QUOTES by Arnaud

The danger of life is not your enemy but your wife.


Being rich is only possible when you know poverty well.


Strength comes from knowing your weakness well


Progress follows on never lasting determination to reach something


Some more sayings of Arnaud van der Veere :

When in anger count to ten, if that does not help use Zen


Fight with your heart, not your body


Use your feelings to be real, make your heart into steel.


If there is a God, why the hell did he create earth ?


A lie is mostly no insult but the result


A man is only a man when he continues to try what he can


A woman’s love is a man’s curse


Protection is only needed from yourself, you endanger the world toward yourself


Heaven seems a safe place to go, but do you want to be there ?


Daily matters bring sorrow and pain, but on the long run you also make some gain.


When time did pass you always look back but never regret cause nothing can be changed.


Life is like a cycling tour going up and down the hills.


Fighting for justice can only be done when you know the right and wrong of the situation


If something is considered wrong did you ever see what is right in the eyes of others ?





Sayings by Arnaud van der Veere