Cheating man can blame their mothers ?

When you have been cheated by your boyfriend or husband you better read the following. One of the major causes of cheating is the disapproval of the mother of the girlfriend. The second cause is the toleration of the mother of her own husband while he is cheating on her. Disapproval of the girlfriend seems to be the number one reason why a man can cheat on his wife, the fact that the mother does not like the current woman gives the man the unconsciously right to look for a better one who will get the approval of the mother. By the disapproval the mother tells the son, hardly ever in words but in body language, that he is better off with another woman. In fact she demands him to look for a better, more suitable for her, woman. On the other hand the children are very well aware of the behavior of the father in the house. When the father is cheating the mother without her knowledge the children will go through a morally difficult time. They will have a very strong pressure on loyalty for both parents but forced to keep peace in the house. But when the mother knows that her husband is cheating and continues the relationship it opens two possibilities. If she has a son , this boy will consider the behavior of the father as accepted and will think it is something he could do also. If it is a girl she will think that it is something a woman must tolerate and she probably will do the same if her husband cheat on her.


Arnaud van der Veere