that writers can become competitors if not take care of well. Groups of writers will organize themselves into promotion and sales platforms where participants will have to pay a fee to be a member and can get benefits they never got when working with a publisher. Most writers will make a higher profit and consider the new options not only as a challenge but a sure gain.



We will enter a era where conflicts will occur between two parties that are in real need of each other publishers cannot go without writers but writers will be able to do without publishers. It is an alarming time that publishers must realize that they will have to change much faster to keep control of the situation and most of all to keep earnings coming. Publishers are on the bad economical side, the longer they wait the more they lose.



What can we offer you ?

As a team we have been working for years to spread the words amongst publishers and writers alike. We can bridge the gap between writers-commerce-publishers-internet.




Our team has found ways to reorganize and show ways to make a positive change for the publishers and bridge the gap with the writers. In fact we help the publisher to grow and compete better, stronger than ever before and get a market share in a decreasing market. We help you to be a global player and no longer a local company. Did you know how many Chinese live outside China ? Millions and in every country ! They spend more than your local consumers. We train you how to contact them, how to find new market and expand existing.



With your marketing staff we design a short, medium and long term planning and with sales we plan the new ways to make money. Your company will benefit in every way when you adjust strategy and methods to fit the future of the written world. If you act in time you will survive, to late is only bankruptcy. What is your choice ?



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