Older woman and young man

Tell me your first thought. I do not need to guess, you despise the fact of a young man with an older woman. You consider the man as being sick in his head and the woman a dirty person. But this is how the future of China will look like. If a man wants sex he must be less critical as the amount of women is shrinking with the day. Young woman are demanding more and more. Most young men will not be able to live up the standards of those eager, fast and luxury demanding women. Sex is one important drive to man and he will need to adjust his vision in the future. Older woman are no longer of limit. Question is ; will society accept this happening ? Laws are changing, rules are relaxing , more children are promoted and the people are stimulated to consider children as important again. But we will have to bridge a long gap before the society moves back to a right balance between male and female and young and old. If society continues the importance of boys over girls, we will see the young man even hunting for an older woman……….. Arnaud van der Veere