(by Arnaud van der Veere, Netherlands)

Women are realy different from men. This does not refer to only the physical part. A woman thinks, moves, needs wishes and has totally different desires than men. Former is commen knowledge and completely accepted. But when entering a training room why do women has to accept training rules set for men ? In fitness and specialy in the Martial Arts trainers are not well prepared for women !

To promote a better understanding and training for women I wrote a serie of articles on this topic. I write this series of articles from the viewpoint of teaching trainers how to adapt to the women in a sportschool in general and be in close contact with them in specific situations. At the same time the articles are also a way to make any women who visits a gym aware of the differences between men and women and no longer need to accept an equal treatment. The articles are written to create understanding and a growing toward a new situation of respect, creativity and a new way of target directed training.

When a women wish to train, the first thing that will come to her mind is how to dress in a proper way for that activity. Some women wish to attrack no attention while others just want to get into the focus. Mn in general want to train, they do not care much what they wear. The task of the sportschool is to advise a newcomer what kind of clothing is the best. Some gyms have followed this advise by posting a nice picture of a woman on the activity program message board.

Women wish to look good even when excersicing. When training in a short trouser (for instance in Muay Thai) the women do not like to do streching exercises with wide open legs, specially not in mixed classes. An other exercise is jumping in the air and come down. The breast of the women will bounce up and down. This is not only an unconfortable feeling but the ones with the bigger sizes will also feel embarresed. A last example is sit down, when the woman moves down the trouser also will go down on her behind. When this happens and the behind is exposed a continuation of the exercise is hardly possible. The women prevers to stop and will do anything to get that done.

In fact there are so many different movements that, with the wrong clothing, create unconfortable feeling. When a woman does feel unconfortable she will quit the lessons. This drop outs are a big loss for the gym and the person itself.

Besides the right kind of clothing, colors are important. Women do not like dark or grey colors. During sport they like bright and fit with there body colors. But this also depends on the activity. For instance when the school dress has spcific colors that make them look stronger and better shaped they surely are willing to wear it.

Women also like to do individual training in groups. No this is not a contradition. A woman needs a MOTIVATOR. A person in front of the class who shows what to do and stimulate the group to do the same on there own physical level. When a woman enters a group class at first they will study there fellow class mates and try to scale them in levels. After this classification the woman will look for the right place in the class of which she thinks her class will do right. Man on the otherhand often do not care where they stand and tend to go upfront instead of choosing a level oriented place.

The person infront of the class must be a good motivator and visuable clear person. When classes have many women it is the best that the instructor is also a woman. The fact that the trainer is female is stimulating to most, cause it creates a feeling of “ what you can do, I can do it too”. A sportschool needs this motivation to keep members.Female trainers create an indentification process.