Thin, thinner, Thinnest,

A_triste_e_falsa_beleza_da_anorexia.jpg (14) Days are passing by and all is food in your mind. Control food is controlling weight and controlling weight is controlling your appearance. Not a single minute your body is out of your mind. Every mirror is watched most of the time secretly because you do not want anybody to know that all has become an obsession to you. Your body has become you in a grotesque way.

But do people really see your body ? First of all it is covered in rags, cause you can hardly call the lose fitting textiles proper clothing, do we ? More of all people see an insecure personality, a hiding person who is not willing at the moment to share with the world. It is a negative appearance.

Here we get a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you are young you want to be beautiful. You want to show the world that you have developed a personality and want to take part of the society. But your current you has fallen for the influence of media and often the influence of friends or others you even do not know. It has become a kind of magic spell and you are no longer able to control it.

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Beauty is not only on the outside. Yes it is true that the biggest part of beauty is on the inside. No it is not hidden in a secret corner of your body waiting to get out. The secret of beauty is in the language you let your body speak out to the world. Each move, each gesture you make has a meaning. There are no words other people need to hear to understand what is going on with you, who you are and most of all how you look.

I challenge you to sit down on a terrace somewhere in the city to watch the people passing by. Just sit without any comment and look carefully how
When you feel insecure about your weight and physical appearance it will show clearly in your body language. Your body will shout to the world that you are not feeling well and you want to find yourself, your own personal beauty. Without words you are alarming the world that you have a problem with yourself and that alarm is ringing all the time where ever you


go and whenever you show yourself. the people move. Can you read the signs of their body, can you understand the expression ion their faces ? In the beginning you are not able to do so but when you train yourself to be patient and take your time in observation, surprisingly you start to understand the body language.  The body language makes a person good looking or not.

Let me go to the development of the alarming body language. Each body has genes. When you ar

e born these genes are programmed to follow a set or growing and physical / mental development rules. To process these well the body need proper food and nutrition. For many women there is an internal world which is considered less important than an outside world which is considered more important. Your genes need the proper nutrition to develop a healthy body and mind. When the body does not get the right nutrition it will set up a set of alarm bells inside the genes.

A simple explanation of genes is here  at its place. A gene must be seen as a kind of program that orders your body what and how to do things. Each gene has its own function. Like a computer it has an on and off button. Some genes can never be turned off but most can change overtime. Our mind is able to control the working of this genes but this is often done in the subconscious. Most people are not able to access the regulation sector of genes directly. Under eating causes many genes to be set in a turn off mode.  The reason is that for most activities the body needs energy. When the body does not get enough nutrients, the body must protect itself from using to much energy and will switch into a warlike metabolism. All functions will be limited, in cluded the brain functions cause they also take a lot of energy.

When a person tends to extreme less digestion of food, the brain is often no longer able to produce the right chemicals to think straight. For woman there comes a moment that the body will get into a complete destruction mode and it starts breaking down vital tissue while still alive. With other words extreme food control leads to death. The person suffering from these extreme control is not even able anymore to understand what she or he is doing will lead to destruction and death as the brain has already accepted the faith of death and has prepared the body to go that way. In fact that person is a living Zombie as written down in many stories. Now you also know the origin of these monstrous creatures of the night.  Why the night ?  person suffering from extreme food disorders cannot face the light anymore as it will hurt the eyes and the sun punctures the skin and is painful.

In dense societies like crowded cities and overpopulated area’s, food disorders tend to occur more and more. One of the reason is that nature build in us a protection of overpopulation to keep the specie alive. Human suppose to have a minimum on living space but in the current society we are no longer able to get that needed space. Nature is somehow to blame for the increasing number of people with a food disorder because it does not take in account that our nurtured live is no longer is place with nature.

From the biochemical world we move to the society and its expectations. Woman suppose to have a good body. But a good body is different from a thin body. A good female body need to have some fat on it. For men that is sexually more attractive. Why ? A body with at least some fat will be able to be pregnant and deliver healthy children. A body with nearly no fat or thin will be troublesome to deliver children and will cause men a lot of trouble. From a family planning point of view a thin body is not attractive for men as wife. A thin woman suppose not to have enough energy to take care of the kids or housekeeping or be able to deliver other work. The men will think twice of having such women for more than just temporary pleasure.

In my line of work as personal coach I advise to watch food as an ally and not an enemy. Food can be your good supporter and helper to develop a health, lasting and happy lifestyle in which your love life can be exiting and the family experience happy. Food is like any other product  we can consume a toxigen or a healthbooster, all it depends on how and when we use it. If you feel you cannot control your life and food please contact………