MD+ stands for Medical Defend. This is a very practical program to train people working in Healthcare how to survive in the daily situation at the working place and in private. We teach how to use all kind of protective measurements and make use of everyday products. The program is for 85% use of materials and around 15% physical. There is no basic fitness standard requested. It is a one day only program.

Medical Defense (MD+)

 Working in healthcare used to be a safe and respected profession. Due to many reasons patients have become more emotional toward anybody working in a public service profession. These emotions are no longer only in a verbal way, more and more physical attacks do happen. In some places even on a daily basis.

Being a Medical Professional is no longer safe. To protect yourself it is important to be prepared for an attack, no matter vocal or physical. But you position is different to any other profession. Your duty is to help and assist a patient to get better, to be cured and not to damage them. To defend yourself against the aggression of a patient sets a moral issue.

MD+ is focused on the foundations of your profession.  We do not teach you how to fight but how to defend. Your training is based on the following principles ;

• Observation, interpretation, action

• How to change your working place into a safe place

• Dangers on the working floor

• Defensive measures to take on the working floor

• What to do when physically attacked

• How to behave and protect outside your working area

How to boost your mental and physical awareness

How to recover from an attack

The program was introduced in 1991 in the Netherlands. Since that time we have trained and assisted many (medical) professionals on the working floor.
Your safety makes you a reliable and better professional. Be safe, act safe, feel safe !
Duration of training ; 1 days, from 8.30-12.00 and from 13.00 – 17.00
Location ; on the working ground
Cost of training ; depending on the size of the group
For booking and check ;

Registration   8.30 hrs   Start   9.30 hrs
Lunch                                                 12.00 – 13.00 hrs
Teabreak                                            14.00 – 14.30 hrs        Final                17.00 hrs
Netwerk meeting                               17.15 – 19.00 hrs

WARNING ; as a part of YOUR protection it is prohibit to carry phones, camera or any movie device into the training room(s). All product must be left at the counter or at home. This measure is to protect your own identity and most of all the knowledge we will hand you.


The main topics of this seminar are ;

The security awareness of you and staff / colleagues

 What is security?

 How do we reach safety?

 Is your clinic safe?

 Safety awareness in the organization

 Your safety in relation to the community / environment

 Safety awareness of your private life situation ?

 Your family and your job, the order of safety procedure

 Secure your transportation (home to work and vice versa)

 Disclosure of your information, how safe are you?

Safety as daily practice

 What can and should you physically tolerate of a visitor (whatever purpose and origin is)

 How important is cultural differences and how to deal with it

 Showing borders, marking clear borders, how to do this

 What should you physically tolerate of a customer / visitor

 Defense or attack ? What is the best strategy

Prevention is always better

 Body Language, a part of your weapons (practical training)

 How to make security practical and useful ?

o Audiovisual aids

o Sound

o Deterrents


 Mental resilience

 Physical resilience

 Aspects of Violence

 Recovery after an attack, your flexibility and resilience

In the future

 The medical world continues to change. Violence becomes a stronger part and everyone is  confronted with it. The causes are obvious, the changes and effects are yet to mark. The impact of all these chances are still a question to all of us. We better prepare well !


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