How personal may personal training be?

japansUntil now most people take personal training very personal as one-on-one but is that really necessary? In over 40 years of experience I found that people like company and even a little competition. Having more than one person at your personal training will improve results. Most PT are wary of asking the customer to share the lesson with others but why should they? We can sell them an extra profitable experience.


First of all you lower the price of the individual with a few Euro or increase the time you spend with them. It is important you find a person of the same level and interest to partner up. If you take the friends of the current customer you will lose the edge of competition and often the result is not positive. To get the best results, use strangers. Do not introduce them too much, just in general, that will keep some tension.


Competitive feelings are a need to get short and long term results. If you make the training too easy your customer will not get the desired effects. In CrossFit training you can see that people boost each other by natural competition. Putting different competitive elements in training gives you the opportunity to let a training grow to a peak.


PT must have the goal to stimulate, motivate and get the customers into action the rest of the week. If you have the “luxury” to choose customers it would be the best to have every customer one or two times a week and get them to train by themselves at other times. Your training should be used , beside the mentioned mental effects, for instruction, technique and new items.