PT and equipment

bagworkout-thumbAs PT you are confronted with a huge variety of possible training equipment. Each product is designed with specific techniques in mind. The people behind the products want to sell them, no matter how effects. Sales is important to them.

As shop owner I receive monthly a huge amount of new feature products. All promise to be successful, exclusive, result oriented and cost effective. But with over 40 years dealing I have seen most of them come and go, very few can stand time. How many fashionable hits have you already seen?

One advantage of my work is that I do not have to follow the “hypes”, in fact I rarely ever have done so. Most hypes come and go and will leave a trace of “lost money” behind. Investments are made and after the products failed to accomplish what was “promised” they will be put aside.

When considering products it is important to choose wisely. Your first investment should be ion your core interest and specialty, not in what you think the customer will like. At any investment you should consider who you are and are you capable and interested to use these products for a long time. If you invest in Hype you will lose money. Most hype does not last long enough to make a return on investment.

Choose products of which you can be sure to earn them back within months not years, you are not a gym. If you want to invest on a large scale, for instance by having your own personal gym, your first choice should be iron. Iron such as weights and machines can be sold when not needed, they always keep a certain value. Plastics lose at least 50-80% value at the moment you buy them.