Burn Out


Burn Out is a serious problem for many people. First of all I wish to explain what it exactly is.

The name Burn Out suggest a total finish of fuel, a moment that the fire stops.

When a person suffers from a Burn Out he , or she, can do nothing anymore.

The body cannot be moved much, there is no energy for anything, a sufferer wants to sleep the whole day but when waking up feels even more tired. Every day is a struggle for survival. Each new day feels as a burden to the soul, a torch of dark fire in the mind and a mind that cannot think of anything anymore.

Burn Out is the total collapse of a person’s mental and physical energy.

Having a Burn Out can take weeks, months but more often years and for many it ends in a suicide.

We consider Burn Out a managers disease and it is hard to cure when treated with the traditional medical ways. To treat a burn out is to learn a complete new lifestyle, a change that takes time and must be guided by specialist in that field. In the world there are currently only very few specialist, Arnaud van der Veere is one of them.

A Burn Out (BO) is a mental problem that slowly starts and over time will control the body completely.

It start with little signs of the body. At first the body gives different signs that a persons need to slow down, the body sends information that it needs time to rest and be taken care of.

At the beginning of the Burn Out process we see a slow building up of the problem in following pace ;

–          Skin rashes or other irritations with an unknown source

–          Pain in muscles and joints without any relation to exercises

–          Problems to focus and concentrate

–          Feeling tired

–          Sleeping and sexual activity problems

–          Eating disorders

When these problems start to show in combination with each other we can consider it as a build up to the more or less permanent Burn Out. The person who suffers from a Burn Out can consider her life ended and her professional career finished.  This is a terrible but al to realistic thought. When this occurs to the person it can lead to a chronic state of depression and more serious events like suicide. You understand that we need to treat Burn Out as a very serious problem and not taken lightly.

Can we treat a Burn Out ?

During my thirty years of working with addiction and other mental problems we discovered a number of ways to treat the persons who suffers of a BO. It is important for every person who wants to have a professional career to know the signs of a beginning burn out.  People who know they have the first signs of BO start to look for treatments as her medical doctor is not able to find the source and starts giving drugs. When the drugs do not work the sufferer start to look for her own ways. These ways are often in the direction of special medicines, alcohol or drugs. Woman will go to meditation and yoga classes to learn to relax. “Self help” is considered a real managers need to survive. But this kind of “self help” ends often in a worsening of the disease.

Healing a Burn out is a combination of treatment and education. At first we explain the manager a new lifestyle and help to strengthen the positive personal powers which are already available. The medical world treat them as patient, more often medical problems, but they are not ! A manager suffering from a Burn Out does not have a medical problem. They have a lifestyle problem.

Our treatment focus on the strength and weakness of the person. We use methods from Asia and the West combined to create a balance. The treatment is to enhance a person’s qualities and improve performance. When a manager finish our treatment she is a stronger and more balanced person, a better manager than ever before. Most off all he will feel a new life power that will last the rest of his life.

The steps of treatment  are simple and effective ;

–          Communication via the CMF modeling. It is very important the person explains its daily life and routine behaviors. Every step of the day can lead to important facts which can tricker the start of a Burn Out. The home situation with family and friends, with lovers or external relationships, intimacy, work and career and all that matters to life will pass the communication lines. A picture of lifestyle occurs and we get to know each other better.

–          The treatment starts in a total strange place. This place is never a medical place as we consider the person as not sick but temporary out of order. We use the power of nature, the possibility to breath well and use space as a way to enlarge the human mind. In a narrow place with artificial light it is very hard to recover.

–          With this map in hands the treatment get a number of focus points in specific order such as

o   Environment analyses. We map the environment where the customer works and lives. During this process we make suggestions of change and improvements.

o   A health = wealth plan. We map the persons health by interview, tests and performance. From this we draw a new lifestyle plan that can be implemented in steps such as a

§  Physical activity plan

§  Food and drink planning

§  Relax and entertainment planning

o   A new approach to management. We introduce a new vision on how to manage a company in relation to a personal life and that of investors or superiors. The vision of training is based on the fast changing methods of international business management and adjust to the personality of the manager.

o   A personal plan to happiness. This plan is designed with the manger to set up a series of goals in the future and a route toward them.

–          After we finish the initial treatment procedure we focus on the re-emerging of the manager in society. As a team we work toward a re-energizing of the managers capacities and life fulfillment. The ways we use are completely new and every manager has shown to be extremely happy with this re-energizing period.

–             Test period. For most managers this period is about one week to a maximum of a month. After this the manager and  our expertise center comes together for evaluation of the period and analyses the planning to reality of the person , adjust where and if necessary and get the manager back to the working place again.

Our treatment is personal intensive and active. Even the treatment is very personal it always takes place with more than one person each time. We have chosen for group procedures as we have learnt from many past experiences that people need to have others around who carry the same faith. In a personal dialogue we  explain the reasons of other method.

Burn Out is already a hard to combat problem and if we let it continue it will destroy at least between 15 – 25% of the current managers and decrease the power of organizations as the managers suffering from this fatal Burn out are highly qualified, extremely engaged and hardworking personalities needed by every company.

In our latest study of the Asian market we found that more female than male managers suffering from decreasing energy and Burn Out. Woman in China work under greater stress than men. Most women have to compete on the working floor with men and their large network. Most women has only a social oriented network while men focus on a functional practical one. Men focus on the use of a person and a woman on the personality. Women are also living under the constant pressure of society to get married and bare children to show they are real woman. Most woman who are married and have a career are expected to fulfill all home duties as other woman. Being a Chinese woman with a career is living under high pressure and if this gets to you the possibility of collapse , burn out or depression are very likely.

My DIY tips to prevent yourself from going down the ladder and suffer from above mentioned problems ;

–          Take one day a week off for personal affairs, it does not matter which day and also not really needed to be a specific day but you need to plan this day at least one week in advance

–          Be a woman ! Career woman have the tendency to copy men behavior , that is ridiculous and dangerous.  Being a woman does not mean you need to be in front of the mirror all day or go for shopping. A real woman loves to care of her body, find the moments of peace in music of words, take time to love and be loved, get a massage or beauty care.

–          Take time for a relationship. Most woman cannot find a man / woman relationship that fits all their demands. Most likely the woman is able to find a person that comes at least close enough to be trusted and to share intimate time with (not meaning sex !)

–          Plan but do not over plan. An agenda is a tool and you can lose it. Do not plan your life on the minute. Stress often occurs when you start counting and expecting. Expectation on events , payments, contracts and more are the source of suffering. Sometimes you have to accept things go another way than you have planned, relax and let it go. Search new goals.

A woman is a wonderful creature, a magnificent piece of art . You have to see the value of being a woman to understand the reasons of life are to be yourself in all honor and being. Look in the mirror and breath deep, let it out and say clearly I am a woman and I am proud of that !

Arnaud van der Veere

Wang Zheng