(by Arnaud van der Veere, Netherlands)

Following up the last article I will continue on the use of weight training for physical and mental perfection.

When preforming a serie of techiques concentration is a must. Again I stress it is not the amount of weight that you lift but the right form you use. In the beginning the best way to train is to look at yourself in a mirror. Each movement is divided in a fast and slow part. Which way we speed up or slow down depends on the muscle we target.

Muscles are roughly divided in two parties ; benders and strechers. The benders are made to bend, for instance, your arm. These muscle group is called biceps. The harder we train them the smaller they get. On the other side we have the triceps, they strech the arm. Triceps give volume to the arms when trained accordingly. For women these musclegroup is know for the flubby effect and when older storage of fat levels. The dividation occurs all over the bod were movements to different directions are possible.

The way to train each muscle is to train the contradicting motion in a slow way. Again the arm as sample. If training the biceps with a weight you move up to the shoulder is faster than the way down to strech. By using the opposite direction a lot of strech is put on the fibers and stimulated to grow stronger. The same we do for the triceps. In the bending direction to the shoulder we move fast slow and faster to a streching position. Speed is a relative thing here. Variation of speed is a must. Some days you feel better and more powerfull than others.

To increase burning of fat in a certain muscle group we end each series with a heavy few repetitions and folowed by the same moment in a hight tempo with half the weight. Doing so you stimulate the burning and continue the strenght effects. A muscle gives clear signals when taken seriously, a kind of burning feeling starts to occur. This feeling shows you that the muscle realy starts to use all those fatty acids stored overthere.

In the beginning the burning sensation is not pleasant at all, most people will feel it as irritation. The mean reason why you feel this irritation is that when a body gets into stress mode it will give signals to the brain that the muscle is overloaded and the movement must be aboarded and if possible not repeated.

Training is a way to confront your body with unpleasant but neccesary situations. A body is made from nature and in nature it has to adapt to every possible circumstance even the most unpleasant ones. A womans mind and body have conflicting interests. The body wish to secure a positive balance in fat levels and want to keep it stored. The mind says ; I want to shape, this fat must go ! This conflict in interest is the reason why it takes such a long time to get your results.

To reach a maximum posible result a womans mind needs to come inline with bodies interest. From our expirience woman need another frm of concentration than men. A man must focus his mind on the muscle to get a maximum tonus as long as the movement goes. Woman must concentrate firstly to “empty” the mind, try not to think and only watch the person in the mirror doing the exercise. The mind must be narrowed and than focused on movements, let the mind slip away from the place you are in, visualise yourself on a place you like to feel free and emotionaly stable.

Sometimes the music in fitness centers is disturbing. If that is the case bring your own music. Music that fits your personality.

Training for a woman is more or less like dancing, the motion of the movement makes the energy released to go for the maximum. Learn to know the spirit of your own music by using it while walking, running or cycling. Sometimes stop and sit down to relax, ampty the mind and make some movements of exercises you want to make better or need to do. Try to fit the movement into a dance and float away on the dreams of exercise.