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The goals of the Law of Life movement


The foundation of the Law of Life movement has the following goals:


  • Organize meetings to inform people about the Law of Life
  • Assist and support personal development
  • Set up specialized target groups for development and progress
  • Create meeting places
  • Start specialized open communities


The Law of Life movement is membership oriented. Our meetings are open for everybody. And to connect and participate with all activities and to share in the knowledge of the core groups we require a membership by approval.


Members are supposed to be free minds and spirits with the goal to research their personal life and benefits and share these with other members. The final goal for members is to set up open communities where we combine science and philosophy, commerce and treatment, health and wellness, hospitality and continuity.


In our communities we develop philosophy, intercultural psychology, social developments, solutions for energy in an environmentally-friendly way, production of food in small and large scales, development of food alternatives, development and production of natural medical pharmaceuticals and treatments, recycling of all products to achieve a point zero waste solution, water treatment solutions to develop a sustainable clean water supply, clean transportation methods, ways to use space such as for housing, family and relationship planning and developing. These are the programs we target as our major interests for the future.


The Law of Life movement is founded and led by Arnaud van der Veere who considers a constant self-improvement and development as one goal in life we all need with respect to others. His vision is to develop groups of people around the world who share his visions and to make it a strong movement to energize others. He invites you to join and become a member of an ever-growing movement.


Welcome to be a member of the Law of Life Movement!




The movement


We are a movement in development. Unlike religions, which are fixed by books since hundreds or thousands of years and knows no progression, we should continue to develop and change with time. Our development goes with the input of our members.

Religion seldom knows progress, change of development. These are stopped by the leaders who wish to continue in ancient traditions that are safe and appealing to the public and guarantee them position and power. Abuse of power and position becomes clearer than ever but still people stick to the beliefs. We, the Law of Life movement, believe in change as many wise men mentioned; the only constant factor in life is change.


Each member is supposed to contribute to the movement by her/his involvement and actions toward others. To improve our lives we need to increase knowledge and all other factors as mentioned in this book. We need your participation on every level, to do so we have developed many different directions and levels and with our projects we wish to reach the highest form of cooperation, the community. The target of our movement is to establish different science based communities around the world where our philosophy is practiced and progressed.


To change life for the better demands dedication to change and consideration to keep the good of the past. It is a natural selection. We need to develop our knowledge in the many areas I mention in this book and your help and knowledge is needed on every level. Unlike many religion leaders, I would like to say, what my hands have started you will develop and spread. The movement starts with you and the future of the world is in your hands.


Individual or group?


Spiritual development is an individual perception where we all must search for personal growth and for maximizing our capacities. We are not able to share our mind with anybody. From the first till the last breath of life we need other people to be a part of our life.


Some people retreat themselves to a state of hermitic life. They escape from the world by searching for the inner self on places hidden from other mankind. To them the confrontation with real life is often too confusing, too hard. Most hermits seem to be rather autistic in nature because they are able to live a life under harsh circumstances.  Every person has had or will have times when he/she wanted to be alone. There is a need to get your mind focused and clear and being alone will help to reach that target. The time we need to be alone varies from person to person.


Buddha went to the jungle to study the life of the hermit and decided that it was not a life that could lead to enlightenment. The reason he did so was a simple one. During his time many “wise” men went out of society to become hermit to earn respect and devotion. When returned, they pretended to have reached the use of special powers. In a not-educated period of time it was easy to fool people with spiritual matters of which they had no knowledge of.  After years of suffering and torturing himself, Buddha decided that he should not have physically suffered from life as the mental suffering was already enough. He went back to the living world and sat down under the Bodhi tree. From that time on he could meet people, discuss life and living and could teach. Being alone does not help you to develop the right mindset for your personal growth. One of the positive lessons of the Buddha is that being alone can help but is not the solution.


To reach personal development we need others around us, like-minded and opposing people. Persons people who are going the same way and who challenge us. In this game of powers we are able to exchange powers (information) to improve our wellbeing and emotional values, and to reach personal growth.


The Law of Life movement is created to share knowledge, develop personal growth, and work for the benefit of mankind. Our movement combines the use of science, the knowledge of the Universe, emotional and spiritual development, and loyalty to the group to improve life in general and your personal gains in special.


Becoming a member of our movement is easy. Write to our headquarters in the Netherlands by email, mail, or other ways that you want to participate. If you want to set up a local group and need our help just inform us and we will support you in your efforts. If you want to join and participate, which we would like the best, tell us and we get back to you. The Law of Life movement is international and intercultural; we know neither borders nor limitations. Every person is welcome. Membership is free of charge but to participate in activities there is an investment. You are also welcome to donate money to our foundation and participate in the growth of our organization.


There must be a beginning and an end.


That is what we demand, that is what we expect. We are human and our life has a start at birth and an end at death. We need to be sure all that we can grasp has a  we are right. But we are not. Life Energy has always been there and knows neither beginning nor an end. It is here and has always been around.


I call this energy LIFE as it is the source. Life is more than the energy as we know it. Energy as we know it is a current difference of positive and negative energy flowing into a certain direction. But LIFE energy is different. The energy of life contains more than just electrical power. There is not only a negative or positive but every tension and variation in between.


LIFE energy is transferring the source energy of what we know as life itself. The life energy contains the source of all energy in the Universal powers. Each of these powers is far greater than we are. Some people call this source of power God. In my vision that is far too limited for the power so great we are not able to comprehend or describe.  When we give it a God definition we localize this energy on a place inside one entity. Some call this a heaven and others have other names for it, but all use simple arguments of a fixed place. But Life Energy has no body, no entity and is all around us covering the entire Universe.


The founding of religions was a need of time. It was correct that religions created stories to make people understand the magnificent power of a God power as we are confronted with it in the everyday situation. Religions made the not to understand greatness of powers into a concept that was needed to make people feel more secure. The God powers were made into understandable concepts with people who were in direct contact with the Gods to decrease the distance between our being on earth and the greatness of powers we could not understand. We needed religions to explain life and our being on earth in an understandable way. Imagination was limited and we needed clear visions.


But the real powers are beyond imagination. We have passed thousands of years of the moments most religions started. Our species have evolved and we have worked hard to understand more of what is going on around us. It is time to realize that all religions need an update to what we experience now. To do this I will introduce you to the “secrets” of life as we know it now.


Your first realization must be that life knows no beginning and no end. In contrary of what has been taught, our life does not start at conception. Life is transferred from two individuals by conception. The transfer takes place at the moment the sperm cell enters the egg cell and the uniting of two living cells in the womb of the woman. The moment of conception is the start of a new individual that carries on the life of the others and not the start of life as suggested. By controlling the moment of conception we are able to give life a certain twist and connect directly with our future offspring. You are the person who transfers life and by doing so you have some control which can be used if known how.


Life energy can be seen as a bundle of different frequencies of energy; a bundle that varies in size, different frequencies, strength and length of the waves for each individual. It is a well-known fact that Universal powers interact with these all the time. Different ancient sciences, philosophers, spiritual leaders, and prophets have studied and recorded the effects of the Universal powers on Life. The moment life energy gets attached to a source, the new created individual conception will start to change and multiply itself with the same speed as dividing cells do. The frequency of each cell is different and not every cell is able to communicate with the others. Not a single cell is alike. In some cases conflicting frequency occurs which causes malfunction or even death of cells. This can lead to disease and possible death of the total organism. Disease or disability is the best-known disturbance of energy frequency. We find a proof of the existence of life energy through the study of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine that proves the existence of life energy by its treatments and theory.


In both ancient science, equally the Ayurveda from India with an around 10.000 year history and the Traditional Chinese Medicine with an around 4000-year-old history, the foundation of the treatment is the flow of “magical” energy through the body. This flow of energy cannot be proven by the current limitations of science. The instruments we have created are not yet able to measure the strength of energy of life itself. The fact of existence of this energy has been proven by healing and experiments. Millions of people have been treated and are treated for malfunction of this cosmic life energy in a variety of ways. The use of treatment may vary among the different life science methods but the origin and understanding is there to get results. The Western approach of partial treatment of elements of the body lost the connection of the holistic approach of the human body. With the Universal vision in mind we can state that the parts of the whole do not have the power of the whole, so when we treat parts we have to do so in the light of the whole (body), otherwise any treatment will lose its returns on the long term.


Life energy comes in bundles of many different frequencies and wavelengths. Each Life bundle carries different changing levels of power and frequency that interact with the environment constantly.  The best way to imagine the way it works is to compare with a rainbow. The variations of light in a rainbow can be compared with the different levels of energy in the bundle of life energy crossing the universe and occupy every cell in our body. Each color has a different frequency, strength and function. Inside each color there are many shades of this color with each again has different functions and actions. The levels of energy interact in function, strength, frequency, and other ways.


These interactions can lead to disturbances in a cell, sometime to serious disruptions. When these problems occur, it is important to get them in control. These disturbances and disruptions can be treated to restore a flow within the life energy. Treatment, test, control, and restored balances and are needed for every living being. Your life depends on them.


We want to control our own life energy and get a positive life result. Life energy has direct effects on our mental and physical health. Channeling the different frequency of energy takes effort, training, and proper guiding. The way to do it is handed down to us by generations of masters. Life Energy is influenced by our environment and interacts with it constantly. To control and influence we must pay attention to the ways we influence our conditions of interactions. The way you relate to your environment can deliver more positive or negative energy actions.  Control is taught by the masters of the Law of Life movement.


Life Energy does not have a constant balance. A full balance exists when all positive and negative factors are cancelled out. This is hardly possible to reach but we can strive to come close to the nearest situation of balance and understand what life energy is.  Teaching and training make it possible to feel life energy flowing through your body and get control over it. For a very few masters it is possible to connect the personal life energy with the universal or cosmic life energy and become part of that.


Becoming a part of the Universal Life Energy source allows you to be a part of the cosmic energy. With the teachings we offer, it is possible and likely you will accomplish more in your life than you ever did before. The results are amazing for your personal life. You will no longer be alone, your mind is occupied by the powers of the Universe and you love without limitations of the human mind. No longer are you possessed by the negative forces of nature and your body should reach the balance needed to cancel out negative acting energies.


To control Life energy and be a part of the Law of Life give you the freedom needed for growth, exploration of the unknown powers, good health and a never-exhausting spiritual lifestyle. To share with likeminded people, be a part of the movement and let it grow like a tree. Steady and strong.  We give you the opportunity to grow as a human being into a master; a master who controls destiny, time, and life itself. The one who is able to create and end life when feels like it because when you tap into the sources of Life Energy and understand the Law of Life you are aware that Life knows no beginning and no end. You will be able to control the destiny of your Life energy. Life is no longer restricted but offers you the ability of being unlimited.


I would like to end this chapter with a sample of chemistry we know. When you study chemistry it soon is clear that all matter is built from atoms and molecules. An atom is the smallest part known that contains the qualities of an element. We know a certain list of elements we have recorded. Each element hast specific values, functions, and chemical effects. The molecule is a combination of atoms and by melting together it got new functions and abilities.


We discovered that the atom is built from smaller parts, the neutrons, protons and electrons. But even these unseen parts are built of smaller parts and this continues in a way unknown to us.


When we look up to the Universe we see the same construction as our atoms and molecules returning in the way planets move around the sun and become a solar system. Our solar system is part of Milky Way, which is a Galaxy. The different galaxies are turning around each other and this again turns around and even larger system. It is a never ending movement that grows larger and wider beyond our understanding.


From this we can conclude that the things we see up in space and down in the chemical compound are alike in function and construction. Both are never ending in built up and size. At the end both are again connected where size no longer has a function and energy takes over. This again proves there is no beginning and no end.


How life energy displays itself to you?


In our daily life energy occurs visibly and invisibly. One way it shows it is by static electric discharging. When we wear certain fabric, our body becomes charged with electric overload and by touching other objects we see and feel the light sensation of electricity going from our body into another object. Static energy is seen as one of the lower forms of energy, it has some practical use but in general it is only a passing form of energy.  The fact that our body can absorb energy like a battery is important. When we are able to charge our body unconsciously with this kind of energy, imagine what you can do with many other forms of higher energy.


Another form of energy that we cannot see but feel is the magnetic energy between two persons. When we come closer to a person and are able to look into the eyes, there is a connection or opposition; in most cases the eye contact does not reveal the difference in energy between two persons right away. The eye contact is made for the fast mind-to-mind interaction that displays the energy level of two persons instantly. A light touch, such as shaking hands, transfers energy between the bodies. Touching can be considered a discharge of negative energy or a grounding of energy for both parties.


If two persons have equal charging or opposing energy levels that are able to connect to each other, the connection goes to a deeper level. Suddenly the persons feel attracted to each other without any intellectual explanation. The levels of energy seem to have a need to connect, a need to interact with each other. This attraction is not always of a sexual kind but it is likely that the sexual energy turns on at such moments of interaction. When a mental connection is made, the physical connection is likely to follow, but not a necessity.


An individual display of energy is called aura. The aura is not visible by the naked eye but can be photographed (Kirlian) and has been displayed in arts of all kind. Most interesting fact of the aura is that in every religion the gods, saints, and holy people are surrounded by the energy of the aura. This is not only a proof of its existence but also a proof that the aura energy is recognized by every believer of every religion throughout the ages. The aura is a display of life energy; it shows the importance of life energy, which is the only source in nature that is able to cross the borders of the human mind and limitations of religions.


The display of Life energy can be found as far back as the beginning of mankind. If we study the ancient cultures of the Maya, Inca, Egypt, Persia, Vikings, Stone Island and all Asian civilizations from the beginning of time, we find the expressions of the aura, the display of life energy as the source of life itself.


Your relationship with the Universal Power


Life energy belongs to the greater universal powers. This implies that you are a part of a much larger being. This is the collective energy of the Universe and connected with the source of life, death, and continuity. It is the source that never begins and never ends, the foundation of knowledge and the spiritual center of all. Each cell in our body is energized with this life energy and belongs to the Universal powers.


The power is not just the energy that you feel every day, it is the power of your thinking, your mental awareness, your emotions, feelings and it supports your six senses and helps you to be who you really are. The importance of it is almighty and cannot be described by the use of words. In this book I bring you the knowledge of the source of life energy and how you can be trained to get the benefits of it.


Life is an evolutionary process that starts at birth and goes through different phases. Each phase has unique virtues that deliver the knowledge and emotional development that we need. The moment we become aware of the powers in our life, we are able to take control of our life and love, and become a stronger individual.


Most people think that they are born alone and need the help of others, the help of spirits that surround us. We are the carriers of the highest power, the strongest and most divine power in the Universe as we are a part of it. We are not alone, we never are. But we need to know where the power inside us is and how we can connect to it. Life is more than just living, eating, multiplying, and dying. We have a task to fulfill, a very important individual goal which is different for every individual. This goal is not just there to see for every person. To find that purpose of life we should dig deep and go through the core of our being, the temple of our energy, the spirit of life inside us. Our life is meaningful, powerful, and worth living, when we are able to understand and control the spirit inside us.


To manage your personal powers takes energy to create more energy. The more energy you enter the more you get in return. The powers of Life are like a nuclear fusion reactor.  Like with a nuclear reactor, we have to take time to build and operate it. The knowledge does not come overnight. To operate an energy source like the sun needs care and structure. You need to have the knowledge of what is right and wrong, what your limitations are, and how to cross borders. You need to know how all is related to one another and what your personal role is in the mixture of spiritual and physical life on earth.


This mixture of spiritual and physical experiences creates a unique soul pattern for every person, even as unique as the DNA that presents your uniqueness in a chemical way. The mixture makes you the person you are and it is not always possible to understand yourself. It is a fact that we get to know more of ourselves during the interaction with others. These interactions must be orchestrated to create the most benefit for all participants. To interact we need a safe environment with people we can trust and rely on. Our movement promotes and offers opportunities to create safe groups for personal development by interactions.


Reason of life


We are all looking for the “reason why we are living”, a reason that is so profound that it must be equal to our feeling of being important for the world. The answer to this is very complicated but I would like to give it a try to explain on paper.


Our life is energy that is placed in our body. Our body and mind fill a space in the environment. We influence the environment just by being around. Our influence can be either great or small. Nevertheless it is always there. Without our presence, the environment would be different as our energy is interacting with it all the time. This is one reason of being alive.


Every individual plays a role in the environment. The size of the role depends on the person. Some people have great influence but others keep it small. In some way we are like the ants who are all important but also disposable. Our importance is not only in who we are but also what our function is in the “group”. We also have the very important task to pass on life or finish a lifeline.


Each individual is part of a life (line) chain. Most people have the unconscious task to continue it and others to end that lifeline. Single people with no kids are there for that reason; with them a lifeline must finish. That is an important task that we often do not understand or even want to be, but it happens for a reason. Lifelines are Universal and not bounded to earth alone.


One of our main reasons to develop the human race as a whole is that we are part of an ongoing development process which may lead to the superior, in comparison with the current situation, race. At this stage we are developing faster than we ever did before but we need more powers to support the process. That is why we set up the Law of Life movement.


Life is the constant interaction with other people and the environment. You are influencing them, and vice versa, all the time. An active life will leave more traces and effects than a passive lifestyle. Each individual can fill in the amount of influence he/she wishes to have by carrying out certain activities. The reason of life is the combination of activity and influence on the environment and other people. (I will explain this more during our meetings.)


The question of good and bad


In life there is no absolute good or absolute bad. We cannot have a black and white vision on both. When we need energy we turn it on and it flows, no matter the consequences. Electricity never demands isolated cables or a secure surrounding. To protect ourselves we need to use it for our own sake, not for the sake of the energy flow. To prevent bad things as accidents from happening, we should protect ourselves.


The question of good and bad and the result on our life is something that keeps us busy most of the time during our life. We have to make choices based on this all the time. Behind this constant balancing of good and bad is the knowledge of what has been taught to us from birth till the last day of our life. The judgment of good and bad is based on two principles that both have been developed by the human society. During the development from hunters to city dwellers we have created certain codes to live by.


The codes of morality and justice are the primary rules on which we base what is good or bad. Nature never gives us rules of what is good or bad, these rules are decided by society and implemented by rulers over their followers. In nature we always have opposing factors to make life keep moving, such as positive and negative, male and female. It is particularly interesting to see that in Chinese medicine the positive energy is considered warm and male, and the negative energy is considered cool and female.


In language we have created a positive feeling about positive things and a negative feeling about negative ones. This is equal to the discussion of good and bad. Male and female. The suggestion is that negative is bad and female. A wrong doer should be cold and negative which on itself has a relation with being female. If we look at most criminals, we are perfectly aware that those, in general, are male, more or less macho. Here we can clearly see that the use of language suggestions does not suit reality or morality.


To understand ourselves and the nature we should respect the positive and negative in an equal matter. In nature we find energy of the same polarity as a normal existence. Nature does not exclude same polarity energy from life and action. In this vision we can understand and explain that nature has created homosexuality for a reason. This reason will be explained to you more in our meetings. Opposing polarity is needed to create stronger and long-lasting energy. With other words the “conflict” between the genders is result-driven. This drive creates many situations that can be considered good or bad from the point of view of the sufferer or the inflictor.


In my studies I found the story about Karma – Samsara, the wheel of life – one of the most intriguing results of the interaction between the good and the bad. This philosophy explains that all actions provoke reactions. When an action is considered good or positive, it is expected to attract more positive matter later on. But when you do something wrong it is expected that you will experience bad things in the future. With other words positive (good) creates positive (good) actions and results, and negative (bad) will do accordingly. Hereby the Karma philosophy turns its back to the law of attracting the opposite. People have believed and trusted this philosophy since ages ago and it is not surprising that it has been “proven” right many times.


The reason why we can prove Karma to be right is based on the knowledge of the use of Karma by the believers. When a believer does something wrong, he/she knows that the reaction of the wrongdoing will be seen negative by society. Often punishment or other things will happen. Even when the punishment does not come the believer will seek for a way to compensate the wrongdoing in a try to come to a balance. This is not always possible as some deeds are larger than we can imagine at the moment we do the action and create an effect that will make compensation a near to impossible job.


Let me give an example; there was a man whose duty was to guard the dike. His duty was to alarm the citizens living behind the dike about the weather and the dangers of the water. He performed his task as always until one day, during a heavy storm his mind was occupied with personal matters. At a certain moment he decided to work on the personal matters, instead of inspecting the dike. At that moment the dike broke and water started to get through. If the man had spotted the breakthrough in time, he could have warned the people in time and they all would have been saved. But the man spent his time dealing with his personal affairs and forgot all about his duties. For his personal affairs he was doing good, he took care of them well. However, at the same time he lost his sense of duty and because of that many people got killed.


If we take the position of the man, we understand that he was thinking he did well by dealing with his personal problems. Probably he solved them and Karma should reward him with a positive feedback. But he did not carry out his duties. From a Karma point of view, he got a load of bad Karma that was impossible to repay later on. He killed people by negligence, by failure.


He did well by solving his personal problems and he did bad by neglecting his responsibility. In the first case he made the life of close people better and ended that of others. His decision must be balanced according to the rules of Karma and judged. The question is who will judge it?  The law of Karma does not judge. It reflects the Law of energy as we mention. When you bring in a lot of positive energy you may expect negative energy to come in for compensation. Having too many equal powers often ends in a flash and a short peak of exploding / imploding energy.


The Law of Life follow the Law of nature in relation to good and bad. Every action provokes a re-action. This is a fundament of balance. Negative actions create positive re-actions and positive actions have negative re-actions. For our peace-oriented consciousness, we prefer the option positive actions will be rewarded by other positive actions and negative actions by negative re-actions. We want to get better from our actions. Society deals with good and bad by rules and regulations that are made to protect society and leaders. Most of all leaders of any society will use a good and bad approach to control the masses and rule their people. Most Law are made to control and not to distinguish good and bad.


On a personal conscious and sub-conscious level we deal with good and bad in a different way than we deal with the same rules of society. Good and bad are both personal perceptions that have a specific, individual meaning. This meaning cannot be communicated with the outer world even if we want so. These are our hidden private values. Most of these are not clear and have no outlines. The concept of good and bad has no shape, borders, or limitations in the individual mind. We do not have a clear concept of what exactly good or bad is. We only know that it is situation-depended.


It is not easy to deal with the concept of good and bad alone. Many people get mixed up and are emotionally disturbed by it. The search for a clear vision leads people toward beliefs, religions, superstitions, and all other ways. It is a spiritual journey that needs strong guidance. The Law of Life movement is focused on the causes of good and bad. Together we analyze situations and guide our members through the mazes of the mind to find the solution of problems in the past into solutions for the future. We help you to bring good and bad together in future and hope.




Good and bad are directly related to the intention of the action. When an action is taken without the intention to harm, it is, in its nature, a good action. Every person knows when an action is taken, the real intention behind the action. I do not refer to the intention you think consciously but the intention behind it from a sub-conscious level.


The intention of the deed creates a certain level of energy that will provoke the re-action. If the intention of the deed is positive, it will provoke re-action. But when the intention of the deed is unclear and maybe a hidden negative vision, the re-action could be of an unexpected nature.


Let me explain this. When a man makes love to a woman he can have two intentions, lust and love. When his intention is pure lust, he will not be happy when the woman is pregnant and his intentions will become clear the moment the woman announces her pregnancy. His actions will speak clearly when he demands abortion or denies responsibility. Even this man announces that he wishes to stay with the woman his true intention is clearly not to have a family with her. His deeds (the sex) were his true intention; the result (a child) will become the victim of his deeds. But the man will also suffer from the child because of his lack of love and passion for the woman will reflect in the child and it will show when the child grows up.


On the other side, we have the woman who lures a man into a marriage by creating a pregnancy. When the man is responsible, he will take care of the child as his own. His intention will lead him to the acceptance of the child and often to a good relationship with the child, but the woman will feel distant to the child due to her own bad intentions. After all she took the child not with the intention of love but to get a visa or financial reasons. The child will know the intention from the moment of conception.


In every action we take, there is a certain intention to start the action. Most of the time we do not think about the effects of the action as they are repeated actions with no other intention than doing the “job”. But when we take a new action or an action we do not know the effects of it is important to consider the re-actions before taking the actions or let your intention be as pure as possible. When you clear your mind and vision from any bad intentions you can be sure the re-actions will bring no harm to others; and if it does, you need to see the reasons why it happens.


During our meetings we will move deeper into the intention of a deed, the reasons why we do the things we do and what we expect as the outcome. How can we influence the outcome of an event by setting the right intentions? How can we use our internal powers to influence the situation and maybe even the future? It is important to learn the way of thinking that connects your intentions with the results. You are able to take charge of your life when you are able to set the right intentions to the right goals.




Responsibility is one word with a thousand meanings. A word that is explained by many as a one-way stream of events, something loaded with emotions. But responsibility is a very personal matter concerning others. You as a person should feel certain responsibility toward others. A responsibility to yourself is considered discipline.


What is responsibility?

At first we have to separate the two major forms of responsibilities you face in life. The first form is a responsibility that is caused by your actions. Your actions have created the responsibility, for instance a pregnancy. The moment you have sex and the conception takes place, you have the responsibility to take care of that new life. You are the cause and you should carry the responsibility as long as needed under any circumstances.


The second one is the responsibility that is handed down by others to you. This kind of responsibility is not always given to you in good faith or with the right reasons. To accept this kind of responsibility needs careful consideration and often it needs time to be understood.


Responsibilities in life are major players for emotional peace and stability. To most people responsibilities are there to disturb the equipoise. They are there every day of your life and will occupy your mind most of the time.

They demand a lot of energy of the mind and body. During our life our choice of responsibilities bring opportunities as well as blockades on our road to the future.


I would like to state that the most important responsibilities are these who are caused by you yourself. How can we tell if a responsibility is created by us or given to us through others? This question is on the mind of most people and we need to focus on these as matters of the mind, something that could avoid wasting time. Bring your “problem” to one of your leaders, members of groups for open discussion. Together we analyze and make suggestions. We go over your problems step by step until we find a solution.


The first question we should ask ourselves is what is the cause of a responsibility, what is the moment it did enter our life. If it is a pregnancy, we may not be able to calculate the moment but we surely can remember the events and possibilities that it was caused. The causes are not always that clear. Sometimes responsibilities come in a string of events.


To explain this, I would like to add a story.

Bob was driving his car at the right speed when suddenly a person crossed the road. The first reaction of Bob was to hit the brakes and stop the car to limit the possible damage as much as possible. While hitting the breaks Bob realized that the road was slippery and the car started to spin. Because of his fast action the spinning car did not hit the road-crossing man but a parked car. Inside this car a mother and child were waiting for the husband to return. Bob’s car smashed into the parked car and killed the mother and child. The door of the car flipped open and did hit another person on the pavement, causing serious damage.


In the string of events Bob took a proper action with the right intention but finally caused death and damage of people who were not part of the start of the event. My question is, “Is Bob responsible for the string of events or is the initial person who suddenly crossed the road to be blamed?”


This affair seems to be complicated as serious damage is inflicted on innocent people and Bob should be held responsible for his deeds. The problem is that a responsible person like Bob will carry the event with him the rest of his life but is not responsible for it. Bob did not start the line of events but the man crossing the road did. We can tell Bob over and over that he is not responsible but he will always feel he is.


We also did see another thing happen. The door of the parked car flew open and injured another person badly. The question that pops up here is the responsibility of the person who left that door open. Can we hold that person accountable for the problem the door caused? There is nobody to be found, or it must be the victim, who will consider holding the owner of the car responsible for what happened in the event of things. In this case we do not consider that person responsible for anything at all.


When we review this event, the responsibility of every following action should be on the shoulders of the man crossing the street. However, it is not that person or any others will have to be responsible for the serious injury of the last person in the row of events.


From this story we can see that responsibility is a complicated matter and hard to get to the core of an event to put specific responsibility to a single person, no matter how hard we try.


It is my vision that personal responsibility in relation to events is the emotional attachment of a person to the events and his/her guilt feelings for what is happening. We can say that we have to analyze an event on a very personal way to understand our responsibility.


In this showcase we see that the number one of responsibility often flows over in the number two responsibility and we have to make a choice. There are only few cases we have a clear choice to what we consider direct responsibilities.


The question how we need to choose our responsibilities in life and how we can live with them is the most stringing and urgent question we have in life. To get answers to this question we need to focus on two important issues involving the way we are able to carry the matters of life. One of the major factors is our relationships with others and the communication with people we care about and wish to share with.


Most people need a community of friends and people they can trust to resolve the urgent questions of responsibilities, as they are hard or impossible to answer on your own. When we can share our thoughts, emotions about responsibilities, our life will be less of a burden. The Law of Life community meetings are based on the communication of responsibilities toward life and you yourself. Together we search for opportunities, connections, and relationships to support one another as members are supposed to do.


The everyday implications of Life energy


Religion is believing in something far greater than you of which you have no part or share in. In religion responsibility is laid in the hands of the supreme power. You are guided in life by the unseen. You must believe what is written and experience the faith that is told by its preachers. But it all is based on believe, often written in another language and translated again and again. It is important to understand that during the hundreds of years that the stories have been around they have passed through many hands. Each hand did change a bit on the original. This is impossible to avoid. Translations always change the original. It is for sure that nothing of what we read is the same as the original texts.

Another problem of religion is the fact that the founders of these religions never wrote something down by themselves. The writers were the disciples, followers or even listeners. Most of the time (like in Christianity and Islam) it took hundreds of years before the first real texts did occur. The transition of knowledge was made orally. It is common knowledge that the transfer of oral information changes the original information completely. This is easy to prove with a short test.


All texts were written in ancient time with the knowledge of that time. The stories are interesting and we can learn a lot from them. It is a matter of fact that most of these stories have no connection to our current time. Our way of life has changed, the environment is completely different, we have technology, our education system is evolved and the lifestyle of every person cannot be compared with those in the past. Everything changed, and so did the meaning of the stories. It is not possible to transfer most of the knowledge of that time into today’s practice.


Life energy is you. It is something of today, the current time and has a history as long as your life. It is here in every move you make and you are a part of it, no matter you want it or not. It is you in every way you like or not like it. Life energy rules your life in every aspect from morning to night and from birth till death. Life energy is not based on ancient stories but is the story itself. You are the carrier of the ongoing past and future, you are part and creator of the story of life. It is your existence that continues the story of Life.


With a religion sometimes you forget the Gods’ involvement in your life, you cannot feel, hear, see, or smell any part of them in the daily situation simply because you are not aware of in them every moment of your life. You do not need them at all time; they are there only for your convenience and not for the sake of your life. This is completely opposing the fact that Life energy is surrounding you, influencing you and taking part in everything you do, from breathing to eating, from activity to sleep, everything is influenced by your personal life energy.


Life energy does not ask for believe but demands participation, your companionship. Life energy must be trusted, it is reliable, controllable, changeable and most of all it is the only partner in your life you are depended on with your life. There is no closer, more intimate relation in your entire life than with your Life energy. It is the core of your existence, the root of growth, and the center of decline when getting older. Unlike religion, Life energy is something to deal with, to believe in with unlimited power and never to let it go.


Why do you want to relate with a God?

  • You need someone with greater powers to trust, who you can rely on
  • You wish somebody loves you unconditionally, accept you for who you are, completely
  • At times you want to turn to someone in sorrow and pain, someone who will listen to your inner difficulties, someone to share your most secret issues
  • When you did wrong, you wish forgiveness of your deeds, you seek salvation of your own grieving, your own sorrows, fear and regrets
  • You seek an organization who demands your discipline and regulates your life by ruling and forces you to do specific things in an everyday routine so you are not able to spend time for other things, they restrict your freedom of life and expression for a reason
  • Your religion gives you power over other people (for instance male/female power)



What is your connection with religion; can you enhance your personal identity with it?


  • Religion is something you follow because other people follow it. To most people, following a religion is by social pressure. Most believers go to a holy place to meet others, to share interest with likeminded people and feel safe. The protection of fellow believers give the individual the feeling of protection by a group, you belong to something
  • In every religion we find leaders and followers. A religion is organized and the larger the numbers of followers, the more leaders and institutes are available to accommodate them. As with every organization religious practice is expensive as the buildings need maintenance and the leaders need salaries. Followers do need to pay for the comfort of having a shelter to meet and to hear the preaching of the leaders, all this costs money. There is no religious organization that can drive itself without sufficient funding of contributions.
  • Religion is needed to explain our lack of knowledge. We feel a need to explain everything to make us understand our being here.  Religion explains everything with nothing and nothing with everything. It requests followers to believe in the explanation not in the facts.
  • Most religions do not pay interest in the most important thing of your life your health and wellbeing. Did you ever wonder why they are not interested in a person’s in good health?
  • Did you ever ask yourself why most religions are reluctant to help you to become intellectually developed?
  • Most religious movements do not have respect for others. When we believe and our religion does not pay clear attention to respect for others in the world what does it say about the organization? Be sure that the foundation of every true religion and its founders did have the intention to respect other life on earth but most organizations did lose this and did draw rules and regulations to deny others this normal way of respect.


Your relation with LIFE energy on the other hand is completely different from a relation with a God power. Instead of looking up to a power outside of your body and mind, you come to realize that the power of the Universe is collected inside your own body. You are a part of the almighty powers surrounding you and who are dealing with everything in the cosmos, seen and unseen.


Understanding your participation in Life


The process of living is something we learn by doing it. It is a given fact we have to find our own road in life as it continues. There is no other option than to live or to die, these are the only choices we really have. Choosing for one or the other has direct implications for the future.


Your participation in life starts with the choice of living. Maybe you want to live longer, better, more useful, adventurous, exciting, devoted, intellectual or just a healthy life with the prospects of happiness. Even you carry the source of life inside and consider yourself being able to develop it, guidance is needed to do it the right way. Guidance from experienced people, those who went through the development themselves and are able to give you a firsthand assistance.  If you want to lead a fruitful life and answer to the most important questions in your life, you need to find people to relate to, people who are willing and wanting to share life in its full intensity with you. Your share becomes a part of an organization of Life and will improve the life of many others. All make sense when you understand the basic rules of life and connect with them through what we do. The answers to why, what, when, where, who, and how will be answered along the road and happiness is a guarantee. Follow or lead, it is your choice and participation is your only realistic option.


The foundation of life


As mentioned before, religion is an institution that places responsibility, love, care, and knowledge in the hands of a superior being. We do not deny there is a superior force in the Universe that goes beyond our understanding and the main reason is that we are a part of it. We are like the cells in our body. Each cell has the knowledge of the whole but the capacity of just the cell alone, not more and not less. The cell will never be able to become the organism no matter how hard it wishes. We are the cells of life in the Universe and it is our duty to improve this life in any way we can. To understand and be able to do this I have set the rules of the Universe down for you to study, apply, discuss, and carry on. These are the rules I have set and you can follow them at ease, every day and all your life.


Our 5 Law of Life rules




Intellectual development




  • We respect life in its purest form and do not destroy it unnecessarily.
  • Respect the opinion of others like we respect our own.
  • Respect the ethnicity and culture of others as our own.
  • Respect young life and the elderly as we have been and will be them.



  • We improve and enhance communication with our environment.
  • We use communication to improve our life and the lives of others.



  • Emotions are a part of our life; we need to control them as far as we are able to.
  • We involve emotionally with others.
  • We try not to harm others.
  • When a person is emotionally hurt, help him/her without benefit or selfishness.


Intellectual development

  • We do everything to develop our intellectual capacities.
  • We respect the limitations of intellect in others.
  • We assist others to develop on an intellectual level.



  • The foundation of a happy life is a good health. We protect health.
  • We strive to improve health and regain it if needed.
  • We assist others to improve and regain good health.
  • We assist others who are not in good health.


Each of our 5 principles of proper living interacts with one another. In our lessons of life we see the interactions of the 5 principles at all time of the day or night. We cannot separate any of them. During our meetings, lectures or reading this book you discover the virtues of life in the interactions between the 5 principles.






  • We respect life in its purest form and do not destroy it unnecessarily.

Life is essential to all of us. To stop a life by unnecessary killing cannot be justified. We do not consider life as something only to belong to human. It is also the right of animals, plants, and other living species. If there is no reason to destroy this life or the reasons are based on a selfish act, we have to stop it. To respect life in its true context is to protect all life from being wasted.


  • Respect the opinion of others like we respect our own.

The world has billions of people, each person with its own mind, thoughts, and expectations. Like the differences in DNA, our thoughts are different from person to person. There are no restrictions on thoughts. To respect others is to respect their privacy of thoughts as long as they do not break the respect for others.


  • Respect the ethnicity and culture of others as our own.

We are born in a place, a culture, and an environment that we do not choose. Each life has a purpose no matter how poor or rich we are born in. Culture gives us values, reasons to live, an environment to develop, and often a target in life. We need to protect cultures, respect, and understand them. Cultures should communicate with others without losing or getting forced to lose identity. At the same time any culture should respect the existence of others.


  • Respect young life and the elderly as we have been and will be them.

Life starts at birth and grows older with times. A young and an old person need protection and assistance of others. It is compulsory that every person must help others in need to survive and create a window of opportunities for them to evolve and grow or live a decent life.




  • We improve and enhance communication with our environment.

Living is communication. No matter how we are born, we need to communicate to survive. It is important we improve communication inwards and outwards. Communication is a vital tool of life and every living being is communicating with its environment. To develop communication we receive tools during our lifespan. Most people do not use these tools to their full potential. It is important to know how to use all tools of communication for a better life of yourself and your environment.


  • We use communication to improve our life and the lives of others.

We divide communication into internal and external. The external communication is already mentioned. Our internal communication is important for personal development of our life, love, and intelligence. There are different ways to develop internal communication and most depend on culture and intelligence.






  • Emotions are an important part of our life. We need to control them as far as we are able to. Life is an emotional issue from the start. At birth we receive a flood of impressions that convert into emotions. It is important we receive the right environment to control this flood of emotions and learn to gather others safely and in control. Very often this is not the case. Emotions play an important role in most people’s life and control is needed.


  • We allow ourselves to be emotionally involved with others. Emotional involvement with others is often connected with “love”. Love is a unique personal emotional state that differs from person to person. To love another person has two components; to have a love where physical contact is a part of the process and a form of love were physical contact is not a part. It is important to allow ourselves to become emotionally involved with others for personal growth and development. However, there are limitations to this that are also of personal nature.


  • We try not to harm others emotionally. To become emotionally involved with another person has a personal reason that might conflict with the interest of the other person’s life and can cause harm to others, willingly or unwillingly. One example is the involvement of a single person into a married couple; this causes harm and often ends in misery for all parties.


  • When a person is emotionally hurt, we will try to help without benefit or selfishness. Emotions cannot be controlled at all-time due to the involvement with others. Interpersonal contact in such situations is important. We have to help and assist a person in need to give this person a positive ground of living.


Intellectual development


  • We will do everything to develop our intellectual capacities. Every person is given a certain intellectual ability in life. We are not all equal. It is our duty to live to our maximum capacities and be active in developing this.


  • We respect the limitations of intellect in others. Not every person is able or willing to increase his or her intellectual capacities to the maximum limit. In fact most people will not do so as the goals in life do not promote to do so.


  • We assist others to develop on an intellectual level. It is our duty to promote and assist each person willing to strive for a maximum of capacities to develop his or her intellectual possibilities. Before we devote ourselves to this task, we have to recognize that intellect is not a solid issue. Development of our intellectual must continue with the same pace as we have implied at all time through the ages.


  • We seek opportunities to add new challenges of intellectual development to the current existing and will not stop exploring the Universe doing so.




  • The foundation of a happy life is good health. We protect health as much as we are able to. Happiness depends on the concept of health. Being healthy is different to most people. If a person is born disabled, he or she can still be a healthy person.


  • We strive to improve health and regain it when problems occur. To most people health is a given thing, something to never worry about. But health is fragile and instable. Most people are not able to control their life habits and need support to control health and support in case of recuperation. Our goal is to protect health, support aging, and assist upon recovery.


  • We assist others to improve and regain good health. Fellowship in health is needed, as loneliness is one of the most destructive issues of health. Taking part in physical activities is nicer with more people than alone. In our target settings we stimulate the mutual actions of all people to take part in activities in a group. Our organization assists in improving your opportunities to meet the right group or to organize one.


  • We assist others who are not in good health and help whenever needed. Being sick often leads to isolation and loneliness, which on its turn does not improve the health. It is our goal to improve social contacts leading to a more stable connected life and a recuperation of health. Creating support groups for the sick and lonely to improve health and personal wellness is important for the increase of overall happiness in society and personal growth.


Members for members


One of the big advantages of organizing is the fact that members will get in touch with other members. Our goal is to bring our members together, closer to each other. People need each other to survive and drive. By connecting members, we create security of which all will benefit. With your membership, it is possible to get a cheaper life and your changes on work and income do increase. As a member, you have all these advantages. The way we want the program to be organized is as follows:


Work and income


Everybody needs work and an income that is important for our survival. To achieve the best possibilities, you need a living network. Without the proper connections it is impossible to get work or create income. When a person becomes a member of the Law of Life movement he/she declares solidarity to his/her fellow members. One of the first rules of solidarity is to look within the close group of members for new employees. The second is to look for  service and or product suppliers, which are your fellow member. It is important that we assist, help, and support each other in many ways.


When you have a company, you need customers. Looking in your direct environment is the easiest and fastest way. Members will look first in their own group. By the use of special pricing, offering extra service we support each other and will promote membership to our organization for yet another reason.


Security and care


Bullying is a social problem that is very hard to control or exterminate. The first acknowledgement of bullying is at school, starting in nursery. Children are very sensitive in selecting the weak persons. The targets are often scared and will not be able to develop in their own speed. Our actions are to support the weak and strengthen their characters, motivate, and support them. Sport and Martial arts are often a solution. Our organization promotes the development of the healthy child and asks all members to promote and support this vision.


Bullying does not stop when getting older. It just changes in style. Some examples are cyber bullying, telephone harassment, stalking, street and traffic violence and so many more other ways. It is hard to solve these problems on your own. Following the legal roads often lead to nowhere. In many countries the bully is more protected than the victim, especially if it concerns women. It is my advice that members protect and assist members into a safe and healthy habitat.


Within each Law of Life community, member group, I advise to have at least one confidant who coordinates and collects security and care matters. It is convenient for all members to dispose their problems with that person. In general meetings members will decide which actions should be taken to protect and secure the bullied member and reduce or finish any impact of the attacker.


Membership guarantee


When members decide to do business with each other, they guarantee payment and quality of service more than to non-members. Basically, members are allowed to favor members over non-members. When a member gets into financial trouble he/she will warn the confidant before taking other measures.


We expect members to attend meetings to get to know other members on a personal level and to create a band of trust and confidence within the organization. For that reason it is important to attend meetings on a regular basis.


The road explained


This book is written to enlighten your path in life. The purpose is to guide you in your everyday activities and assist you in time of trouble. Life is not as easy as it seems when we were young. Events occur and sometimes changes happen to our lives for the better or the worse.


Your road to “happiness” does not only go through rigorous meditation or hours of contemplating religious texts. Freedom of your mind is not bought by praying or offering to Gods. In our current society we have less time for lengthy discussions about topics that are not much of our daily concern. Religion gives hopes and targets to many but settles you with limitations, borders, and fears. Most of all you are loaded with fear for life itself, fear for the death, and fear for a personal opinion. But this was never the goal of the prophets and messiah. These people did search change, reasons for living, explanations for life, and above all they tried to bring down teachings for a different way of living. Every prophet wanted to get you a better life, a higher standard of living, and a positive vision on life and environment. Not a single founder of religion has ever thought, “I am going to spread fear in the heart of my followers”. This is one of the reasons why we should doubt religious leaders who preach fear and disaster. They are lost and far from the truth.


Religions are old. They have been passed on to us for hundreds or thousands of years. Brought into organizations that used religions to control people, to start wars, and to justify their wealth. The current religions are organizations, strong and financially powerful. Your individuality does not count. You are a number who needs to contribute to the organization. Religion should make you free from sorrow and hardship and not the opposite. It is time for you to reconsider your life and seek the real issues of life in this time. The old stories do not apply any longer.


Religious institutions represent large powers. They show their powers by ignoring laws and unacceptable behavior of leaders and the possession of extreme wealth. We have entered a new era in which the old stories no longer holds ground and the human being will be the center of attention.


The Law of Life movement is your partner when you need it. We are created with the current knowledge and what we expect in the future. The Law of Life are funded on the knowledge gathered from history. A history not linked to a country, a nation, or a tribe. We have collected the religions of the world, compared them, took the cultures, and researched them. Our knowledge is not bounded by limitation but by the experiences of thousands of years, millions of experts, and is still evolving. The Law of Life continue a path of enlightenment of the Universal powers and a return to our source of energy of Life. With this book as guidance, you and your participation at the meetings will make us stronger than the individual. As a movement we go through life and take all hurdles together. We help and assist one another in time of need, and with the knowledge of empowerment of someone who will be beside you in life all the time.


The road of life starts at birth and develops along the way. None of us is able to know what life will bring to us. Life has hidden secrets and we are not able to control them alone. The most important part of life is to relate to others. We need to know how we can develop relationships, how we can manage them, and most of all on who we can rely or not. In our movement we pay a lot of attention to the way we are related to each other, our interactions, and how love and respect play a role in this.


Your life is like a spider in the web. You are the center of your personal network. To control and enhance that network, you need understanding and the right methods, the right people, and the right environment to do so. With the activities of our movement, we provide you the shelter and care needed to grow higher than you have ever expected.


Life can be a burden or a blessing. We have choices. The road ahead is paved with promises but you are the one who will need to make them come true one by one. And you are never able to do it alone. Now you find likeminded people who walk the same road, who are prepared for the same destiny, and who are willing to share their valuable lives with you.


Our books are your tools of knowledge, your stronghold when you are weak, and your energizers when you feel stronger. These tools are there to use, to discuss with your fellow men, and most of all, to apply in your everyday life.




To understand and apply the Law of Life it is important to take part in the movement, come to the meetings, and take part in activities. Your energy and confidence will grow when you participate. Life brings you a lot but you have to know which opportunities to select. Together you are stronger and wiser.


The Law of Life meetings are open to all. We distinguish members and visitors. Everybody is welcome. Members are requested to follow the road to complete development that enables them to become independent personalities in every way. To become a member, just take an application.


Meetings are organized by members. Members take the initiative to spread the words of wisdom and Life. When a member is interested in organizing a meeting he/she is supposed to announce this to the HQ. Together we promote and assist each other to reach the maximum numbers of people.




Our movement is based on practical application of your mental and physical enhancement and happiness in life. To imply what we learn and experience in daily life with our teachings, we take part or initiate projects around the world. Our groups initiate these projects by selecting them for a reason and a target. We follow up projects and come back after certain time to see if our activities have the right results.


We distinguish projects into different segments:

o  short-term topic projects

o  long-term target projects

o  projects on a distance

o  educational projects

o  development projects

o  science projects


Each project gets specific attention and is created by a single group or in cooperation with other groups. The “science sanctuary project” is a project open to all groups of the world as the focus is multipurpose oriented.



Woman’s rights


Women need a stronger position in society. Through the ages women had an important place in the continuation of an ethnic group or society. After a war women had the task to regain the male population but did not get the honor to do so. Some society honored women by the use of virility Gods that always referred to the breeding of children. Only in the last fifty years, did we see women getting a chance to grow to leadership functions. They proved to be capable leaders.


Who is the main earner in the house? To understand this better we need to go to the animal world. As humans we are on top of the animal world and considered the highest developed one. But we also carry all the behavior of each animal in our genetic pool. In the animal world we find species where the female is the leader and the male takes care of the children. In physical sense we see animals where females are much bigger than the males. In other species the male is the only provider and the woman serves the male in every way. Other species have an equal dividing of work and care for the offspring.  It is important to understand that as the final breed still represents earth nature in all its aspects even in the relational ways.


In a human relationship we can find any kinds of relationship, as we are able to find in the animal world. When we talk about our sexual needs, we have not grown above the level of the animals; we have combined the need for multiplication with the desire for satisfaction, which is a difficult combination in some cases. To control our species from running in overdrive or getting involved in extreme habits, control is needed. Our society has reached the habit of law making to control behavior. But written Law are made to be tested and broken.


Our society made discriminating rules to woman. Rules were made by male in times where women had no chance to fight. Currently, time has changed, women have taken life in their own hands and time to change is here. In our organization the women have equal rights in every way.


Application of the teachings


Our teachings can be used in theoretical and in a practical way. In my daily life and work I prefer to use a practical approach. We are no longer able to go for a long period of retreat in a forest or monastery. At least not many of us are able to do so. Choosing a spiritual life in the care of the monastery or a lonely retreat to a spiritual inspiring place is for most people a sheer impossible act in life. But we have thought about that. Our target to set up the community is to enhance life with a combination of practical science, spiritual growth, and actual real discoveries to benefit the individual, group, and society.


How did I find this practical road to a better spiritual life? The simplest explanation is that I have combined sport, a healthy lifestyle, study, and work in a daily practice. In my daily life I also have the care of a family with children, housekeeping, shops, some other companies, and employees. As to all people sometimes the situation became so tense that I had to find a way to beat the reality of the day.


To beat the reality of the day is a test for each individual in the world. We are all tested every single day in our lives. The city environment is even more challenging than the countryside’s. Today the testing is harder and more often than yesterday or even in ancient centuries. Throughout the centuries there have been wars and crime. But due to the numbers of people it was less possible to become a victim of it than in the current day. Our society has changed and we all have come under a constant threat. No longer of a visible enemy, most of the dangers come from hidden sources. We fight against unseen enemies that are threatening our daily lives such as taxes, economy, school system, insurances, and so on.


When we look at the lifetime warrior that we are, we see that no matter who we fight against in the competition of life, we need to fight, friend or enemy alike. We need to show respect and to have the right mentality while fighting. Our fight is to control and not to let our emotions take the upper hand. The warrior of life knows that when emotions take over, he/she will lose the fight.


When we wake up, we should use a personal routine that we develop and change over the years. Learn and adjust. One of the first steps we should take every day is to visualize good and bad. Look around you and distinguish what you consider good and what you consider bad for that moment. The second step is to take a distance from your thoughts and become an interviewer. Imagine you are standing and watching from a distance with a microphone or camera in your hand. You are no longer a part of good and bad events. You analyze how good or bad these events are. Is good really that good and bad really that bad?


For example, life is precious to us. We all wish to protect life. But when it concerns to food, many people let go of their emotions toward the protection of life. We need to survive. Our basic instinct is to kill in order to survive. We kill animals as we do see them as inferior to us. One of our basic Law of Life is to protect life and avoid ending it. At the same time, we also need to eat. This is a moral complex situation. It is important we make the right decision at the right moment.


Some people decide not to eat any form of meat. We have to respect their right to do so. Others prefer to eat meat. In both cases it is a personal decision that led to this choice. There is no right or wrong. At the same time, we should face the fact that animals have the right to live under the best possible circumstances and not caged and tortured. We have to protect them as we will protect the weak and defenseless. Animal rights should be respected and cared for that is the duty of every human being. To understand what is right and wrong we should place ourselves in the position of the animals and undergo their faith. From there you have to take a step back and humanize the situation, what if this happens to a human, what will be my position?


Respect is based on justice. Your first task in life – this is the first task for every member of the Law of Life movement – is to learn to distance yourself from an everyday situation, become an observer. Control your emotions. Becoming an observer makes us less emotionally involved. Less personal. Life is connection but to live life in full you need to dis-connect sometimes to oversee it.






We need to create time to get space in our life to evaluate the teachings and pay time to think and meditate. In the beginning we must combine a physical and mental exercise together for the best result. The best way is to use a short Lilt (a specific word or sentence that is able to keep our mind focused under difficult circumstances) as a way to focus on exercise and mental awareness. Mindfulness is an important step to be aware of what we do and how we do it. This exercise helps you in the struggle for daily sorrows, you become aware of the faintness of them, the temporary effects of each event in life.


The most important part from your study of the teachings is what you personally can do with them. This sounds egocentric and selfish but to apply each part in your daily life needs understanding and time to invest in your personal development.


The spiritual value of life must be combined with your everyday practical work. Teachings must be implemented and used, the values of the teachings are found in the enrichment of your reality, your daily affairs.

After you read this, look around you. Ask yourself the question:

  • Is this the place I want to grow old?
  • Is this the environment I would like to be in for the next years to come?
  • Is this the place that allows me to reach a higher state of mind and make use of my full potential?

Look at who you are, your responsibilities, your ambitions in life, and most of all toward the satisfaction of the current life. Are you satisfied, are you able to grow here?


I am sure that most people think that they do not have a choice in life. The facts prove differently. We all own our lives and everything we do is based on the choices we make. Every minute we make choices; do I drink tea or coffee, will we turn right or left, if I want to catch that bus shall I run or wait for the next. Everything we do is owned by ourselves, our choice. We do not have a 100% control of the environment, as everybody around us also needs to make choices all the time. And the interaction between these choices creates new situations which we cannot control all the time. In the pure form we can find the solutions for everyday problems, as you will discover.


When I ask you to look around, what did you discover? Could you get a clear image of your life? While you are looking around, your mind flows from one topic to another. Your mind swings from an internal to an external thought. We register objects, people, light, movements, smell, and sometimes touch. Our senses are open for more than one influence. No longer do you care about yourself or your mental state, you care about the environment.


The best way to help a person in distress is to show mindfulness. We know the task of a child is going to school. Yes, it is clear that “we” know it but does the child knows? In our society pressure is used for everything. To most people this pressure builds up over the years. The pressure and force make people insecure and unstable. To balance life, we need to find ways to relieve us from this constant pressure, get ways to “escape” this destiny. During our meetings we pay attention to the daily affairs and this building of pressure. We use stress relief as an important part of the activities.


We all search for the path to end suffering of our daily life. But in most cases even while walking on the right path we are unable to see it as we are so much occupied with our imagination of the future. Our eyes are directed to the benefit that may come in the future. Like looking through a house with open doors. We forget that a house with open doors can cause severe danger to our health, it is hardly possible to heat or cool it and there is never any privacy.


Our first step is to start with closing doors in our life to create a better living space. When we close the door to a room we are able to control the environment such as heat or cold, and make it more comfortable.  With the door closed we can see the shape of the walls and room better. A certain control comes to existence


During our meetings we train you to become an observer. We teach you how to start seeing your own suffering and that of others. The demands we put on others, the pressure system that we undergo and use, and most of all what this hunting for fame and fortune actually is doing to us and others.  Together we discover the flows of Life energy through our veins, we search for ways to understand life and its personal relationship to us. Our personal match with the Universal powers.


Law of Life movement and religion


The Law of Life movement is fact based and organized to assist and educate its members. Our members promote a positive society. We want a society where people can live together in harmony. People of every religion are welcome to join us and participate actively in our groups. We do not believe in almighty superior creatures that rule our life from a distance or bow for sculptures exposing holy beings. But we do acknowledge the existence of an unknown power, the never ending Universe and its powers.


During our meetings we exchange thoughts and share activities in which our members initiate and participate. As an organization we do not demand members to follow orders such as common practice in many religious organizations.  Our target is to promote self-development, success in life, participation in group’s activities, and cultural knowledge. We stimulate discussions of all kinds and topics at which we respect the freedom of speech and topic.


Our organizations promote the mix of cultures and cultural thoughts with respect for the purity of the original, which we also try to conserve for the future. It is important to have cross-cultural exchanges for the development of understanding and tolerance.


Cycle of life


Life has never started and will never end. This saying is based on the essence of life itself. Life is energy. Energy can never be wasted. It can be used but it will return in one form of another.


Let me explain Life more clearly.

We consider life as it has a human shape. But life is more and not bounded to biological definitions. To understand the limitations of current thinking I would like to show what is called the definition of Life; the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.

This definition is taught to us in schools and elsewhere with the target to make us think that biological known life is superior to other forms of life.


When we look closely to life and re-define it in a way that should be the source of everything we can say, Life is moving energy at any time in any speed and for any reason. With this definition we come close to the source of what is life.


We are living on a planet. Earth is a living organism. According to the biological definition it is not. But earth has a “bloodstream” called lava, which is in constant motion. The skin of earth is the surface we are living on and it happens to move often. The planet rotates on its axis and around the sun and the moon rotates on its axis and together with the earth, moves around the earth, which together forms an escalation like a chemical compound. It is built in a way we can find back on atomic level such as with atoms and molecules.



When we study on atomic level we found that each atom again is built from smaller particle which on its turn are again built from smaller parts. This goes on and on like a never-ending system. On the other hand when we take the same atomic building structure into a larger framework we see the planets following the same patterns. Like giant molecules interstellar systems running around each other in changing motions on a timescale unknown to us.


There is no planet that has no motion. Something without any motion cannot exist in Universe. Life is motion; it is energy. Our life is depended on motion. Without motion there is death. But death only can touch our organisms but not our source of energy, which continues to exist under every circumstance. Life energy is a part of the Universe and can be moved from the temporary life form we are on earth to less temporary as the planets of the Universe. Life is a matter of time and our energy is cycling with the shape. Place and time. When we control it, we can become whatever we want to be.


During our meetings we continue the discussion of this topic.




Our life has a purpose. To understand the purpose we need to search for it. Most people question the purpose of life and seek for the truth. In next chapters I explain the truth as simple as possible.



What is internal love?


Internal love has a few important sources as roots for our life.

  • The given love at childhood
  • Personal – probably genetic – characteristics of the person


Childhood is a very important time for love. Every child comes to life in full dependency and in need of care. To a child it is important to feel loved and cared for. A child feels love with its six sense. Love connects the child with its caretakers; these do not always need to be the parents. It is common knowledge that mothers have a close connection with their children. It is not always the case. Some women reject their child either consciously or unconsciously. This reaction is always felt by the child with the mentioned sixth sense of the child.


I have experienced several times that at the birth of my own children the father is very important to the child. A father must feel fatherhood as a pleasant and happy duty, a reason and target in life. It must be the responsibility of the man for his children / family. When father and mother give the right love and attention to the child it will become a stable personality. In our society the attention to the child suffers great pressure. Often the childcare consists mainly in supply and demand of material things. When a child is not taken care of in a spiritual way it feels neglected and develops all kinds of problems that can lead to low spiritual and physical levels of existence.


On the other hand, when a child is spoiled by material matters it becomes extremely narcissistic and denounces proper spiritual development. Only children taken care of in a dynamic stabile way are able to develop their own mind and spiritual being.

Children pass lots of life tests before receiving spiritual wellbeing. They have to learn by experience. Some children will be faster than others and all will come at crossroads in their lives having to make choices.


An important part of internal love is a character issue. The character of a child is shaped partly by the issues, as mentioned before as well as other influences that are also important:

  • Family matters outside the father/mother (genetic issues)
  • Environment
  • Health


The environment is hard to control. When the child is able to communicate with its environment, such as making friends and getting around with others, it builds a character based on these experiences. Some children do not have a natural ability to communicate and have a terrible youth. This growing-up period strongly influences the character and future abilities. These people often turn to me for help and advice. Most have difficulty with the ‘internal love concept’. To them loving themselves is a complicated and sometimes even impossible matter, as the environment does not love them, so why should they love themselves. This concept of self-pity is fed by the environmental denial of an existing problem.


In a city environment more people are suffering from this problem. Pressure of schools, work, friends, and family to accomplish something is too hard for them. Women feel this pressure even harder than men who are often overprotected by their mothers. Growing up in these circumstances makes the need of a safe community environment or at least a place where these persons can find spiritual rescue. This is where our community services fill the gap of the needs the individual has. We stimulate each part of our Law of Life movement to pay attention to the developing child and its needs. Our founder Arnaud has written a number of books especially for this groups.


Under all this pressure it is not easy to develop a proper internal love. Internal love is foremost acceptance from who you are and your situation. To love yourself is to accept who you are and your faith as it is. When you find peace of mind, you give love a chance and you will be able to change your situation once and for all.


External love


We have external love for other people, animals, or things. You project a desire, a mood on the other and wish to receive affection in return. The target is to relate to the other. External love knows many variations, I wrote different books on this topic, and in our meetings I address this topic often.


Getting older


Time is essential in the human life. We all have a certain given time on earth. It is unknown when we will depart. Most people are worried of tomorrow and cannot enjoy today. Today is when we actually live. Our experiences are made in the present time and not in the future. It is for sure that our past involves and even predicts the future. But we are never certain. Most people want to live in security and need a guide to protect them from unwanted future events.


One thing is certain; we all get older day by day. To accept the process of getting older is not easy for many people. Before age thirty hardly anybody worries about the future. But when reaching the age of 30, suddenly the worries seem so close. You look back at your past and the results, and make plans for the future. You start to realize that age is counting and measures should be taken. What are these measures?


We are living in a constantly-speeding society. Everything in life must go faster and we seem to have lesser time in the day than we ever had before. When we were young, each day seemed never to end and time was off plenty. With the introduction of faster communications our time starts to show signs of shrinking. We have less time and more to do. This is illusion. Time is still the same; only we are taking more and more tasks to finish within lesser time. It is not time that play with us, instead we are playing with time. It is our approach of time.


Getting older is to manage time, accept change, and most of all go with the flow. Every stage of life comes with new experiences; we gain some capacities and lose some. The most important thing is that men need to lose their competition-oriented feelings toward age. It is impossible to beat age but we surely can manage it.


If we look at the past, the general age before death stroke was of man around 40 and woman often 38. Nowadays we consider this half way of our life in most countries even less than that. Within hundred years we have gained a whole lifetime and it seems we are still winning more time. When you feel down look at this proven facts, knowing that you could be dead already.


In my health-related chapters and seminars I explain more of how to get older in a healthy way, this part is about the emotional state of mind while getting older. Growing older emotionally is based on acceptation of today and tomorrow. Acceptation of changing capacities and abilities. At a certain moment you are not able to run a hundred meters in ten seconds, that is for sure. But if you used to be good on it, you can still run a hundred meters in a good time.


If we go back in time for around 100-150 years, the general age was around 40 for males and 38 for females, this for mild climates only. Tropical countries showed an even lower age. Human died at an age that we now consider half way. Our evolution made a huge jump of which we have not seen the end yet. The facts are telling us that it was ordinary human science that prolonged our lifespan.


Just as a matter of fact I would like to address the fact that seemingly all prophets started to spread their messages after the age of 30, which must have been equal to around 60 by our time calculation. It is very interesting that even in centuries male did not change that much. Only after the age of 30 we start to become mature. It can be thought that only after the age of 30, life becomes clearer to the male.


To grow emotionally older we need to accept losses in life. During our lifespan we grow attachments to matters we will lose one day. When we lose something we are attached to, it is considered a hurt, an emotional loss. To lose things we love is one of the most difficult experiences in the human life.


Compare your life to an engine. At the start of life we are like a bike, each step cost energy and careful planning. When you know how to cycle a little engine gets attached and your speed of events is faster. At age 12, surely this differs individually, the gasoline engine starts and life gets into full speed. Events come and go and time seems never to bother you. Between the age of 30 and 35 the gasoline runs out and the engine gets to electric or diesel. Speed slows down but your determination only gets stronger, you do not like to give up. You know you cannot give up for many reasons.


After the age of 35 years, a very interesting period in life starts. When we read all these old religious and other books, you should keep in mind all those people with only few exceptions did not get older than 40-45 years of age. You must understand that what they wrote down is with the mind of a person of that age, with the rage of battle and the fear of everyday life in their blood. Few of them had the knowledge of age like we have now and some of the literature of these people got important. Age was and is something very important for people. We respect elderly for their knowledge and age.


When we age, we need the time to consume and digest our experience. We need time to reason and understand. Most people do not take the time to understand today which make them worried about tomorrow. The changing body brings a changing mind. When your body is getting older, your mind should adapt. Things you can do today are not guaranteed tomorrow.


Aging is an emotional process. It is inevitable. There is no way to avoid but surely there are many ways to make life acceptable. Every day is a given day. You should try to make the best of every day. Age does bring beauty in a different way. When you are able to take the confrontation of life and challenge it by activities, you find yourself being in the attention of many people and get the respect that you deserve. To age with respect is one of the most important pillars of a balanced life. When you are able to share and care, be active and passive at the right time. Life has a lot to offer and you age with satisfaction.


In my research on people of very old age (over 90+) I found that most of these people had a rather simple life with many different routines. Most of them had a good social life and were active. They kept active physically and emotionally in a way that made them eager to meet every new day. They wanted today to be good and had the hope to make tomorrow another day of joy.


With our Law of life movement we want to set up places where old and young of different cultures to gather together in harmony. A sanctuary of knowledge and transfer between young and old. It is important to ask your group leader about these plans.




The end of life is the only thing that we cannot avoid. All will go through is dying. To die is a very scary idea to most people. The reason why we are scared is that we do not know where we will go; we have the knowledge that there will be no other day in this life, this earth, to come. We are scared to leave the people we love behind. Together we are scared of the future that will be there for the people who are still alive.


But is death really that scary? Can we see death also as a solution to life? If we talk about older people, people who had a long life behind and had experienced it well or who are in pain and suffer of being alive, most will take death for granted and accept it as the final faith.


Is death really so scary as people want us to believe?  Can we look at death as the final solution to life? Is death the end or a new beginning? When we ask these questions to real old people, they will tell you that death is just another part of life; something we should not fear at all.


But when a young person dies, when we encounter a serious disease or even are confronted with accidents, how can we deal with death?


To understand death we need to understand life first. Life is conceived in the mother at the moment of conception. Scientist and religious leaders have taken years of discussions to set a date on when we can call a growing cell mechanism a living being. Some say this is in a few months while others talk about the moment of conception, and from a religious side they believe that life only starts when the body receives a soul.


In my mind, life continues the moment of conception when the first cells divide. When the fertilization takes place the mechanism of life, which is energy, starts to act. The moment man and woman come together, an already living cell, the sperm cell swims to an egg cell, also very alive and moving, and the moment of conceiving is there. The discussion of when life starts is very simple. Both the egg and the sperm cells are alive and carry the energy of life inside them to form a new life. Fact is that we are talking here about continuation of life, a transfer of life from one organism into the other. It is a complete futile discussion to talk about when life starts as it is transferred and there is no start of life at all.


We all belong to one life pool. Our bodies transfer the energy of the past into the future and this energy will grow like a tree. It is important to see that our human race is growing like every organism around us.


Let me explain this more clearly. Every organism, even a planet or a star starts small, sometimes with a single cell. After the first “conception” it will grow bigger and bigger till the moment comes the energy for growing is fading out. And the maximum capacity is reached. After this the downgrading sets in and death is certain. No matter what organism we are talking about. That is the cycle of life, unavoidable. That is a law of life. Time is not of any essence to the energy of life nor to the universe. Time is created by man to measure life; time is artificial but needed by us.


Humanity started somewhere in the past. And via the road of change we reached to become the humans we are now. The theory of Darwin is realistic but limited as we can even move further from the amoeba back into the earth itself as the source of life. Fact is that earth is also a living organism even not recognized as such. In the past the situation and possibilities to grow as a population were less favorable as they are now. Currently we are living closer to one another and multiplication is a standard wanted process, even demanded to some extent. Like a tree the number of branches and leaves will grow until the soil is no longer able to feed the tree. Beside the leaves a tree produces fruits or seeds. These seeds spread out as we human supposed to do in the future over the universe. These seeds will start a new tree and the cycle of life continues. Some scientist suggest we came from space but still no proof ever has been given that is why I think earth provided life to us.


Most people think of us as individuals and you bet we are. In fact we belong to a much larger organism called life of the human race. We are like the leaves of the tree and have a temporary function. Some leaves fall soon off the tree because the wind is hard, the rain takes them away, a storm tears the branches off, or worse the tree is cut by lumberjacks.


Death, on the other hand, is the annulations of one individual, a discontinuation of a single life. It is like the leaves of the tree, we have no control over the environment. It controls us. Life is something given for “lending” and not with a guarantee of length, quality, or time.


If we look at the cycle of life, we may understand that there is a beginning and end for all of us, why do we feel so bad if a person we love dies? The reason why we feel so bad is that we lose a part of our reflection of love. We give love to receive love and the closer we have been to that person the more hurt we are. It is impossible to understand the size of love until we lose it. Most of the time we take love for granted.


When a person dies, the energy of life returns to the source of life, which is pure energy. Our soul is the battery of this energy, the spark that lights us up every day. I compare this with a spark that starts the engine of your car. When you turn the key, the little spark of energy sets a complete engine in motion. When the battery is flat, the spark no longer lights the fire of the engine and the engine is no longer able to move. As you can see the tiny little spark is the energizer of a large machine like life itself. The moment we die is the moment the “spark” energy leaves our bodies, no matter our age or circumstances. When the spark dies, life ends.


The spark is the energy that returns to a place unseen, untouched, and which cannot be found as we are in the middle of it. Life surrounds us all the time. Everything we see, feel, touch, hear, and/or smell is life. Life is not defined the way we do in biology. Real life is not depended on food but depended on energy. Only energy rules nature, nothing else. If there is a lack of energy, there is no life.


Our life is temporary energy and our individuality depends all on this energy. When we make children, we pass this energy to the next generation. Our energy lives on. But even we do not, our life energy will pass on to a next generation in a less direct way. One of the most important Law of natures is that “energy is never lost”, it changes shape and existence and can move between levels and even dimensions.


When a life ends, the energy is not lost. It is gone to another place. Some energy stays around but most goes away. Energy is never far and we cannot be sure it leaves our side. Sometimes energy is the source of distant life. It seems not to have direct effect but returns a lot later. To explain this I would like to continue with the tree as the example.


Every tree lets the leaves go. The leaves fall down on the foot of the tree. Slowly these leaves become part of the soil. The soil sinks and fertilizes plants that grow and die, and together they all become the source of new life such as other plants and new trees. Our energy is not leaving when we die but can stick around in a certain place. That is the reason why people can feel the energy of people who have passed away still around them. The energy of a dead person can stay around on earth longer than the body.


When we die, the energy leaves the body and often it will pass on to other energy levels and disappear. There is no connection anymore. But sometimes the energy is contracted by other energy and will “stick around”. The main reason for this process is to compare with magnetism. When we use two contra polar energy levels of the magnet, they will stick together, sometimes strong and at other times weak.


But death brings emotions to the people left behind. These emotions are often strong. Grief is something we all suffer when a person we really love dies. The main reason is that we feel it as a loss. We lose a part of our own identity or our self. The dead person did reflect our internal love and gave us the external love we needed. It is a missing of what we had in the past and we are very worried that we will not get the same in the future. Grief is a bit selfish.


Grief is a strong emotion and one we should take very seriously. To some people grief changes the chemistry of the body. We should address griever never alone, it is important to get support and confirmation of the griever. Company should not be pushed upon the grieving person as in all cases the grieving person needs moments of complete privacy to address the inner love and get the mind in order.


To work on grief we should talk, open up, and disclose our inner fears, hopes, wants, and wishes. What do we miss in the person who passed away? What was his/her position in your life? It is important to see your fears for the future, what do you need to give up and what is left over for you? It is important to know and express what the person meant to your hopes and wishes, did you have plans and how should you continue. Grief must be shared and sometimes can take a long time to pass by. To most it will lower by time and for some it will never be far or gone.


When you are interested in following the grief process and your personal recovery in it, I suggest you to attend our meetings on this topic. Be prepared to be open as we are going to assist you to free yourself from sorrow and pain, and to let go the past to enter a different future. Your loved one is not lost but needs a right place in history and future.




Death is supposed to come naturally but some people feel the need to take their own lives; the end comes by their own choice. The moral question is this good or bad is an issue that moves many people. We can compare suicide with killing; the difference is that the person is not killing another but him/herself.


We have to make a difference between suicide due to the mental status of a person, disease, duty, or force:

  • Suicide at a young age, in general till 18 years old
  • Suicide among adults
  • Suicide among mental disturbed persons


In general we can say that suicide at a young age is due to environmental pressure, which actually can be prevented. Often these young people give a lot of signs to the environment but this lack to read them. The sudden death is caused by an overheated brain with too many problems to handle and too little opportunities offered by life itself. This form of suicide is sad and I do think it should be handled as a murder case more often. These children are often killed by bullying, overpressure, and over demanding (force). Their future gets bleak and they will withdraw from activities. This should be recognized by the environment such as school, family, and friends. Most of these children can be saved by getting involved at an early stage.


Suicide among adults is a very complicated matter. In our current society the pressure of finance, work, relationships, and other topics seems to be higher than ever. This pressure results in a “no-way-out thinking”. The people who commit suicide is often not depressed or sick individuals but those who see suicide as a way to escape a mountain of problems and an increasing pressure. For them suicide is a way out of all the problems and often they take others with them in the idea to protect them. We will see an increase of these kinds of suicides in the years to come. If you wonder how you can recognize them, it is advised to follow my lectures on this topic.


Why do those people commit suicide is a question bothering many scientists. The main reason for those people is based on the unrealistic expectations they have had in life. Often they had specific expectations for life and family, for fortune and fame and for love and peace in their life. When these expectations are different from reality, they get into mental conflicts. Their mind starts playing tricks with them, as their vision is one of circles, they are not able to escape from a mood where their reality is the only reality possible. This is a closed circle of which no escape is possible. When the circle is closed, the only escape seems to be death. I already did refer to the cycle of life, when a person kills himself they expect to end the problems and move to the next cycle of life.


Committing suicide is a process and not a one-moment decision. The feeling to take your own life is something that builds over time. It slowly takes shape. Most or all people who finally commit suicide have looked for other options. When they run out of options, one by one the direction to a final escape is made by planning. A person planning suicide is careful in selecting place and opportunity, often they study the patterns of others and create a possibility. When the possibility occurs, they take action and end their lives. This can be done in a matter of minutes.


How can we prevent people from committing suicide? The only way is to offer an escape route to problems. In my vision we should build places of refuge for “end-of–the-road” people. Places where they can get food and shelter for a period of time and talk with people in the same position and experts. These places must be outside cities and everybody coming should be allowed to go there un-identified. I call these places “New Land”, in a simple village like places where people offered a temporary stay under no name and no registration. The participants should get work, day activities together, and a place to stay. Often people who commit suicide are active persons with a good mind and body. They are willing and able to find an escape as long as they are offered opportunities to do so. To offer these refuge zones is a part of the community projects we are planning with the Law of Life movement. We want to create a zone of peace and reconciliation for “end-of-the-road people” to assist them to continue life and find new ways of living.


To complete the topic we have to make a clear dividing in people who attempt to commit suicide and who actually will do it. In general we can say that people who attempt to commit suicide which is not successful are often doing so to get attention, the attempt is a signal to the world of a disturbed mind, a person in deep problems, not a person who really wants to die. It is important to give the needed attention to rebuilt self-confidence.


Suicide due to mental problems is a topic I always discuss in closed groups as it is depending on many reasons why a person finally decides to end life permanently.





To end life is a complicated and a serious issue. As I mentioned before, life is not something that occurs suddenly. Instead, it is transferred from one to the next generation. In case of pregnancy there are always two persons responsible. Sometimes the responsibility on the female side is little or none due to the handling of the male. When a woman was raped or forced to have sex, she is pressured to mother a child for another person. In case of a mental problem and some more cases where a woman cannot hold responsible for the fact she has become pregnant, an abortion should be tolerated.

But as I mentioned, to get pregnant you need two persons. Most men seem not to understand their part in responsibility and think that making a woman pregnant is no big deal. In my vision the man should be held responsible for every child he “creates” until the child reaches the age of eighteen. If I say every child it implies every child even when he does not want the child, he had no plan to make the woman pregnant and so on. A man should at all-time carry the responsibility for his deeds even the unwanted part. We have a great saying for this “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”.


Abortion is not a matter of just the woman. It is a matter of responsibility of both genders. As mentioned earlier, it takes two to produce. If only one needs to suffer that is unfair and not realistic as an abortion is not to be taken easy. To abort a child crates a biochemical drastic change in the body of the woman who has a direct effect on her mental functioning. This effect can last months or even years. To abort must be a careful decision taken with more than one person and always by professional medics who are capable and experienced.


In many places in the world there is a discussion when an abortion should be allowed. This discussion is generally based on religion or medical ideas about life. In my vision the discussion about the start of life is futile as I already mentioned, there is no start of life. We should focus on responsibility and also the liability of the male. Male should learn to be responsible for his deeds, as we have created every possible tool to protect from pregnancy. If the man is so irresponsible not to use any of these preventives he should be punished for his deeds with the (financial) care of the child under every circumstance. If we press this topic harder there will be much lesser unwanted pregnancies.


The Law of Life movement makes itself strong to fight for the right of the unborn child as a part of society and holds responsible for who is causing a problem in the conception. We are not against abortion. Instead, we should focus on the sustainability of life in every circumstance and protect it wherever possible.





To end a life when a person does not want to live anymore must be an option to all. When you are at full senses and able to make a balanced decision, it must be possible to end your life with the help and guidance of others.


There are many reasons why a person wants to end his/her life. If life becomes a burden through disease or other reasons this person must receive first the guidance of professional people who are able to assist mentally.


When you have had a life but the life has become too heavy to carry on, ending it must be a possibility. To come to a decision to end your life takes time and a balanced decision that is not made overnight and shows the outcome of all other possible solutions. If these solutions do not show an improvement in the quality of life, options to continue the life in the same or another way and is linked to a continuation of suffering, we should give a person the option to end his/her life.


As I mentioned before life is just a continuation from former generations and to end this life will not damage the chances of others not harm it. Euthanasia is a perfect possibility to end your life on your own terms and pass it on to other generations.

We, members of the Law of Life, should support the wishes of people who want euthanasia with care, caution and reasoning. Ending a life is not an easy thing to do; professional help is always needed.





Health is the most important and yet the most vulnerable possession we have in life. Most people play with life as if they have many lives to waste of it and will never lose it. Health is precious yet fragile; not being active will harm it. Life is based on activities and to be healthy and stay it we need to be active. If we are not active, we can get sick. Some sickness can damage our health completely. That is why we emphasize on the importance of health and activity at all the time, not just a day but a lifelong.


When I studied religion in general I found that none of them paid interest to the most important part of our life, which is our health. Without proper health we are no longer able to function the way we want and are able to. Health is the major reason why we are alive and able to function. If our health is damaged, our functional energy levels go down fast. A good organization that has your benefits in mind should pay respect and attention to your personal health as an issue of high importance. But even when you search a lot only few exceptions can be found who are willing to put your personal health as the first priority.


Energy should be maintained.


You have to recharge a battery when it is empty, a simple rule which you are daily aware of. Around you are a lot of products you use that need to be recharged or plugged (electrified) to operate. Without the proper energy level it will not function. It is important to maintain energy levels high enough to operate. This accounts not only for the equipment you use.


Look around you at nature. During the winter, everything works at lower speed, shows hardly any sign of life, and prevents itself from energy loss. Each part of nature is conserving the energy individually. There is no sharing or caring. Nature is focused on the survival of the fetus.


When spring is near, nature starts to prepare with a huge rise in uptake of energy by consuming foods and sources. When the time is right nature start to show every sign of life possible. Trees start to get leaves, flowers open up, birds lay eggs, animals breed and we see life is in full bloom. It is strong and willing. Even a storm or other set back strengthen the strongest more. With other words the strongest getting stronger and the weakest die. Nature sounds cruel but leave only what is able to survive challenges.


Our human race left the roads of nature at the moment we decided to gather together in cities. A city is a truly human way to gather together to reach a capital benefit. The reason why we need to be together is to communicate and exchange information as fast as possible. We need the relationship of others to reach our individual goals. If we look at the city from an energetic point of view, cities are the concentration of energy needed to survive for the masses. Most citizens are not able to survive in the reality of nature, which makes them different from countryside people but never inferior.


Due to the gathering of energy, citizens of cities often do not feel the need to recharge their own batteries. Being constantly surrounded by energy feels like a re-charging every day but this is not the case. To explain this more I would like to use a real battery as the example. When we want to have the full effect of a battery we have to unload this battery sometimes completely to recharge it in full. If we do not do so the content of the battery will become “lazy” and recharging is no longer possible to completely full. Bit by bit the level of energy will go down till the battery finally will not recharge at all. Our bodies have a near same response to activities.


How do we recharge our energy? It is important to move our bodies to maintain and improve the energy levels. Our bodies are under the force of different energy frequencies. These frequencies are connected within our bodies without us feeling anything but an internal power drive. There is one energy stream from and toward earth; gravity is one of the best explanations for this. One stream of energy comes from the top of us and “hits” the head first and our internal energy cycle which is in constant contact with the two mentioned. Between these energy levels is a constant exchange. Due to this exchange of energy our bodies are in constant change.


Besides the daily needed physical activities, food is another way to recharge the body. Choosing the right food is something we need to learn step by step. We need to pay great attention to the energy values of food and not in the traditional calculating way as we see mentioned on ingredient lists. The real value of the food is where it comes from, the time of the year, and its originality. In history we have seen many developments in relation to food such as cooking, use of herbs, and specialized kitchens. During our meetings we do pay special attention to food in relation to health.



Life is like a candle in a large room, we need to add many other candles to read.

Life itself is a spark of an engine; to make it work you need to add fuel.


Physical activity


Physical activity is important. Our bodies are made to be active. Basically we are hunters, travelers, and movers. The body needs activity to produce energy, to consume energy. Energy needs to run through our veins, activate muscles, create contractions, and pump the blood around. To be active is a need for survival, a need for health.


Every day we need to eat. Food is energy and energy needs to be consumed and to be stored. In the past when we  lacked activities, we automatically reduced the intake of food. Lack of physical activity causes changes in the body, especially in the blood circulation. Blood is not only pumped around the body by the heart. Every muscle has a function in the blood circulation. By contraction and relaxation the muscles press the blood through the veins. When the muscles have a tension below the needed standard, the blood becomes “stuck” in the veins, the heart becomes the only muscle to push the blood. The heart is not made to be the only muscle for blood circulation; you need other muscles to do the same to reach the extremities such as hands and feet. If the heart becomes the only muscle to pump the blood around the energy level of the heart is degenerating and the overall oxygen level in the body gets lower than what it should be. Oxygen is the source to burn the carbohydrates, which provides the energy to the body.


Movement creates a need for more oxygen in the body. It stimulates the muscles to contract and assist the heart. More energy is consumed and a need for reloading starts to occur. The reloading is done by regular food intake. The best way is to take small portions of food such as every 3 hours as the body needs a constant source of energy. If you eat this way, the body will have no fat left to store.


If we want to sleep well, we need oxygen and a good functioning vessel (blood) circulation system. If only the heart is responsible for the circulation, we have a lack of oxygen and a relatively lot of energy stored in the muscles. Unlike a warehouse, stored energy is changing from shape to shape. A consumed carbohydrate comes from a very simple molecular structure by combining with other simple structures to a more complex carbohydrate called glycogen. When even the glycogen is not used it becomes a fatty acid and later fat. When it is fat, it keeps on changing to more complex forms. The problem of all this moving from shape to another is the form it takes every time; it is more difficult to be used in the energy process. You understand that this process is also the cause of obesity.


You understand that activity is needed but the question is how much and what kind of activity. The answer is simpler than you expect. Just get moving, there is absolutely no need to join a gym at once. Do not stand by helpless waiting for someone to grasp your hand to get moving.


The fastest way is to climb the stairs, take a walk, go that extra street for shopping, cycle to work and back, get into a park and watch others do exercises, and look at stimulating movies. If you get out and do not wish to be disturbed get yourself a music player and earplugs, but never turn the music too loud otherwise you will damage your hearing.


What is happening when you start moving? First of all you promote your neural system. To make your body move, your brain needs to send all kinds of instruction to the nerves of the muscles and bloodstream to get the action going. The neural system is alerted and starts to signal the muscles, which will start to contract, and the action starts. At the same time left behind pollution such as lactose is removed by the action and with moving you are actually cleaning the body.


It takes time to learn the muscles moving. You have to start at the beginning, just like a child, feel happy with moving and feel the effects, the range of motion of most body parts improving, and your condition getting better. That is a real good feeling.


After a while, you increase activities step by step.  Walk a little faster, take a short run, as if you were in a hurry for something, climb the stairs a little faster or go down the stairs a little faster. Take longer cycling trips in the weekend and get out for some hiking. Make time for the fun of activities. Life is not worth living if only for the money.


Movement is interactive. When a muscle becomes active it has to send a “report” of movement back to the brain. This “report” is very complicated package with all kinds of information on functioning and the need for more or less activity. This information is used by the brain in two ways. The left side of the brain will calculate the use of energy, the distance taken and the amount of contractions and all other solid information. The right side of the brain thinks back of the experience, the feelings, the emotions, the views you had, with other words your impressions of the activity.


Your right side of the brain is very sensitive for impressions and feelings. When you think positively about the activity and concentrate on the good side of what you are doing, the right side will reward you with more positive input and send messages to the left side that the activity must increase to get more positive vibes.


What is the difference between physical activity, exercise, and sport? Physical activity is everything directly related to movement, from a walk to a stair climbing. Exercise is a more direct approach of movements and put in a motion pattern. We can say that exercises are pre-fabricated movements in a specific order and frequency. Sport is exercise with a target. Most people associate sports with competition and in one way that is true. When you go for a sport, you have a form of competition with yourself, you want to reach a better time, press a higher weight or play a better game. A sport competition can be stressful for some. If you are sensitive for stress due to competition, you better avoid this in free time.


How much physical activity is needed for a healthy lifestyle? We use 30 minutes per day minimum. For everybody in the world only 30 minutes of medium intensive exercise is possible to do but you always have to keep in mind to train on your own level.  Never let others push you to do so, unless a physical professional who knows what he/she is doing. Whatever you do, only your own physical benefit counts!


Physical activity promotes sleep by the interaction of brain / muscle pathway. Muscle tension is lowered, hormone production gets better, and the connection between body and brain lowers tension in the body and relieves stress of the brain. This is a win-win situation at all time.


Some Law of Life groups organize physical activities at which you can participate. If your group has one, join it and enjoy life in full. If your groups do not have it, ask to organize your own activities and let members participate. The combination of exercise and mental development is the best way to get a maximum benefit of your activities. Most Asian sports like Yoga and Martial Arts have these combined. You have my support!




Your body is your temple, a saying that resounds in every mind, but does it bring you to follow up the guidelines of health? In most cases it does not. Health is taken for granted and most of the time as a necessity or a nuisance when it bothers you. But your health is based on the energy driving your body; the core of life is that energy. Unlike a machine, our body needs stimulation to create more energy, continue to improve and most of all the energy is needed to perform every day again. Your body needs passionate care and devoted practice. When you give this to your body, it will repay you with many things as a good concentration, healthy body, great love life, and a proper aging process. You are rewarded for care and discipline.


Physical activity is mentioned before. Here I want to explain you more what you should do to continue having a healthy mind in a healthy body. Your first act is to create daily time to move. It is important that you spare at least thirty minutes daily for your body. If you spend thirty minutes per day in the morning or evening for your body it will give you some years of healthy living extra at the end. Discipline in exercise is the first criteria of creating a long-term good health. Intensity is the second important, and variation is the third.


Your body is made to move and to do so in many different ways. Our physic is complex and able to do many different things. Unlike food intake, the body needs variation of movements. These variations are needed to stimulate muscles and nerves. By the rising of age, the neural system is deteriorating. Bit by bit the functions of the neural system fade away if not stimulated.


Exercise can be taken as a game in a group or alone but also as a very serious matter such as with gymnastics, yoga, and martial arts. To most people being physically active must be just leisure time, time to relax and enjoy. Some need the focus, the concentration of the mind to close down the daily matters. Competition, excitement, or tension of the activity gives these people the option to relax.


Within the Law of life movement we are very serious with the stimulation of activities to improve health, as we know the more we pay attention to this part of your life, the happier your life will be. Setting up or joining internal groups to stimulate each other are promoted.


Fake foods


We are living in a dangerous time. Profits are luring everywhere and people are getting greedier and greedier. One of the dangers in our food consumption is greed and profit, things that do not match with safety and security.


Fake foods are foods that look like original food products but are made of artificial or lower degree contents. Most fake foods are dangerous for our health. Taking care of your food and tracking down fake food should be a priority for your own survival. It is important to recognize fake foods before you buy them or at least consume them.


Food production deserves care and safety. In cities we are depended on suppliers we do not know and we need to trust. Due to the increase of distance between producers and consumers, the chain of events is long and knows more participants. Each part of the chain is able to make changes on the food; some will add things and others take parts away. If there are many adding and removals, the difference between the original and end consumer product can be a lot. In my vision you should be aware of what is going on with your food as it influences your health.


My advice is to create some home production. If you are able to create a small personal family production of basic food materials it will prevent you from danger, at least partially. I have called this home-grown. You can use a small cupboard with a light system to be installed in your house to grow small crops of vegetables. When you use the tower function you are able to provide yourself with seasonable products, which are clean of chemicals and pure in production. During our meetings we pay attention to these ways of production for your safety.


Mental health


Physical health without mental health is not possible. It is important to take care of proper mental health to achieve good physical health. To reach a proper mental health, we should not only exercise the mind in metaphysical way but on a more direct way. Your mind needs to be flexible and strong. Sometimes you use exercises to be flexible such as resolving questions and at other times you need to be strong as with pushing forward some tasks.


Flexibility is created by questions that allow you to think “out of your comfort zone” or “out of the box”. You need to consider a topic that is not on your usual way for instance how should you create a car if you are an accountant by profession. You will not physically take part in the making but have to consider the idea from the drawing board to the manufacturing process. You do things in mind you are not used to do.


To train strength of your mind, you should focus on a specific task which demands an intensity your are not frequently used to. This kind of focus is forcing your mind to read fast, solve a problem in a short time, and all that is related to a force of time and effort.


During sessions we focus on the (mental) fitness of our members so they will be able to reach out into a higher consciousness during other training sessions.


Why Traditional Healing Methods do not work so well anymore


Traditional healing methods do not work so well as they were in the past. While studying the people I found that the physical activity of most is getting lesser and lesser. The foundation of most traditional healing methods is based on flowing energy through the body. To let energy circulate in the body there must be activity. In traditional medicines the healers go from the point of view that the patient has an active lifestyle, with other words they have physical activities that allow the energy to move.


But nowadays most people have no or very little physical activities. Due to industrialization most workers get less or no physical activity at all. Workers who do get a form of activity get monotonous movement patterns which lead again to injuries.


Our bodies demand a variation of physical activities to stay healthy. Being physically active is one of the core issues of being human and does not differ us from the animals. If you look at the animals you see that nearly all are active for one reason or another. Some animals are not active a part of the year. These animals close down their metabolic system to save energy. Their metabolic rate lowers down to a near death situation. A biological clock wakes them at a change of the weather. Here we can see that the change of environmental energy has a direct influence on the hibernation situation of these animals.  Often we say “the call of nature”, this call is the change of energy levels influencing these of the animal to call for activity.


Our human race is made for activity. We are a part of nature and should understand that this cannot be taken out from us. The current lifestyle of most people is less active with a direct result in a change in metabolism. When we look around it is obvious that more people suffer from a higher body fat rate up to an obese level. These people are no longer able to reach a high age due to the complete change in metabolism.


Our basic metabolism of origin is changed as we have come a long way from our natural physic. The energy got a large change that involves our whole chemistry. Because the chemistry of our body changes, the effects of original natural products lose their powers. I have to emphasize that the original powers of the medicines are still there but due to our changed metabolism they are no longer able to be active in the way we have originally intended.


In my study I found highly capable doctors making judgment errors only due to the fact that the original metabolism of the patient and the obese physic they had to treat did not match in anyway. The research results of the anamnesis and the facts they saw were far apart and gave disturbing information, so a guessing factor took control. The uncertainty of the predicted results is the foundation of failure of a treatment.


Traditional medicines can only work on people who live according to natural ways and close to the ancient physic. If the physical information is transformed in a way beyond control it is not possible to expect an effective treatment. This is one of the important topics we wish to research in our science community.



The road to freedom


There are many roads to free your body and soul from the daily sorrows and pains. Our movement is based on the study of multi-cultural methods and selected a few in this writing to introduce to you. During our meetings we offer many more different methods, roads, and guides or assist you on the road to personal happiness. You cannot buy freedom but you surely can work for it with the right people beside you. One of our goals is to create “one world” to globalize our community. To reach this target we need to have members all over the world. More members are in your own benefit, the more we have the easier you are able to travel and have the right connections. Together we actively need to promote participation and membership to our organization as the more global we can go the easier your life will be.




One of the best methods to reach a form of mental freedom is to travel around the world. Traveling needs flexibility of the person. Wherever you go, adaption is needed. Nothing is the same as at home.


There are many ways to travel now. We can take long trips with a plane to other countries and meet different people but we also can research our surrounding environment. Each person may set a target of experience in a different way.


When we travel we need to adapt to constantly changing situations. Routine is hardly an option. Wherever we go, we should pay attention to safety, food, accommodation, and topics of interest.


We need to travel with a goal, a clear target in mind. This target can be experience or more directed as an art exhibition or a fair. Whatever your personal goals are, you need flexibility to perceive them.


One of the goals of the Law of Life movement is to promote international exchange and travel. We wish to exchange cultures by traveling and sharing, to house members of other communities around the world and learn of one another. It is our active policy to ask members to house other members for a short period of time. While doing so, we promote sharing, caring, and intercultural exchange of knowledge and cultures.


Camps of freedom


Camps of freedom are places where young people get together to experience the Law of Life. Our camps are set up in a natural environment with the goal to exchange the knowledge of relationships and cultures. The camps always have a special theme to support.


Walks of freedom


Some initiatives that have been passed on through the ages is the walk of freedom.  At some moment in time a small group of people will start to walk from a departure point toward a selected destination and other people can join in when and wherever they want. Sometimes the walk of freedom has a specific topic to collect money or to gather attention.  One of the best ways to perform a walk of freedom is to visit other member groups in different locations.


Music and play


Sharing in art is one way to freedom. We can take without any holding back. Music is universal and sharing this with others is an ultimate experience for any artists. Members of the Law of Life movement are stimulated to participate in artistic events of any kind.


Arts are important to reach a mental and often even physical freedom (dance). But arts do offer more as the possibility to combine the different forms of arts together leading to a multi-disciplinary performance. The combination of differences gives the members the possibility to experience freedom.


Concentration and meditation


We have to move through many different levels of our mind to understand what we are able to do and why we do it. These are the parts we will need to go through to get to meditation first:

  • Prayers and devotion
  • Concentration and focus
  • Breathing and postures
  • Active and passive pre-meditation
  • Meditation
  • Contemplation


Here I talk about prayers, no matter your religion or faith, no matter the God you chose to pray to, I will not use a HE or SHE to address a supreme being because in my vision a God does not have a gender. It does not need to follow our human rules where we wish to separate ourselves in male (considered by most more superior) and female (considered by most as inferior). A supreme being does not need a body like we do, no gender to make children or anything that comes even close to our limited human mind. A supreme being cannot be described by the limitations of our language, let alone our intelligence. As I mentioned before I focus on life as a never-ending and never wasted energy.


Why should it be “supreme being” if it has all human features? Humans wrote books to tell about the Gods, to tell about their wishes, needs and wants as if they could understand and even explain the thinking of these supreme beings.


Let us be clear about this. If we could understand and explain their thoughts, what would make them superior to us? They would just be the best person of the class not more, not less. Nothing superior to us. But there are powers beyond our comprehension, with intelligence so far over us that we are not able to understand a percent of it. The answer to all who pray to a Supreme Being or God is that they have the right to do so.


Prayer and devotion are the first steps to a free mind and body from earthly affairs. To most people the word prayer refer to religion. In my vision a prayer is a mental focus that bundles your wishes, wants, and thoughts. Many people use prayers to sum their bad deeds and habits to find a solution to their guilty feelings. They know they did something wrong and want to get forgiveness. For these people the prayer is a “letterbox” to drop a confession of wrongdoings to get over with and continue life as usual. But prayers are the first stage to recognize powers that do not belong to us. In a prayer we show humility to others that we probably will never face. When we are praying, our deepest wishes and sorrows will surface and concentrate in our conscious mind. We place all these problems in front of a higher being and ask for help, to assist to solve them. In fact a prayer is the first step to recognize the things that are really bothering us. Things we need to get solved before we are able to step any further in our development as human beings.


All religions use prayers to let the followers focus on the higher powers and admit they are only human and not able to solve a problem on their own. They need help. A prayer is a very important moment in a person’s life. The moment of a prayer is chosen and sometimes carefully prepared. Prayers come with a message to the Supreme Being and yourself. We have to learn to listen to both messages before we can move to any other level. It is important to learn to pray before we learn to meditate.


Praying is not just folding your hands and saying a few words. To pray we need to know what we would like to bring forward. The intention of praying is that we want to place, for us, an important fact in front of a superior being, by most called a God. Before you take the position to pray it is good to know what the words and intention of the pray will be. Are you going to talk about daily affairs or serious matters? If about daily affairs it is good to reconsider the content of your prayers. Millions of people offer these prayers to the supreme beings. Do you think they will have time to bother about everybody’s daily affairs? The answer to that is simple; a supreme being gave you a brain to think, a conscience to consider, and a body for action. All these are the gifts of the Supreme Being to you so you will be able to solve your own daily affairs. It will never consider something you should take care of by the things it did already hand to you.


When you pray it is important to convey a message, something you need and want to share. You are going to give some of your most inner secrets away to someone you do not understand. The moment you close your eyes you need to feel trust, patience, believe in a solution and above all you need to focus on the prayer to send it loud and clear to whom you believe in. A prayer should not be disturbed by other thoughts, an unclear mind or second thoughts. Your prayer must be intentional and from the heart. To pray is to give yourself up, devote, and hand over the most inner secret of yourself to something you never met before. You pray to get a solution.


Good praying goes hand in hand with devotion. When you are not devoted to the Supreme Being you wish to pray to, the prayers will never arrive at the intended place. Let me visualize this more for you. All of us have a mobile phone. You dial a number and when it answers you tell your story, you do not listen who answered the phone nor you will reply on questions. It is a very useless phone call. You have wasted time and money for no reason. Telling your story is not the intention of a prayer. You want a solution for something bothering you. A good prayer needs a complete emotional involvement. A devoted person comes into the right emotional state of mind when he/she is able to focus on the right combination of content of the prayers and the knowledge of the Supreme Being. This knowledge often comes from books or stories of others.


To become devoted needs knowledge of whom you want to pray to. Devotion comes from stories you hear, from the place where you go to for hearing these stories, from the content of these stories, and most of all from the attraction of the Supreme Being, the prophets and disciples you feel attracted to. Devotion comes from identification with other believers and followers from that religion, faith, or philosophy. When hearing or reading the stories, you feel emotionally touched. Believing is a strong emotional involvement. That is why I think praying is very important to start with. To pray is to believe and to believe is to be attached and to be attached is a strong emotional event that is life-changing for the believer. A real believer will change his/her life completely to follow the advices of the believed.


We can use a belief constructive or destructive. Each belief has the same basic rules and regulations. It does not matter where you move into this world, the basics of every religion or philosophy are the same.

  • We should not kill
  • We should not steal
  • We should not cheat

These rules are always the same. They are basic and we all break them. Gladly not all of us break the first rule or the second, but the third rule is broken so often that we know how to conceal this happening even to our own conscious soul.


Chanting as a part of praying routines is not a personal form of prayer but we can use it to go from a level of personal prayer to a higher level of mind development. This higher level is called concentration. When we chant our body and mind are able to get into a cadence, a rhythm with a meaning and a target. Chanting allows us to focus our mind and concentrate our soul and emotions. We are on the way to control and dominate our emotions. We do not suppress emotions, this is never a good way to deal with them. Suppression is like putting a  “jack in a box”. It will come out at the most unexpected moment and can disturb or even annihilate all your progress.


We have to combine chanting with concentration or pre-meditation training to learn how to control our emotions. During our prayers, we learned that the intensity of the prayer could move our mind and often body to strong emotional reactions. While chanting we discovered that our mind got into a state of tranquility by the sounds of the chanting, the vibrations of our voices had a calming effect on our bodies and mind. This knowledge must be used in concentration training. During our meetings we use the different forms of praying and chanting together to experience the effects on our body and mind.


The best is to start with object focus. Concentration training by object focus is one of the easy methods to learn to control your mind direction. By the single object focus all other thoughts must be banned from the mind. The object must become a complete part of our mind. We need to be able to look at it from many different sides. First we need to look from different angles, later from above and even under it. When we manage to focus well, we need to get inside the object to see / feel how it is to be inside the object. This is a hypothetical focus training that needs to be done only when you are able to visualize something from the inside. Concentration training on objects is more a visualization training. It is easier than the thought focus training as during these sessions the mind easily slips away to other thoughts.


When you are able to focus on an object it is time to move to thought control. Thoughts are difficult to control. During these training sessions we teach you to become an observer. You have to become an observer of your own mind and later also your body. The first thing you need to do is to take a distance of all your own thoughts. Imagine yourself in a corridor and sitting aside on a bench watching the thoughts passing by one by one. In the beginning they all seem to rush through each other like traffic on a highway. It looks messy and without any organization or structure. You have to organize them first. Get all in order. The only way to do this is to handle them one by one without getting involved with. You see the topic, the content as an observer. It is important not to think it over, but to keep on a distance. Bring family matters to family matters, school to school, work to work, separate private from work or school, try to create categories. Learn to organize your mind.


In our training we call this dissociation, to bring you to a distance from yourself, become observer and not a participant. In the beginning it is a weird feeling to look at your own thoughts and mind. In a later state we will promote to look at your complete self, this includes your body.


Active training


From passive training we move to active training. Breathing exercises are based on active movements. Many of these movements can be found in Martial arts like Tai Chi and Wu Shu. In Martial Arts all participants should train meditation and breathing control. I started my lessons in 1964 and did ever continue with it. Breathing is from vital importance to the quality of oxygen in the body and the working of the brain. When the oxygen supply is sufficient it is possible to reach a higher state of mind.


Some active forms of meditation practice we use during our meetings:


Laugh mediation


How can laughing benefit our meditation? Laughing relaxes. When you laugh the muscles receive extreme strong impulses to contract and soon after that to relax. This is why people are so much more relaxed when having a pleasant time with lots of laughter. When you practice meditation, you must be able to relax body and mind.


Dance meditation


What is dance meditation? It is meditation in where we use rhythm, intuitive state, movement, and sound to bring our mind and body into a ‘higher’ state of mind. Music is a form of energy that stimulates movement unconsciously. Some people need to learn how to dance and specific patrons are needed, others prefer a free flow of movements. To the contrary with alternative dance sessions, we work toward a preset goal.


Hypnosis and trance


Before we start to compare the different states of mind we must understand something about our brain. Our brain works on certain levels of conscience that are directly related to a wave pattern called Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. On special occasions we will move deeper into this topic.


Emotions are hypnotic. Did you ever felt the emotions; in lust? Love? A rage? In fear / in anger? Think about how focused and suggestible (and disassociated) you become in these states. But a more well-known state of trance is depression. All these stages are the borders between hypnosis and trance. Anyone who can make you more emotional will make you more suggestible. When cults (or politicians) want to influence people’s belief systems, they try to raise the emotional pitch. And such charismatic people are naturally more hypnotic. It is proven that hypnosis isn’t ‘just a state of relaxation’ as you might think. It is much more than that. Hypnosis, used purposefully, generally has a very specific psychological (and therefore behavioral) aim.


Meditation has the effect of making us calmer day-to-day, but it cannot be used to stop someone’s addiction or to treat a specific phobia. Likewise, clinical hypnosis, whilst wonderful for ‘just relaxing’, isn’t generally used with the sole intention of helping someone achieve an ‘empty’ mind or objective ‘mindfulness’ – although we can certainly use hypnosis for this effect.


Trance is reached by a form of meditative action. We cannot be forced to do anything in trance that goes against our sense of ethics. We need to be free from worry that anyone will impose his or her will on us while we are in this suggestible state. This is one of the reasons why professional trance performers are often so witty. They want to avoid any interference in their trance state.


It is suggested that trance runs through nearly all different levels of brainwaves, depending of the nature of the trance.

  • Speaking with the dead, the Gods or other beings
  • Finding a cure for a disease
  • Creating a spell or destroy one
  • Performing special rituals
  • Predicting the future
  • Virility rituals

And so many more different reasons, the trance person or shaman or wizard is considered away from this earth.  The best trance performances are done in Theta brain wave level.


Can we use all these states for our personal benefit? Yes, we can. The way to do so is a very personal matter that only could be found under the guidance of experts. To use any of these, you need to invest time to learn and control. During our training sessions, we focus on the different forms of use in daily situations. For advanced versions, we create special classes.





The word meditation recalls sitting people with closed eyes in different positions. The target of their meditation is to find inner peace. They organize their mind in a quiet or even tranquil position. Meditation is considered a passive way to reach enlightenment.


Meditation can be very active. When I train hard, I meditate. Working out is a combination of mental and physical activation. To reach the perfection, that is needed in a movement, demands control from mind over body. The focus of the mind is strong and directed. To reach the best performance, the mind should be focused and completely empty of influences.


Meditation knows passive and active forms. The passive forms are easier to reach than the active forms. During a passive form the control of the body is turned to the absolute deactivation and control of breath and circulation, while during active meditation the control of the physic is needed to reach a higher state of mind. Movement controls breathing, breathing controls oxygen, and the brain controls the mind.


There is no superior or inferior form in passive or active meditation. Both forms are important to be used by a member. The mind has different levels of consciousness. To influence our life energy we need to do so on more than one level of the body and brain. Our physical abilities and limitations are an important part. During our lifetime the body will change and so will be the possibilities in meditation.


Meditation is not bounded to religion or lifestyle; it is used by all and for everybody.


Passive meditation


In contrary to what we expect  meditation is not a mind-blowing but a mind-narrowing spiritual experience. To get into a concentration, a focus on the goal, we need to ban thoughts of our mind and empty the mind. The easiest way to describe the experience is to let you visualize a pipe that will narrow and get narrower until the pipe is so small that not a single thought can go through. When all thoughts are gone and the end of the pipe is near we enter a world with very bright white light, this is called enlightenment.


Rituals of Life


Many things in life are routines. We need routine in our everyday situations to enable us to perform to the best of our abilities. Routines allow us to do many things without thinking. Take driving a car, imagine that you have to deal with every movement at any time you drive a car. After a few weeks your brain will suffer overload of information and your decision system is probably ruined.


Rituals are created to combine routine actions and mental focus. There are different rituals such as mental and physical. Some are performed very individually and others in groups. Most rituals are created to initiate a membership or to connect people. In general we can say that rituals are secretive and hidden from the outer world to avoid criticism and attack.


In my personal vision we need rituals to use for connection. To participate in a ritual brings the members in a specific state of mind that enables them to go through a spiritual change and observation of reality. Sometimes we need to get out of the day-to-day reality to experience other parts of life which are not as confronting.


To stimulate, recuperate, or regain life energy, rituals can make a difference. To perform specific rituals to improve energy is important for everyone. These rituals are not secretive but the essentials must be transferred from master to students in personal contacts. I have tried to write down some of these rituals but due to the individual choices and adaptations it shows impossible to generalize the procedures.


When you are interested in participating in Life energy rituals, you should join the special classes and meetings to gain the knowledge of rituals. You will be rewarded with knowledge, spirit, and power to live a life you never had before.


The road of the Law of Life movement


We have chosen the hard way; our movement still needs to grow but we are well on the way. Religions still have the power in this world but we see a change. Educated people move away from religion. People start to doubt institutes by their behavior. Cheating, molestation, misuse of powers, and sex crimes seem to be more regular than they are admitted by the clerisy. Currently some religions still know how to shut down the negative news but in the future all will come into the open. No religious movement will be clean. The borders they set for others are crossed by themselves, once too often.


To grow we need to organize meetings. Most meetings are initiated by the members. We have chosen for a central administrative leadership and wish that members of all over the world to participate in this. We welcome members to the Netherlands to assist us in the work. We need an efficient leadership not based on power games or politics. To stimulate growth we should assist local parties and have a central meeting every year in the future.


Our organization has chosen a membership system. If you are enthusiastic about our thoughts and wish to follow us in the future, you are welcome to join us. You can join directly with the central organization in the Netherlands or through your local group. We advise every member to connect with the center to register name and contact. The center will inform you what will happen to your information, how to forward the membership fee and what your extra benefits will be.



The founder of the Law of Life movement


Arnaud van der Veere was born in 1960 as an ordinary citizen. His parents never had an easy time in their life and had to struggle for good fortune. But they did do well finally. During her pregnancy his mother got seriously ill of acute rheumatism. Medication did put a heavy toll on the pregnancy at which Arnaud had little chance to survive.  Upon birth he was weak and hyper allergic for many things including water. Besides the allergies he got asthmatic-bronchitis. Due to the asthma attacks he got near-death experiences many times. In hospital they fought for his life and he was “pulled back” different times. He did survive, thanks to the help of his elderly sister, who was a nurse. His near-death experience got a function later on in life.


During his childhood he was taken care of by different Indonesian nurses. This seemed to have influenced his life vision. Since he was young, he has been involved in Martial Arts as he was bullied from primary school. From the first day he entered school, he had to fight with groups of kids organized by the “dangerous families” of the neighborhood. After he started training Muay Thai. it became lesser and lesser till finally he could not only defend by humiliating the bullies, but also by  decreasing their influence on others.


At age 4 he started with Judo and swimming as part of his exercise program to combat chronic asthma. Till his 11th year he frequently faced death into the eyes and had many near death experiences. From the beginning of his life he was cared for and shared with the Indonesian way of life by people surrounding him. The Hague is called the Widow of Indonesia due to the large group of Indonesians living in the city.


At age 8th he started with Muay Thai and a library study of Chinese. At that time there were no language courses, so his intention failed. But the Muay Thai has the red line in his life. Up to now he still practices the sport with love and passion.


Lifestyle is considered a virtue or a curse depended where you live and how you dare to defend it. Arnaud van der Veere chose not to smoke, drink alcohol, use any kind of drug, take part in gambling activities, or use paid sexual services. These rules have become of influence during his whole life.


He followed a rather unusual school pattern. Advised by the school to start with a MAVO he finished there with top-marks and went on to MBO – done in one year instead of 2 – to HBO and University. He finished University in 1981 in Biochemistry.

In 1975 he took his first, unauthorized, trip to Thailand to learn the Muay Thai from the origin. His parents were shocked as they got to know his whereabouts only after he called from Bangkok. In Thailand he trained in various camps and competed from 1975 till 1991 in different stadiums, open markets, and fun fairs, from the lowest to the highest levels.


During his stays in Thailand he lived amongst the poorest in slums like Kloeng Toy and other areas where people taught him the typical Thai values of life, Buddhism, and culture. He also fought and travelled to all other Asian countries such as Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Japan, Korea and more.


During this period he never stopped to educate himself and went to Wat Pho for massage courses, back to University to study Marketing, followed numerous courses such as Sport (from production to retail, including all related to transportation and taxes), Personal Training, many different healthcare courses, journalism, travel business, etc.


In 1979 he started his first gym in Rijswijk, Netherlands in a church. Here he was requested to assist drug addicts and the so-called “border line” children. With training and mental education he started to experiment as one of the pioneers to find effective treatments to bring these groups back in line with society. From then on he worked for and with many different organization such as the Dutch Government, the Municipality, Parnassia / Breider group for this target.


From 1979 to 1991 he owned different gyms such as Hiyaku, Ranava Gym and Martial Art Academy. In 1984 he opened a new shop starting with second hand articles in a squat in the center of The Hague with only a 100 guilders in his pocket. At that time he was also married and had one child. Over time four children had been born of which three are happy, healthy, and alive.


Arnaud used to operate as a consultant for various companies and organizations, most of the time as a troubleshooter in places where other consultants made mistakes or completely messed up. Besides this he is lecturing at universities, business clubs, and all kind of other gatherings and is listed as a speaker.


Currently Arnaud van der Veere is active as entrepreneur at:

  • Writing Educators, were we focus on publications of (e)-Books and magazine articles
  • Force One, a steady growing MA trademark with worldwide links
  • Preventive Healthcare
  • MD+, Medical defense +
  • Some charity organizations such as the Burn Out foundation
  • WE organize seminars, lectures and activities
  • Founder of Incumed, institute of Intercultural Mediations
  • Founder of Law of Life movement


Published books:

Kick Boxing  (1984)– the first book on this topic in Europe, publication early 1984. The book explains the techniques in a clear and easy way. Most of the current trainers and top-fighters started with this book as it has been also used for over five years as the leading guide by the National Kick Boxing organizations for education purpose. It was a top-seller of publisher Elmar and no longer available.

Ninja, de kracht van het ninjutsu (1987) – the first book of its kind in Europe on the secret art of fighting of the Ninja, or Yamabushi, a secret society in the time of the Samurai in Japan. The book explains clearly many self-defense and attack techniques and the unique fighting style of the Ninja. This book is basis of the development of many other fighting arts that are currently popular. The book is still available in Dutch only.

Budo kracht (1993) – the first book dealing about power and speed & agility training specific for fighting arts. The writer researched the development, progress, and integration from the knowledge of Body Building and Fitness into the active power use in Martial Arts. The book is no longer available.

Reishandboek Vietnam (1994) – Elmar was the first publisher to take Vietnam into the travel guide series. As Arnaud van der Veere was involved in the promotion and development of the country as consultant and local expert. Arnaud wrote a guide that included poetry to reflect the feelings he had while traveling in the country. It was the first book with a full train schedule, This was copied worldwide after the edition.

Age Control (1997) – The aging process is unstoppable, in contradiction with Anti-Aging Arnaud van der Veere wrote the book to explain how a person is able to control the aging with simple but yet effective methods. It explains the way to eat, drink, use of products like smoking, drinking, medicines, and supplements. One important part is about physical activities.

Resocialize & reprogram our youth (1999) – This contains special programs for complex youth issues such as addiction, obesities, ADHD, and other problems with youth. The booklet was written to promote and inform officials of Governments and large scale organizations of the possibilities of BOT projects in their country.

Fight therapy – A booklet based on the combination of cognitive development of using martial arts as part of a treatment program for depression, addiction or autism. The program is also used with problem groups that are often considered untreatable. The booklet explains the terms how to use the therapy and.

Kick2beFit – A fitness-related program developed for a non-aggressive use of martial arts techniques against a standing or hanging boxing bag. The booklet is developed for professionals to teach them how to use the program in a fitness related way to improve skills of students.

Home Fitness – A DVD developed with a number of large-scale fitness organizations to promote the use of fitness at home with practical home use fitness products. The DVD is a combination of technical information, food schedules and information and how to build your own training schedule it is a highly comprehensive movie based trainings tool

Bag Workout – The first of its kind in the world training DVD with instructions of how to train on a boxing bag. The DVD is filled with short movies of how to train on a boxing bag in a multi-disciplinary way. We show the training of children and adults. Instructions are given in boxing, kicking and all other forms of enjoying workouts on a hanging or standing boxing bag.

Poetry e-motion –Arnaud van der Veere is a gifted poet. This is his first album with around 60 poems in the English language. It was distributed amongst a large group of artist around the world in 1995 and since than many of his poems are sited around the Internet.

FIMTT training manual – The official training instruction manual for the Federation of Independed Muay Thai Trainers. This book is written to promote the Muay Thai sport and is used by international recognized organizations to teach future instructors for many years.

DWC Dynamic weight control – Dynamic Weight Control was developed as an alternative way of training with free weights. The book is an instruction manual with attached movies and describes over 40 different moves with muscular explanations and information on related sport applications.

Functional Fitness – This small booklet explains the use of fitness in its most useful forms. Functional fitness is related to the practical daily situations in work and life. The program is so called adaption related which refers to the use of training methods of own body weight and overload principles. At functional fitness we use not only standard fitness gear but also daily instruments as boxes, chairs, cupboards, poles and all available at a specific working area.

Nationaal Convenant Preventieve Gezondheid – (2009), this book is written in relation with the Dutch Government changes toward Preventive healthcare. It shows the current situation in 2009 and what has been done by officials and the sport world to improve health awareness with the public. In the book Arnaud van der Veere gave advise of weak and strong development processes and how to change the healthcare into a prevention care system.

Good Night Sleep (China) (2010)/ PMPH  – This book is specially written for the Chinese market to advise and assist persons with sleep disorders. The  book targets the reader to use simple methods without the use of pharmaceutical and is handing special methods to improve the quality of sleep.

Addiction (China) (2011)  / PMPH– This book is written for the Chinese market and explains the most common legal addictions. The book explains how people get addicted and how to recognize addiction before they occur. It describes smoking, alcohol misuse, gambling, Internet addiction, dating dependency and other forms of computer addiction. The book also gives samples of how to solve these cases. It is a practical book.

Relationship for woman of 30+ (China) (2012) / PMPH – The first book in China written by a foreigner about the problems of the Chinese woman in a changing society. The book shows the position of the woman in relation with her environment, education and men in general. An important topic of the book is how to find a man and how to separate. Both topics are highly controversial and the approach is completely different from the Chinese vision.

Girl Power (China) (2012) – The one child policy made it complicated for young girls to grow up and be advised. Most parents are not able to inform their children well about the changes of life during puberty and the risk they encounter on internet, during love affairs, whit having sex or even dating in general. The book explains clearly the way to control and understand life in a modern society.

Chinese Body Language (China) (2013) / PMPH – Asian body language has been a secret until this book. In this book Arnaud van der Veere describes the way Chinese use body language in their own specific way. The book is written to teach and make Chinese aware of their own body language is every situation. With this book Arnaud van der Veere proves to have a profound comprehensive knowledge of the Chinese society and the cultural aspects of the daily and business life.

Relationships for woman 30+ (Indonesia) (2013)  – This book is the Indonesian language version of the Chinese edition with additional information and edited texts. The content suits better with a Muslim oriented and male dominated society.

Muay Thai (English)(2011) – In cooperation with the famous Meyer & Meyer publisher / Germany the book is a complete re-write of Arnaud van der Veere first book in 1984. This book targets the Muay Thai enthusiast from begin till advanced. The book explains the competitive orientation of the sport and the cognitive issues in relation to training and participation in standard and special classes.

Muay Thai (German)(2012) – The in German translated version of the English book. This book targets the Muay Thai enthusiasts from beginners to advanced. The book explains the competitive orientation of the sport and the cognitive issues in relation to training and participation in standard and special classes

Practical Buddhism (China) – Buddhism has many followers. Most hardly know the original scriptures but follow some rites that they have been taught by others. This book is written to promote the use of Buddhism in daily life from the experience of the writer. It is a very practical and useful book.

Boy Power (China)(2013) – Written for the boys growing up in a one-child policy oriented China of today. For a boy it is a complicated matter to grow up without the assistance of brothers and an over active mother. This book is written to assist the boys to pass puberty as safe as possible and advise them how to build an independent lifestyle in an ever increasing complexity of the Chinese society.

Law of Life (2014) – Book about the purpose and causes of life as a whole and the reading as specific target. The book is to build and organize a better world.








Everyone can become a member of the Law of Life movement.

To become a member, you have to take following actions


  • Apply for a membership by email, letter, or fax.
  • You agree with the founding rules as written in this booklet and are willing to be loyal to them.
  • You will join activities and assist in organization.
  • Develop your own activities to promote the movement.
  • Participate in meetings.
  • Actively carry out member-recruiting activities
  • Support the founding of communities and join in case of interest


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