Birth control

Sex before marriage is currently a normal event. No longer the virgin is a sign of “being clean” . Our younger generation is changing attitude and boy and girls are well aware of sexuality. They are aware of feelings and most even know how to have sex, but do they really know how to protect themselves. It may sound old fashion from an activist like me but I am not in favor of children who are conceived outside an official marriage. Why not ? Children need the legal protection of a marriage, the witness of two persons who took the child for a reason and with a goal. Those two did marry and had a child for a reason in their life , to love and bring up the child in the best way possible. It is true that other people who just living together also may think that way but why not take the legal step to get a paper proving so ? Yes the commitment of marriage is a form of birth control already. But when the children want to have sex we better teach them how to avoid getting children. It is important to teach them the use of birth control possibilities like the use of condoms, anti-conception and other ways. Maybe this all sound technical but we better prevent stupidity and the danger of disease than ignore them. If children have sex let them be very well aware of the consequences and how to prevent. Do not shut up about this prevention, we are building cars with a higher safety level again and again but forget that our children need to be well prepared for the moments of danger. If you do not believe me, just go to any ordinary party and see how many people get drunken. Are you willing to swear that drunken people do behave well and stay rational ? If so we do live in another world. Prevention is the key to our survival and the mental preparation of marriage and commitment to become a good parent. ………..