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A Guide to Muay Thai by Arnaud van der Veere
A Guide to Muay Thai by Arnaud van der Veere

Founded in 1984 by Irmgard and Hans Jürgen Meyer in Aachen, Germany, the publishing house is widely acknowledged to be among the elite of sport publishers worldwide. Since then the company has grown to be the biggest sports publishing house in Europe while ensuring quality remained the best possible.
Through new subsidiary companies involved in sports, it steadily grew to be a strong player in the sport market covering a wide range of topics.

Our Philosophy

Meyer & Meyer is a company committed to the production of resources that will not only benefit sport in general, but individual sport fans in particular.
The company’s prime objective is to provide ideas and practical guidance to sport and leisure activities that will improve the reader’s performance, enjoyment, and will raise the quality of life. Topics are aimed at many different age groups, ranging from children and adolescents, to adults and seniors.
One of Meyer & Meyer’s strengths is its coverage of almost all recognized sports and sport-related topics while providing high quality suggestions and activities for readers interested in sport and physical activity.

Our Program

With a list of titles that now exceeds 2,000 titles in both English and German, written by some of the world’s acknowledged experts in their individual fields, the company provides a wide range of products, from handbooks providing in-depth analysis of the subject, to hints and tips for the more casual reader.
Meyer & Meyer as a company is looking to support not only the amateur enthusiast, but also coaches, elite athletes, sport and PE teachers, sports scientists and sports medics.
The company’s range, however, is not only limited to printed books. Meyer and Meyer also produces e-books and provides further e-content, giving enhanced appreciation and practically oriented guidance.
Meyer & Meyer is also the home of some of the world’s most prestigious academic journals and theses published in the sport world

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