(by Arnaud van der Veere, Netherlands)

Food is in the Western oriented society a luxe problem. We eat to much, the wrong food, irregular, to less or in most cases the balance of intake and movement is lost. For the purpose of the articles I make a simple clear overview of food. Food consist of fibers, proteins, carbohydrates, fat and vitamins and minerals. At a proper diet everything we need to live, grow and recuperate.

Food is climate and culture depended. Hot climates eat more spicy food and stimulate the biochemical process of the body. In Western countries female tend to gain weight when getting older. Asian women could stay for a long time on the right weight, but this seems to change. All over Asia the Western habbits have been taken over and in general females are also gaining weight. The main reason for this is that the Asian biological system (consist of enzyms and hormons) are not fit to digest and absorb the right ingredients of the food. In biochemical sense the system get blocked and cannot funcion properly anymore. The ingigestive system was build in the first four yours of life and hardly can change after that period.

Training and change of food pattern will improve the biological balance and promote weightloss and physical fitness. Women are more sensitive than men for the changes. In generla women move less and has other physical activities that are less calory consuming. To change this a woman must choose a right way of training the body and mind.

Society is more demanding than ever before. Stress has become a daily problem. The combination of forces (work, relation and society) often gets on to you and you wish to have a time out. This time out can be found in the ancient practise of Martial Arts. Today the “arts” has changed with the time.

In the Western world women have found boxing and thai boxing as a good way to relax and load new energy. The new Dutch approach of the ancient arts has proven to be the most effective way. It is not only the way of training that helps you get back on the way, it is the basic phylosophy of how to train women to answer her own needs.

In former articles I mentioned already that women are completely different from men. This also counts in boxing. Women are totally different in physic and mind while training the sport. A women does not want to become a fighting machine, a world champion or let alone a top fighter. She wants to start training and will see where ever the “train” will take her. Step by step she wish to develop her own identity.

The Dutch method is completely individual and goes from the strenght of oneself and ones abilities. Even when training in the group each person receives her personal attention and the traner points out ones speciality and capacities. Training is a joy and a real pleasure when you see fast improvement. The old way of training by repetition over and over again is no longer from this world. Action, change, fun and mentality are now the leaders of the game that is called sport.