Is marriage a must ?

Who wants to be married ? Isn’t marriage something of the past , something your parents did ? Why do you want to be married ? Do you want to have a social status of being someone’s woman or are you serious in love with the guy ? To most readers these questions are strange. Marriage is a traditional binding of man and woman, at least that is how it used to be. Currently all over the world man can marry a man and a female a female. The holy matrimony is no longer a sacred place for man and woman alone. Being married is no longer a security as when we see the divorce rates we have to ask ourselves the risks of getting married, especially if our carrier is involved. But marriage at least legalize the children, it gives the children a legal ground to exist and start a life. Love is the issue now, no longer the family takes care of you. Your position is changed, the family is totally depended on you. When you marry there are so many people you will need to take care of. Yes all this delivers stress. But did you ever consider the moments you slept alone in your bed and needed that warm arms around you ? Marriage is confusing we all have so many pro’s and contra’s that there is never a real solution to it. To marry is a risk like gambling with your life. But are you ready for the step ? My solution to this problem ; if you never did try it, you will never know ……….