Doctor, passion or job ?

To most it is a profession. A general respected position in life. Being a doctor is something that will guarantee you a rather high living standard, the respect of your family and most of all a clear high position in society. The profession did earn this place in our society with the hundreds of years we are depended on the medical world. Thanks to them we have enhanced our lifespan and quality of life. We do need to give them credit for that. So before you continue to read remember to keep in the back of your head that I respect and honor the profession knowing that out there in the wild of life, we still can find real good passionate doctors who are a credit to the profession.

Recently, in my vision finally, the words is on the street. There are many doctors who are not worth the title given after reaching the final year of University. Many, yes and currently the suggestion is that it reaches levels of nearly 80%, doctors are not morally qualified for the job. These persons went to University to become a professional doctor with a guaranteed income, a status and a function for life. Very few doctors are unemployed.

But what is wrong with the medical world ?

Passion is missing, the real determination for the job, the driven doctor who is willing to give his time to the patient. It is replaced by the calculating, time depended and minute to minute planning personality who must combine his work with a social status to create a “face”. This face is more important than the actual performance. A doctor feels secure as they know that they are protected above the law. Yes a doctor stands above the law, they only can be punished by their own people. The real problem in the medical world is the fact that a doctor judges a doctor and this is one of the very few professions where this strange practice is happening. A very injustice and hard to cope with principle of power.  Due to this practice the medical world is unclear and doctors can make big mistakes and get covered by others for the sake of the name of the profession, not because those other doctors agree.

In more than one hospital around the globe doctors are constantly covering up for malfunctioning college. The tension created on the working floor due to this practice is disturbing the functioning of whole departments. Some hospitals have become so dangerous that to survive a hospitalizing starts to be a miracle.

Being critical is easy but solving the problem is a big target. One of the first goals we should have is to bring the doctor back into the real world. In some countries the doctor only can become a GP when he or she takes at least one year of “volunteer” service to help the most needed in society, this will teach them a more humble approach of life and cooperation. A first suggestion ?

(more to follow)