Fake beauty

Sometimes I get back in time and remember my time as professional masseur. My customers were the top-dancers in the country. Beautiful woman and some men, highly trained and in perfect shape. Every person was a hard job to massage, there naked bodies curved in a sensual beauty on my table under the powers of my hands. Some loved the touch so much that they enjoyed it more than expected. But to me it was a lesson to watch the human body in all aspects. The beauty of a healthy not modified body.

Lately I was requested to massage a new group of dancers by a good friend of mine who owns a dancing school. When the table opened they were lining up, some already naked. I was astonishing to see the sizes of breasts of such young girls. Some Korean dancers were only 18 with firm strong breasts and other curves not to mention here. During my massage it occurred to me how much had been altered on these bodies, how artificial they felt. Many nerves were damaged and they could not enjoy the massage half as much as the old customers did.

Their bodies were mutilated by bigger breasts, flat stomachs, curved hips, altered womanhood and changed faces. Most of them young and beautiful from a distance. But as Age Control specialist I know that the body changes every seven years. Most of these girls would spend a lifetime work on operations to keep these bodies in shape and with every operation more damage was caused, more harm done and aging would take a devastating toll on them. Instead of aging later they will start aging much more early than a non-altered woman.

For a body and mind professional like me I prefer the natural shape of a woman, the natural her. With Asians the small breast fits with the rest of the body, the tiny parts of fat are needed and make the grip so much better, the curves are not perfect and that all makes them to beautiful woman. In my vision a healthy woman is a natural beauty. Maybe she does not win an artificial beauty price but she will win a natural aging process because a woman gets more beautiful over time, like a riping fruit she will taste better with every bite you take.