Over 30 and unmarried

A horrifying picture to many young women. When you reach the age of 30 you should be married and having a child already. That is how society expect you to do it. They will ask ; what is your excuse ? Suddenly you realize that you probably had no time to meet the right guy or you even did not encounter any that suited your taste of a man. Some of you had a man and tasted the fruits of love but were disappointed and considered it rotten fruit or even worse. Yes you did try it even a little. My question is ; did you ever consider the fact that a woman of over 30 is super attractive, interesting often well educated, has knowledge about life and knows how to behave. Young woman  should not be any competition for you ! But the “love market” shows different. Men give you the feeling as being left over, being no longer the young innocent girl they want to use. Here we do have the core of the problem. It is not you who is the problem, no the men do not want to have a full grown woman who is able to make decisions. They seek for a weaker halve who will obey and serve the man. For many woman it feels like they are the persons who made a mistake but let me guarantee you ; you did not make any mistake and soon society will recognize your abilities. Many woman reach for dating sites, in my vision a risky possibility. Check my book for tips on how to use them. Do not look to often for the foreigners as they are not your solution to a cultural problem. Foreign man are no better than Chinese man, not at all. Some are even worse. Lady if you are looking for a solution be sure we can help you on the way, an often adventurous way, interesting and most of all very rewarding as you should be proud of who you are , we can prove you are someone special to consider.