Sex and desire, nature or nurture

Woman love sex, yes they do but in so different way than men do. Men follow nature, women nurture. The nature of men is to have as much sex and partners as possible and the nature of woman is to have a limited amount of partners as possible and sex with an even lesser amount. Sex is rather sacred to a woman and commodity for a man. The desire of a woman is based on mentality and feeling, the desire of men based on the level of his hormones. If we look at both sex and desire in relation to men they are both more directed by the nature than the nurture. Men act more impulsively on both than woman will ever do. Woman see both as something they are educated in, not by nature but by experience and other lessons. They have to control both at any time of the day and hardly ever will be able to just let it go like men do. A woman must be in control of her desire and sex drive. Question is does she always want that ?