Introducing the Wai, a ply for hygiene


The Thai Wai is a method of greeting where two hands are pressed together with fingers pointing towardthe “s

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ky”. It is a clear method of respectful greeting. Most of all it is a clear and cau

In my work I often have to shake hands. Some hands are clean but most are … Yes the question is IF most hands are that clean as they supposed to be. I have my doubts.tious way.

Why do we need to touch the other person so hard ? I do not like when people shake my hand like the want to decapitate my arm or use it to show their strength. Some give a hand like a wet tea leave wh

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ile others

crush it to pieces.

A Wai is a saver way, cleaner as we do not need to touch

tting herpes that way. I prefer not to kiss any stranger at all.each other, saver as we will not be crushed and we are able to keep a certain distance of any person approaching you. Most woman do not like that pulling hand and wet dog like kisses that are often going with the shaking, I have to admit I do not like it either, have seen to many people ge

images (6)Maybe we have to start an international action


“Get the Wai” and do not touch m

e ? Any people in favor images (7)?


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