Sex when older

Older people do not have sex. That is the vision of the younger. You should not have feelings when you are older. That is a typical statement of the younger generations through the centuries. But how different is reality. Most elderly people are longing for sex, they even are able to enjoy it better than the younger. Question is how we define sex. Most people think of sex in simple terms of copulation as an act between man and woman. To elder people this is not interesting anymore. Sex to older people is so much more and takes much longer. It is all about enjoying each other, about the satisfaction of the whole physic and mind. There is no target in the sex as the need to make children does not exist any longer. Passion, a feeling of intimacy and most of all a feeling of mutual acceptance and respect. Real sex only exist when people genuinely feel love for each other and able to show this physically to the other person. In Asian society there is a problem. The elderly did never really learn to enjoy sex as a part of their development. When older they have to develop a whole new lifestyle to cope with their needs and wishes. Many need to learn how to enjoy their own body and mind. Some need to be taught how to show passion, be open in body and mind and respect their body and mind. The feeling of wanting sex is nothing negative but a part of nature. This statement is so hard to accept for most older Asians and they live a life of frustration and anger. This is a call for the elderly ; accept who you are passionately and seek the possibilities of feeling love and to be loved mentally and physically when you have a chance. Do not walk away of your own feelings, you will regret it. ……….. Arnaud van der Veere