(by Arnaud van der Veere, Netherlands)

Women in general do not lke fighting. Althrough women can be very aggressive the expression of the emotion by fighting use to be not accepted and in many cultures still is not at all. In the Western world female fights starts to be common. Pitty enough also in the very negative sense of the word. On schools or on the street girls and women are no longer save from attack by….. women !

The female “warriors” are a not a new thing. When we look back into history many countries easily can name a number of brave female warriors. Women are not so peacefull and non-violent as men wish to believe. Often the strongest fighters without fear and the desire to win are female or depended on he strenght of a woman.

Women have been put in possitions in which they always had to contribute to the glory of the country and the welfare of a state. Often on the count of losing children or suffering of bad economics. This events have trickered the power and even today woman want to proof the real power of inside with a hunger and desire that men are surprised of.

The combination of strenght training, martial arts and mental aspects are important in the improvement of the position of women in general. Strenght training is often seen as an art for “tomboys”. But be sure it is not ! A good training demands proper techniques and the amount of weight is not at all important. Strenght and weight training can be combined but are not neccesarely the same.

Female strenght training is often very specific. Most of the time it is part of a recovery or physiotherapeutic schedule and stopped when the recommended period is finished. When you read this and recognise it you know that you have a feeling of missing something. During training you was able to concentrate strongly on yourself, like as in a yoga class busy with only you in the center. If you practise weighttraining slowly you practically can compare it with the clasic yoga. The breathing and movement must be closely monitored and the effect only was felt when both were right.

Weight training is done in several ways. We can practise an active form such as Dynamic Weight Control, Body Pump or other forms or “passive” forms when all movements made slow with moments of complete stop in it. Both forms has benefits and other results. Anyway when practise any form lots of energy must be pt into a right way of doing. Technical back up by a trainer is badly needed. In our practise we supply the woman with CD / DVD to view at home. For a woman to see a techniques and overview it again and again is a very good learning tool. That is why some movies we also have placed online. See…………………..

For a woman it is important to know HOW MUSCULAR will she get from training with weights. The answer is very simple ; it all depends on how much effort you put in it and how much extra weights you plan to add to your program. When you train for instance the shoulders and add weight every other week your muscles become stronger and stronger and after a few years of proper training finall your muscles grow bigger and get more volume. Your shoulders get muscular visuability. But you did read well, it takes years of proper training with a minimum of three times a week !

Can weight training help to burn fat ? Oh sure it does ! Believe me if I tell you that only muscle can burn fat. When doing cardio programs sure you will burn fat after awhile, but in a good weight and strenght training the fat is burned right from the first day of training. The muscles get a direct attack via the weighttraining. Muscles must contract “hevealy” and repeatedly. To do this the muscle needs a lot of energy. The slower the movement the more the muscle will use the stored fat to burn for energy purpose.

The next question is what kind of training stimulate fatburning and toning of the female body ? My answer is always the same ; OLD SCHOOL excercises. Training with free weights and not with machines for proper coordination and maximum results. Machine trining is good when the basic is well known and understood. If not machinetraining only can harm the person.

Which techniques I prefer ? Squat in all forms, lunges, deadlift, benchpress in all forms and dumbbell exercises. But for woman I am carefull with all breast exercises and some shoulder and arms. The right exercises are strongly depending on each personal body.